Marketing Roundup Aug 16th – Wholesale Opps, Hot Selling Products & More

by Gail Oliver

What to know this week if you are a small business:

    • Sales of indoor plants have skyrocketed, according to this report in the Guardian as millenials want something to nuture (aaahh). TAKEAWAY: Complimentary products will also jump in sales, including planter pots, plant hangers, plant stands and so forth. 
    • The 25th anniversary of the TV show Friends (Sept 22nd) seems to be a hot merchandising opportunity. Pottery Barn is releasing a Friends collection and LEGO is releasing a Central Perk set. In fact, I even give posting ideas for the anniversary in my September Social Media Content Calendar. TAKEAWAY: There will be lots of buzz about it on social media so use this attention to get attention for your own business. 
    • Looking to sell wholesale? Get your products in front of over 40,000 retailers with Faire, a curated online wholesale platform for handmade sellers. I was really impressed by their site so you have to check them out. TAKEAWAY: You can never have too many selling channels. Plus, selling wholesale gets your products in front of a new audience, who then may come to your online shop for future business.
    • Sales of zodiac jewelry spike in December. We’re talking double what it is the rest of the year and it has been that way for the last 5 years. TAKEAWAY: Must be a hot gift idea for Christmas so if you have zodiac products, move them to the forefront. 
    • Halloween family pajamas are a real thing and a hot seller on Amazon, basically borrowing from the popular tradition of Christmas family pajamas. TAKEWAY: What other popular Christmas products can also be remarketed for other holidays? 

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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