September Instagram Post Ideas

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

September instagram post ideas instagram picture ideas social media calendarFall is almost upon us so it is time to ramp up your social media marketing with some September Instagram post ideas.

Your followers will be wanting to see images of changing leaves, the start of football and back to school to name a few, so here are just a few from my September Social Media Content Calendar to inspire you (photo examples at the end).

    • Social media loves bullet journalingso show your favorite bullet journal entries of autumnal imagery such as pumpkins, fall fairs, apple picking or the obligatory doodles of Hello September and Hello Fall (or It’s Fall Y’all) Hashtags: #BulletJournals, #BulletJournalAddicts
    • Social media loves photos of the new moon each month and in September it’s the Harvest Moon. This will happen September 14th, so prepare to get that unique shot and consider adding a lightroom preset that will give it a fall hue to enhance it. Hashtags:#HarvestMoon, #FullMoon, #SeptemberMoon, #MoonShot, #MoonMagic
    • The 25th anniversary of the TV show Friends appears to be a big very deal with momentum building for the official celebration on the 21st. Post your favorite quote from the show, favorite Rachel outfit, favorite Monica hairdo, favorite guest star or take a poll and ask followers to name theirs in comments. Hashtags: #Friends25
    • So don’t confuse National Ice Cream Day (third Sunday in July) with National Ice Cream Cone Day (September 22nd). National Ice Cream Cone day gives you an excuse to visit your local ice cream shop and build the tallest, most decadent, most colorful ice cream cone that will fit in a photo frame. The key is to make sure that you hold it in front of a blurred out background that is just as cool, maybe even representative of your city. Hashtags: #NationalIceCreamConeDay, #IceCreamConeDay, #WhatDayIsIt

September social media post ideas calendar InstagramDiscover more creative posting ideas in my instant download September Social Media Post Ideas.

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Hope you enjoyed these September Instagram post ideas!

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