Valentine’s SEO Tips

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

valentines-seo-tipsValentine’s Day is still a hot, all be it short, selling season online. According to the National Retail Federation, about 55% of Americans buy Valentine’s gifts and they will typically spend an average of $146.84.

When trying to optimize your product listings for “Valentines gifts“, are you making sure that you are not just relying on the typical search phrases that have SO much competition? I’m talking about the basic searches like Valentines gifts, Valentines gifts for her….”. The truth is, gift buyers actually search may different ways, so here are some Valentines SEO tips.

First of all, buyers search these variations of the holiday, sometimes including or omitting “day” and sometimes adding “ideas“:

  • Valentines gifts
  • Valentines gift ideas
  • Valentines day gifts
  • Valentines day gift ideas

Buyers also search using certain adjectives, such as:

  • Cute Valentines Gifts
  • Unique Valentines Gifts
  • Romantic Valentines Gifts
  • Cool Valentines Gifts
  • Creative Valentines Gifts
  • Personalized Valentines Gifts
  • Sexy Valentines Gift
  • Fun Valentines Gifts
  • Funny Valentines Gifts
  • Nerdy Valentines Gift
  • Naughty Valentines Gift
  • Wood Valentines Gift
  • Edible Valentines Gifts
  • Long Distance Valentines Gift
  • Matching Valentines Gift

Just to note, the MOST popular adjective for Valentines day gifts for him and for her on Google was “cute.

Buyers also search by leading OR ending with who it is for, such as:

  • Mens Valentines Gifts
  • Kids Valentines Gifts
  • Women’s Valentines Gifts
  • Boyfriend Valentines Gifts
  • Girlfriend Valentines Gifts
  • Wife Valentines Gifts
  • Valentines Gifts for husband
  • Valentines Gifts for daughter
  • Valentines Gifts for son
  • Valentines Gifts for class
  • Valentines Gifts for teacher
  • Valentines Gifts for friends

There are also a lot of searches for “new” such as “Valentines gift for new boyfriend”, new girlfriend, new relationship, new mom, new dad…

Buyers also search with a specific product in mind, such as:

  • Valentines Gift Candle
  • Valentines Gift Jewelry
  • Valentines Gift Art
  • Valentines Gift Earrings
  • Valentines Gift Lingerie
  • Valentines Gift Painting

And some buyers will mix a few of these search phrases together (remember, some people enter search phrases verbally on their phones):

  • Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for Him 

As I said, the order of the search phrase is usually interchangeable, as people will search, “Jewelry Valentine’s Gifts” and “Valentine’s Gifts Jewelry“.

There are also twice as many searches for “Valentine’s gifts for him” as there are “Valentine’s gifts for her“, meaning more women are shopping online for their Valentine than guys are.

“Personalized gifts for him” has 10 times the number of searches as “personalized gifts for her“, showing that personalization is NOT a big concern to the male shopper.

I also always recommend setting up a shop section just for Valentine’s Gifts, if you haven’t done so already.

Best of luck with your Valentine’s sales!

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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