Etsy’s Popular Right Now Searches

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

etsys-popular-right-now-searchesAre you taking advantage of Etsy’s “popular right now” search feature? You find these searches by simply putting your cursor in the Etsy search box and they fill down. They update constantly, but it is a great way to quickly update your titles and tags to take advantage, particularly if you are running an Etsy Promoted Listing.

For example, as I am writing this post, these are the Etsy “Popular Right Now” searches:

  • Holiday Shirts for Women
  • Beagle ornament
  • Personalized gift
  • Glitter yeti tumbler
  • Photo christmas cards printable
  • Family wall art
  • Monogram Sherpa pullover
  • Personalized gifts for mom
  • Wooden gifts
  • Personalized gift for boyfriend

What you DON’T want to do is touch any Etsy listings that are currently pulling you good traffic because why fix what isn’t broken. However, if there is a search phrase above that you can take advantage of, then why not try it on one of your weak traffic listings to see if it gives it a boost.

It is no surprise that gifts are the top search phrases right now, but keep in mind that buyers are also looking for holiday decor, fashion, cards, wreaths, candles, parties, entertaining and more. You can probably stick the word, “Christmas” in front of any type of product name and there is a search for it.

There were some other Etsy search phrases that I noticed that are likely to grow in popularity over the next week, including:

  • Black Friday sale
  • Black Friday sale jewelry
  • Black Friday sale for wedding

I can also tell you that “engagement rings” is a hot Etsy search right now, likely due to the fact that 80% of engagements happen over the holidays.

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Cool Ideas for Holiday Gift Bundles

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

cool-ideas-christmas-gift-bundlesEvery Christmas you will see more and more searches for gift sets, gift bundles, gift packs, etc. So I thought I would show you some innovative ideas that will allow you to sell more products at one time and take advantage of these types of searches. Plus, these products are always ideal for getting into holiday editorial.

Christmas Eve Box Set

This is a really creative idea from Mudpie that makes a wonderful gift idea for any young child. Their Christmas Eve Box Set consists of a half pint glass milk bottle with red/white striped straw, “Dear Santa” scroll Christmas list and wooden “Santa STOP HERE!” door hanger. Selling 3 products together always says “value” to a customer.


Again, why sell just one nail polish when you can sell 24, as Ciate is doing with this advent calendar. Advent calendars are popular for all age groups and all types of products, and there is still time to get one together. The peak search time for Advent calendars is November 28th.

Holiday Earring Pack

I was happy to see that one of my clients was jumping on the Christmas gift bundle band wagon with this set of 3 druzy stud earrings in the colors of the season, from Wrenn Jewelry.

So think of Christmas gift bundles in terms of appealing to a specific customer, to a theme, to a color combination and then move them up to your featured products so they are front and center in your shop. Remember, if you sell on Etsy all of the items in your gift bundles must be your own original items. Read the guidelines here.

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Fall 2017 Trends on Pinterest

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

fall-2017-trendsAre your products taking advantage of the hottest fall trends? Well, here are the current product trends for fall 2017 trending big on Pinterest, according to Pinterest.

THROW PILLOWS: Shibori, indigo-dyed mud cloth, and mud cloth fabrics overall have been trending for the past year with mud cloth searches up 550% year over year. Neutral and natural designs are especially popular.

WALL ART: No surprise as hanging décor for both college dorms and country homes are up, as is floating art, plus searches for hanging greenery and boho branches for the wall.

OTHER DECOR: People are searching on Pinterest for floating bookcases, hanging headboards, hanging shelves, temporary wall paper, washi tape décor. Anything “farmhouse” is also huge.

FASHION: The top Pinterest searches are for wide leg pants, retro patterns and textures such as plaid and embroidery, velvet clothing and velvet shoes. Great opportunities for vintage sellers as well.

MAKEUP: When it comes to make up searches on Pinterest, it is all about metals including metallic makeup, glittery makeup and copper makeup.

HALLOWEEN: Of course Halloween will trend big on Pinterest, especially costumes including DIY costumes, couples costumes, group costumes, family costumes and pet costumes.

Remember, trends tend to carry over into other product categories including kids, pet and wedding products.

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Be sure to check out my post: 3 Products Trends for 2017 

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A Hot PR Tip if You Sell Dog Products

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

hot-pr-tip-sell-dog-productsDid you realize that 2018 is the Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese New Year, which starts February 16th. So, if you sell dog products – or even products that feature dogs such as throw pillows, t-shirts, etc. – then you should be pitching your products as part of a story idea for “Celebrating Year of the Dog” to print publications NOW, as they work on issues a few months in advance. You can pitch to blogs in late November.

Not sure how to write a pitch? I have covered this many times on my blog, but if you wish for me to write a winning one for you, I do offer a Publicity Pitch Writing Service and I have a pretty good track record. My customers have appeared in Real Simple Magazine, Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, Vanity Fair,, Glamour Magazine, LONNY, DesignMilk, DogMilk, Emmaline Bride, just to name a few.

If you don’t have any products featuring dogs, you may want to consider adding one to your shop if applicable, just to take advantage of this publicity opportunity that could last all year long.

