Cool Ideas for Holiday Gift Bundles

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

cool-ideas-christmas-gift-bundlesEvery Christmas you will see more and more searches for gift sets, gift bundles, gift packs, etc. So I thought I would show you some innovative ideas that will allow you to sell more products at one time and take advantage of these types of searches. Plus, these products are always ideal for getting into holiday editorial.

Christmas Eve Box Set

This is a really creative idea from Mudpie that makes a wonderful gift idea for any young child. Their Christmas Eve Box Set consists of a half pint glass milk bottle with red/white striped straw, “Dear Santa” scroll Christmas list and wooden “Santa STOP HERE!” door hanger. Selling 3 products together always says “value” to a customer.


Again, why sell just one nail polish when you can sell 24, as Ciate is doing with this advent calendar. Advent calendars are popular for all age groups and all types of products, and there is still time to get one together. The peak search time for Advent calendars is November 28th.

Holiday Earring Pack

I was happy to see that one of my clients was jumping on the Christmas gift bundle band wagon with this set of 3 druzy stud earrings in the colors of the season, from Wrenn Jewelry.

So think of Christmas gift bundles in terms of appealing to a specific customer, to a theme, to a color combination and then move them up to your featured products so they are front and center in your shop. Remember, if you sell on Etsy all of the items in your gift bundles must be your own original items. Read the guidelines here.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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