Etsy Marketing Ideas for January 2018

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Once the big holiday buying season is over, you have to gear up for getting those January sales! January has many sales opportunities from Valentine’s gifts to Super bowl parties to February birthdays to new year fitness and dieting resolutions to winter activities and you can take advantage!

This is why I came up with my Etsy Shop Marketing Plans – to help you easily do just that – and my January 2018 Etsy Shop Marketing Plan is out now. Here is a quick overview of this month’s plan and what you need to do in January:

Send out Publicity Pitches. Does pitching work? Yes. I have had many customers get into major blogs and print publications, most recently the Etsy shop Batalier Handcraft who was featured in’s Holiday Gift Guide. In this month’s plan, I outline the type of editorial that blogs and print will be looking for, who to pitch to and the editorial deadlines. I even give several specific press contacts (be sure to see my Quick Tip below).

Update SEO. Christmas is over, therefore so are all the Christmas-related keywords you were using. I tell you which tags to change and which search phrases will be hot this month.

Valentine’s Preparation. Valentine’s gifts are the big sales push in January, so you will want my Valentines advertising and promotional tips as well as Etsy-specific tactics to get your products noticed by gift buyers.

Email Customers. Email should always be a big part of your marketing efforts, and in this month’s plan I give you tips on how to make sure your emails stand out to customers, particularly for Valentine’s promotions.

My January 2018 Etsy Shop Marketing Plan also has additional advertising tactics, promotional tactics, SEO tips, Etsy-specific tactics, daily to do, upcoming buying occasions to prepare for, hot trends for 2018 – even if you do just one of the tactics in my plan you will see a difference! Plus, as a BONUS, your purchase includes FREE access to my media contact blog page with links to 100+ print and online media – another valuable time saver!

QUICK TIP: Never rule out the effectiveness of local publicity, so do this immediately. Find four other Etsy shops in your city that are non-competitive and have excellent photos and interesting products. Then go to the website of your local newspaper and submit to them the following: “As a local business, I hope you will encourage your readers to buy local by running a post on your website, ‘Buy Your Holiday Gifts at these 5 Local Etsy Shops!’. I’m a local Etsy shop, as are shops XYZ, and we would really appreciate your support”.

etsy-shop-marketing-planDownload my January 2018 Etsy Shop Marketing Plan today! Get a coupon code for 15% off by simply clicking on the graphic on the right and then sharing it on Facebook or Pinterest.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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