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A Hot SEO Tip for Etsy and Amazon Sellers

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I have told my customers and readers many times in the past that people search for products in different ways including using “that” and “with”. I was recently doing a shop critique for an Etsy jewelry shop and I was noticing how many more searches there are now using these type of phrases.

For example, this is just a sample of the 200+ searches I found on Etsy for necklaces, using “that” and “with“:

  • Necklace that hold ashes
  • Necklace that opens
  • Necklace that ties
  • Necklace that is a whip
  • Necklace that says baby girl
  • Necklace that spells the word honey
  • Necklace that glows
  • Necklace that can be engraved
  • Necklace with holders
  • Necklace with chain
  • Necklace with name
  • Necklace with charms
  • Necklace with mom
  • Necklace with initials
  • Necklace with stone

I found similar results on Amazon and Google. You can extend it even further and try:

  • Necklace with a …
  • Necklace that has ….

 And it works with any type of product from art to pillows to clothing to soap to iphone cases, so give it a try and discover new search phrases that may have a lot less competition.

etsy-seo-tutorialI have a variety of Etsy SEO Tutorials for every type of product that will help your Etsy shop navigate Etsy SEO. I also give both Etsy and Google SEO tips in my best-selling Etsy Shop Critique, completely personalized for your shop.

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2 Hot Tips for Pitching Your Etsy Products to Blogs

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

KEEP READING FOR A SPECIAL OFFER! As I have said many times, to get press for your Etsy products you have to pitch a story that would incorporate your product, not just pitch the product itself. Editors want a story, so here are two story ideas.


Seasonal stories are always popular. If you have my 2017 Etsy Shop Marketing Plan, then you knew to pitch fall theme stories to blogs around the end of July (May for print media). For example, here are a few fall theme blog posts that just came out this week that promoted some Etsy products:

  • “Pumpkin Spice Latte Candles Are Already Here for All Your Sweet and Spicy Fall Needs” from
  • “Pumpkin Spice Highlighter Will Let You Take Your Fall Obsession to a New Level” from
  • “The Top Fall Jewelry Trends According to Etsy” from

By the way, I told you back in 2014 that Pumpkin Spice products are always hot fall editorial for blogs.


I have also always said to leverage the Etsy name by pitching a story as part of an overall “Etsy Finds” type article. Here are some recent blog posts that did just that:

  • “13 Etsy Wedding Dresses We Love” from
  • “The Best Deals from Etsy’s Labor Day Sale” from The Insider
  • “These Disney Princess Blanket Patterns You Can Find on Etsy Will Make You Feel Like Cozy Royalty” from HelloGiggles.

I will caution you. Do not promote a product that has any type of copyright infringement. I have seen many products lately (especially Harry Potter related products) get amazing press and then the listing is shut down within days of that press appearing due to copyright infringement.

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This is the biggest buying period of the season so do not delay, make sure your products get seen!

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Back to School Marketing Ideas

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

If you have my Etsy Shop Marketing Plan, you know that for the last couple of weeks you should have been pushing Back to School products big time. If you haven’t started yet, today is the day as back to school shopping is in full force, and not just for school supplies.

back to school marketing ideas

If you sell home décor, move all affordable decor items, such as art, pillows, bedding, etc., up to the forefront for the college crowd looking for dorm décor. Some currently popular Amazon & Etsy searches: Dorm Storage, Dorm Lights, Dorm Art Decor, Dorm Signs, Dorm Tapestry. 

If you sell kids clothing, every mom likes to buy a special back to school outfit, dress, shirt, etc., so move these items to the top of your shop. Even add a banner on the product photo that says, “Great for Back to School”. Some currently popular Amazon & Etsy searches: Back to School Hair Bows, Back to School Apple Dress.

If you sell bags/purses, move all backpacks (again, people are shopping for kids, teens and college-age) to your featured products and even make a special offer, “Buy 1 backpack, get a second of equal or lesser value for 30% off”. Some currently popular Amazon & Etsy searches: Back to School Backpacks with Supplies, Monogrammed Backpacks. 

If you sell beauty products, put together your own “Teen Pack” of items for the college or high school crowd. Some currently popular Amazon & Etsy searches: Back to School Makeup, Back to School Lip Balm. 

If you sell gadget accessories, now is the time to do a big push as parents are upgrading their kids laptops, phones and iPads. Some currently popular Amazon & Etsy searches: Back to School Bundle, Laptop Stickers, Laptop Case, 

If you sell kitchen/housewares, people are looking for lunch boxes, labels, and cooking supplies for the dorm. Some currently popular Amazon & Etsy searches: Back to School Cookie Cutters, Dorm Kitchen, Dorm Survival Kit. 

If you sell party supplies, teachers and parents are looking for ways to celebrate the occasion. Some currently popular Amazon & Etsy searches: Back to School Decals, Back to School Flags, Back to School Party Décor, Back to School Banner. 

This is also a good time to offer back to school bundles and kits, as well as special offers such as Buy any 3 items and save 15%, Buy 1 get 1 half off, Buy TODAY and get FREE shipping, and so forth.

BONUS TIP: If you live near an outlet mall, this is one of their busiest times of the year, so leave flyers or cards for your shop on windshields in the parking lot (if allowed).

My Etsy Shop Marketing Plan keeps you on top of every marketing opportunity for your shop, well in advance, so you maximize every sales opportunity.

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