Keep Your Online Shop Categories In Sync with Seasonal Buying Habits

by G.B. Oliver

As you know, your shop categories, whether on your own website or a major marketplace, are also picked up by search engines. Therefore, are they carved in stone or do you alter them depending on the buying season?

Amazon adds an Earth Day shopping category this time of year

For example, I was on a site called Accessorize that sells jewelry and accessories and I noticed that they had an interesting shop category among the regular ones called, “Vacation“. When you clicked on this category all the items they sell that would work great on a beach vacation were listed here. Now, why I don’t think they optimized the title of this category ideally for SEO, I do think it is a great way to help customers zero in on what they want.

That has always been the beauty of online shopping. The fact that you can quickly search and narrow down what you are looking for, something you can’t do in a physical store. How many times have you walked out of a store because you couldn’t find what you were looking for? So spoon feeding your busy, time-strapped customers by tailoring your shopping categories to buying patterns at certain times of the year, really helps.

Another example. Obviously everyone is gearing up for Mother’s Day sales in May. A lot of online shops, such as Williams-Sonoma and Etsy have added Mother’s Day categories.

Online greeting card shop, Treat, has not only pushed its Mother’s Day category to the very front of the list, but it has also added, Graduation, obviously another top search this time of year.

At World Market, they have a product category entitled, Cinco de Mayo, helping out customers looking for products for this upcoming holiday.

Even Amazon has added an Earth Day category (April 22nd) for visitors looking for eco-friendly and green products, a big topic in the news this time of year.

FINAL WORD: Are you taking advantage of calendar buying habits to bring the buyers over to your shop? Your online shop should always be adapting to and anticipating buyer behavior if you want to be selling all year long. If you liked this article, please feel free to Tweet to your followers using the SHARE button below and hit the LIKE button so I know how I’m doing.


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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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