3 Tips Your Online Store Can Borrow From TV Shopping Networks

by G.B. Oliver


TV shopping networks have been a huge industry for decades and continue to bring in billions of dollars a year. They can definitely be seen as the predecessor to online shopping, as people like the ability to shop from the comfort of their home.

So what do the TV shopping networks do correctly that you can apply to your online store?

They Create a Sense of Urgency

Basically, you get a limited time to buy an item, and there are limited quantities. So if you want it, you have to act. They have a clock going in the bottom corner with the time left to buy and the number of quantities available is ticking down quickly.

How You Can Apply This To Your Shop – Your online shop can do the same thing. You can have an icon, like a circle or star in the corner saying “Only 5 left” or “Almost Sold Out”. One Kings Lane does this and it will get people to act quickly.

They Create a Sense of Exclusivity

When you buy from one of the television shopping networks, they remind you that these are not products you are going to find in stores. So the buyer gets the feeling that they are buying something exclusive that no one else will have. That raises the value of the product in the buyer’s mind.

How You Can Apply This To Your Shop – Remind people, “Not sold anywhere else, exclusive to our shop”, or, even better, this is where customization can play a huge role. Tell people that if there is any little detail they would like changed, such as color, materials, size, etc., that you are able to do that (for an extra fee), but that will definitely ensure a one-of-a-kind piece. And the shopping networks can’t do that!

Double Team Sales Approach

When they are pitching products on shopping TV, they have got the creator of the product as well as an “objective” host both doing the sales pitch to you. The creator lets you in on their inspiration for the product and gives the story behind it, and is always the best person to describe the uniqueness, the special features, the benefits, etc. Then you have the host, who you have come to know and trust, and they are raving about it.

How You Can Apply This To Your Shop – In your product copy, do your pitch, just as they do on TV. All the features, all the benefits, what inspired you. Don’t run on too long or you will lose them, but you could refer them over to a blog post where you go into more detail, or, even better, a YouTube video. As for that host who is essentially endorsing the product, show your own endorsements by detailing all publicity that your product has gotten. If you don’t have any publicity, mention customer reviews or how many visitors have favored or “liked” your product. They want to hear from you, but they want to hear from other people too.

FINAL WORD: The TV shopping networks have had a lot of success not only getting people to buy, but to buy quickly. It couldn’t hurt to check them out once in a while, and see what factors make you want to buy from them, and apply these to your own business.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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