Is Your Online Shop Taking Advantage of the $4.7 Billion Market for Grad Gifts?

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

A 2012 survey by BIGInsight showed that Americans will spend more than $4.7 billion on gifts for students graduating college or high school. The average gift price is $99.94, and they predominant give cash, cards, clothes, electronics, and gift cards. So how does your online business cash in on this spending?


grad gift marketing ideas

Change or Add Shop Sections

Add shop sections based on the keywords above. Also offer a graphic right on your landing page that directs visitors to the section.

Alter Your Keywords

Here are some of the top searches on Google: Grad Gifts for Her, Grad Gifts for Him, Grad Gifts for Daughter, Graduation Gifts 2014 

Offer Fast Shipping

For anyone buying online, a worry is that the item won’t arrive in time. So you have to be very clear that you can expedite shipping if necessary, that items are in stock and the minimal amount of time you need to get it there.

Offer to Send Directly to Recipient

So many people leave shopping to the last minute, so your services will get you the sale over someone else, if you allow the gift to be sent directly to the gift recipient and not to the purchaser.

Ask the Question 

Again, sometimes people need to be prompted. Add the headline, “Know Someone Who is Graduating This Year?” to your home page.

Offer Customization

This is a great time to offer customization, especially since it is shown above that personalized grad gifts are highly searched. You could offer it as a free service if you feel you need the sales, or if your competition is, but depending on the work involved people typically don’t mind paying for this service.

Gift Card

This is a great time to add a gift card for the graduate to your offerings.

Grad gift marketing ideas

Grad Card Pricing 

One thing I never understand is why independent card vendors sell these beautiful, intricate, hand-made cards for so cheap. Again, not the occasion to do it. Graduation cards are a keepsake, and something you don’t have to buy too often, unlike birthday cards. So charging $10 to $12 for a 5″ x 7″ is perfectly reasonable. But don’t tack on too large a shipping fee or that could end the sale.

graduation gifts marketing ideas



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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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