The Importance of Labelling Your Products So Future Buyers Can Find You

by G.B. Oliver

In November we had a family photo taken and one of the primary reasons was to use it as a Christmas card. After we got the card back and I was about to send it out to people, I realized that our wonderful photographer missed out on a great opportunity.

The photo we were using for the card could have easily included a line below, “Photo by Starmark Photography” because I am sure that some of our friends and family are always on the lookout for a good photographer. Free advertising.

How do you make sure that people, who did not buy your product but may see it in a customer’s home, at a wedding, wearing it, etc., know that it’s from your shop? Sometimes when you are a small vendor, you forget to label your work.

Labels from HobbyTime on Etsy

Ways to Label Your Products

  • If you do greeting cards, or essentially any type of paper product, it is easy to include text on the back, “made by XYZ company”.
  • If you make clothing, hats or scarves, you can easily attach a fabric label.
  • If you make ceramic or wood products, you can imprint your company name on a part of the product that isn’t clearly visible (like the bottom of a vase) but there if people are looking for it.
  • My husband bought this great iPad cover on, and luckily the vendor was smart enough to include a label with his company name sewn on the inside flap, because we just remember that we bought it on Fab, not who from.
  • A lot of people sell iPhone covers, where are you putting your label?
  • Sometimes you have to get creative about how to sneak your name in. Maybe if you sell soap or candles, insert a small plastic disc (the size of a quarter) with your name on it into the middle of the bar of soap or candle that will appear when it starts to run down so they know to buy more (and where from!). This is really helpful if the item was given as a gift.

Now some products are not that easy to label, such as jewelry (unless you put a small metal tag on the clasp of a necklace) smaller scale products and edible products. That is when you need to include your business/calling card (please see my post, Why Including Your Business Card is NEVER a Bad Idea).

My point is, are you remembering to label your products? If you haven’t, start now to get that referral business and repeat customers.


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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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