Social Media Ideas for January 2018

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I am always getting asked by businesses to come up with creative ideas for them to post that take advantage of the current conversation, incorporate popular trending content on social media, and will be content that will get attention.

This is why I came up with my monthly Social Media Content Calendars. They work for any business whether you sell online or are a blogger.

Now, in my calendars I give you posting ideas for EVERY day of the month, but here are just a few of my favorite ideas from my January 2018 Social Media Content Calendar:

  • January 2 – Post a quote from your favorite Science Fiction book (plus photo of book cover) or movie (plus photo of movie poster) for #NationalScienceFictionDay.
  • January 7 – Post a photo looking down at your feet that has a wintery scenario for #FromWhereIStand (a very popular hash tag on social media). 
  • January 11 – Post a cartoon from the New Yorker for #ThursdayThoughts #NewYorkerCartoons (these are very popular on social media). 
  • January 12 – Post a countdown of the number of days (67) to spring for #FridayFunday.
  • January 16 – Post a photo of an interesting way to state the word “Freedom” for #MartinLutherKingDay or #MLKDay (see last page).
  • January 25 – Coordinate with another non competitive business for a #s4s (shoutout for shoutout) where you give a shoutout on your Instagram and they do the same on theirs (can also do on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest).
  • January 26 – Post a creative take on the Google logo, include the hashtag #mysuperG and Google may repost on their social media pages.
  • January 29 – Post a photo of a (or your) sleeping dog in bed for #HappyMonday #DogsInBed (see last page)..
  • January 31 – Post a photo of a #BloodMoon (or a moon theme product) to alert followers that a total #LunarEclipse happens tonight.

I have a Social Media Content Calendar the works for any type of business as well as an Etsy-specific one and February’s is out now! They will save you hours of time and effort and you can even hand it off to an assistant (or teenage intern) to implement for you, it’s that easy! Also includes valuable tips, advice and post examples.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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