Top Selling Products Online Fall 2013

by G.B. Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

I’m always trying to stay up on the latest trends and top sellers in the online marketplace. So, here is what my research shows as currently the top selling products, for various categories, from major online retailers this fall. If you have products that match these, you may want to move them to the forefront of your website/online store.

Current Top Sellers for Fall 2013

Jewelry & Accessories: Bib necklaces continue to be top sellers but more elaborate ones with colored jewels or ones in all gold or silver; large link chain bracelets and necklaces; cuff bracelets where the ends don’t meet; cat rings; stacks of rings; spike drop earrings; small purses with chain straps; bowling bag purses; skull scarves.

Feline Ring from Bauble Bar

Kids & Baby Products:  Woodland animals (particularly foxes); plaid and nautical designs; vintage art that is personalized with child’s name; book jackets of literary classics on t-shirts; superheroes; the color grey for the nursery;  giraffes on everything.

Pets: Everything is getting fancier, from faux fur-lined sleeping pods to nickel-plated dishes to fancy food storage containers, all with contemporary designs and patterns meant to fit in with your home’s decor.

Nickel Plated Pet Bowls
Nickel Plated Pet Bowls

iPhone Cases: Popular designs include boho and Aztec prints; cases that look like vintage postcards; cases with a strap (wristlets); cases you can write on (to make notes).

Wedding Products:  The chalkboard trend is still very popular for wedding invitations and all other types of wedding decor as well as wood effects, watercolor effects, 1920s style fonts and gold matte accents; the hot colors are blush, pale grey and pale blue.

Vintage Clothing & Goods: All types of leather items are in demand, as well as denim (especially denim vests); prairie dresses; sunglasses; 80s punk; engagement rings; vintage toys; vintage typewriters; vintage light fixtures; vintage wood sleds.

Home Decor, Art & Photography: Images of space, the moon, constellations, and zodiac signs are all hot; typography prints are still a big trend but, in particular, sayings about family, love, home and classic recipes (for kitchen or bar art); photographs of vintage looking or rundown motels, corner stores and gas stations; embossed 3D wall coverings; wooden animal head busts; elephants; and patterns of honeycomb (hexagons) and plaid.

Wooden Animal Busts from Anthropologie

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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