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by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I gave across this online shop the other day and I was blown away by their product photography so I had to share. is a father and daughter team where the father, Lance, hand crafts beautiful kitchen and serving ware in wood, ceramic and metal and his daughter, Nikole, an established photographer, styles and shoots his creations. The results are very inspiring.

examples great product photography

 What Makes These Product Photos Work

  • Showing the product in use
  • The addition of pops of color against a white background
  • Creating interest by having others items leading the eye off-center
  • Including the shadows makes it less sterile
  • Keeping a little of the messiness of eating makes it realistic
  • These are magazine quality images that editors will use and people will share on social media

great product photography

How to Get Professional Photos for Free

I’m going to give you a tip that I include in my Marketing Ebooks. If you cannot afford professional looking photographs, local photography students may do it for free. Simply go to your local community college, see if they offer a photography class, and then ask the professor if they would be willing to do a class project whereby they shoot your products for you. They get a class project, you get free photos. Photography students are also in need of subject matter for their portfolio, so you could also approach individual students about shooting your products for this purpose. You can barter with them and/or offer a credit/link to them on your site.

product photography tips

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