Use Amazon Search To Discover What Your Buyers Want

by G.B. Oliver

Amazon is the largest online retailer, bar none. So it would make sense that its search engine provides a wealth of information about what buyers want.

You can use Amazon’s autocomplete search to help determine popular product features, see seasonal shopping habits and identify trends. Here’s how.

Amazon's Autofill Search
Amazon’s Autofill Search

If you type “dog” into the search box, you will get a fill down of the top searches (in order of popularity):

  • dog bed
  • dog crate
  • dog collar
  • dog food
  • dog toys
  • dog harness
  • dog leash
  • dog kennel
  • dog treats

But the search autocomplete also allows you to filter down even more. So, if you type “dog bed”, you get:

  • dog bed large
  • dog bed medium
  • dog bed extra large
  • dog bed cover
  • dog bed replacements covers
  • dog bed pink
  • dog bed for car

You can drill down even further, to make sure you are including the most sought after long-tail, descriptive keywords. For example, if you type “dog bed large”, you get:

  • dog bed large clearance
  • dog bed large breed
  • dog bed large washable cover
  • dog bed large orthopaedic
  • dog bed large water proof

You can also find out seasonal searches, even by just tying in the first letter.

For example, I typed in the letter “a”, and “air conditioner” was the first word to come up (makes sense this time of year). When I typed in “b”, “backpack” came up first (either people looking for one for summer hikes or back to school). When I typed in “r” I got “Ray ban sunglasses” (again, very seasonal). When I typed in “U” I got “Under the Dome” which is a tv series that premiered in late June.

The autocomplete search can also help you identify trends. For example, I typed in “baby onesies with” and got:

  • baby onesies with funny sayings
  • baby onesies with cute sayings
  • baby onesies with mittens
  • baby onesies with cape
  • baby onesies with tattoo sleeves
  • baby onesies with hood
  • baby onesies with aunt sayings

We’ll try one more. I typed in “wall art canvas” and got:

  • wall art canvas quotes
  • wall art canvas black and white
  • wall art canvas flowers
  • wall art canvas 3 piece
  • wall art canvas sets
  • wall art canvas Italy
  • wall art canvas nature
  • wall art canvas landscape
  • wall art canvas solar system

FINAL WORD: As you can see, this is very detailed search information. Since Amazon is the king of online shopping, use their autocomplete search to your advantage to make sure you are on top of new trends, customer wants and seasonal demands.

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