Latest Opportunities to Get Publicity for Your Etsy Shop

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I have spoken many times in my Ebooks and Marketing Plans how there are many publications that will frequently write about Etsy “Finds”. Sometimes the writers find you on their own, but sometimes you can pitch them the right story idea and they might just go for it.

Here are some recent Etsy “Finds” articles that I found:

Bon Appetit: The Best Shops on Etsy for Vintage Kitchenware

Vogue: 12 Brilliant Indie Beauty Brands That Started on Etsy

Footwear News: A Guide to the Coolest High-Top Sneakers on Etsy

Essence11 Etsy Accessories That’ll Remind Them Not To Touch Your Hair…Or Lipstick

Insider: 15 Awesome Stationery Shops You Can Find on Etsy

Now, my first advice would be to follow these writers on their social media profiles in hopes that they take notice of your Etsy shop and might consider your products for a future post (if what you sell is relevant to their audience).

Then think about a timely story idea, make sure it has a grabby headline and email the writer the idea, along with a link to one of your listings that would fit nicely as part of the story. And remember, keep the pitch short!

If you are still not sure you can do this, check out my Publicity Pitch Service or one of my Marketing Ebooks that walks you through how to write a great publicity pitch. Good luck!


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9 Publicity Ideas for Your Small Business in December

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Right now is a good time to pitch a story to your local business reporter in hopes of getting some press for your company in December.

December is all about winter, the holidays, and end of year wrap ups, so here are some headlines you could pitch or maybe one of these will inspire one of your own:

  1. How This Local Business is Pulling Out all the Stops for the Holiday Shopping Season
  2. Local Company to Host Food and Toy Drive
  3. Was Black Friday a Boom or Bust for These Small Businesses
  4. Why You Should Shop These Local Businesses This Christmas Season
  5. How a Bad Winter Could Impact These Local Businesses
  6. Challenges and Wins in 2015 for Local Companies
  7. Our Favorite Local Small Businesses of 2015
  8. What These Local Companies Plan to Do Differently in 2016
  9. Advice for Starting a Business in 2016, from 5 Local Small Business Owners

As I have always said, you have to give a reporter a compelling and timely story headline (and then show how your company would fit in the story) as this makes it easier for them to see the value in the pitch. Good luck and let me know if you have success.

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The Holiday Gift Guides You Really Want to Get Your Products Into

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

If you sell products online and want to take advantage of those huge holiday sales, then I highly recommend you re-read my post of two years ago, Why You Should Be Pitching Your Products for Holiday Gift Guides Now. However, today I want to give you a more current suggestion for getting holiday gift guide publicity.

how to get your products into holiday gift guides

Popular Pinners

You want to pitch to the lifestyle bloggers who are excelling at creating beautiful, comprehensive, and highly pinnable gift guides for Pinterest. One of my favorites is The Everygirl blog. Their gift guides are really well done, great at attracting attention on Pinterest and getting thousands of repins, not to mention turning up first in Pinterest search results. Other bloggers whose 2014 holiday gift guides also got huge circulation on Pinterest last year include:

All of these blogs create gift guides for every family member, every type of interest, so don’t be afraid to pitch your own category. Some of these blogs were also part of a mass marketing effort last year by a group of lifestyle bloggers, all promoting each other’s holiday gift guides, creating even wider exposure by tapping into each other’s social media following.

YouTube Vloggers

I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more holiday gift guides on YouTube this year. Many popular “vloggers” (people with popular YouTube channels) last year did holiday gift guides that were viewed by millions of people. Granted, most of these vloggers and their audience tend to be young, but they are recommending gifts for mom, dad, boyfriend, boss, your pet, etc., so it is a wider market than you think. Vloggers are known to get paid for endorsements, however, you should still pitch to them asking for consideration as an artisan/indie seller, and hopefully they haven’t completely sold out and would still recommend your product because they like it, not just because they got paid to say so. You would likely have to send them product to show. Here are a few vloggers who had popular gift guides last year:

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How to Get Publicity for Your Business by Pitching an Attention Getting Headline

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

When you are trying to get publicity for your business, I have always said you have to pitch a story, not a product. Essentially, you want to give a potential headline to a writer or editor, and the more grabby (and timely) the better.

How to get publicity

The print and online world is inundated with content, so attention-getting headlines have to stand out among the noise. Why make the writer come up with one on their own, when you can do part of the work for them. How do you get that headline? Try looking at current ones.

Getting Publicity for Your Products or Services

Maybe you want to get press for one of your products. Certain publications do product reviews or will write about a product that is innovative or cutting edge (i.e. Apple) but if you really want to get your product mentioned as part of an editorial, you need to give a story idea and then mention how your product would fit the story. Below are real headlines from popular blogs that might inspire you:

  • The Jackets You’ll Want To Wear All Spring (Refinery29)
  • 18 Dream Items to Punch Up a Master-Bath Wish List (Houzz)
  • 15 Easter Kids Outfits That Get the Celebration Started (Popsugar Moms)

Getting Publicity for Your Business

If you do have an innovative product, service or invention, or your business has enjoyed some recent success or accomplishment, that can be newsworthy to a writer, if you give the right headline, like these:

  • Forget Apple Pay. A Michigan startup says what you truly need is a Buetooth-enabled supercard (Mashable)
  • How This Entrepreneur Reworked His Business Idea in the Face of Financial Armageddon (Entrepreneur)
  • This Couple Ditched Their Tech Jobs to Pursue Their Passion for Beer (Business Insider)

Getting Publicity for the Unusual

If you have read any of my Ebooks, you know that I have always said the “quirky” or “unusual” will always get press. Here are some ideas for these types of stories:

  • 13 of the Most WTF Maternity Tops Ever Made (Buzzfeed)
  • 25 Books to Get You Through a Quarter Life Crisis (Bustle)
  • The 20 Most Amazing Things Only Rich Jerks Can Afford (Cracked)

Getting Publicity for Newsworthy Events

You also want to pitch headlines that are timely, based on upcoming events, current pop culture or trending topics.

  • The 3 Best Drugstore Sunscreens for Spring Break (College Fashion)
  • 50 Shades of Grey Activewear for the Gym (Shape)
  • The Best Way to Celebrate National Cherry Month (LONNY)

Good luck pitching your business. If you need help, I do offer a publicity service, just get in touch at … Gail 

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Should Your Small Business Create an Annual Event, Just for the Publicity?

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

Every year Victoria’s Secret, the lingerie store, creates a “Fantasy Bra”. This is a bra that they unveil at the end of their annual fashion show, and it is typically jewel encrusted and worth millions of dollars. The bra isn’t for sale, merely a publicity opportunity that they started in 2001 …. and it does get lots of press from television, print and online media. #VSFantasyBra even started trending on social media simply when they announced which model would be wearing the bra. That is how popular it has become.

Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 8.01.05 AM

Next week Pantone will announce their color of the year. This isn’t a haphazard pick, but based on extensive interviews with fashion designers worldwide about which colors they plan to use in upcoming seasons, as well as sales of certain color swatches. Pantone’s announcement, which first started in 1999, has become an annual event that captivates not only the fashion press, but also the mainstream media.

So, would your small business benefit from an annual event, merely for the publicity it would generate? The key is to think of what it is you sell or offer, and how you can “own” it (so to speak) for an annual event. It can be in conjunction with a holiday or just the start of end of the year.

Here are Some Publicity Ideas to Consider:

  • A bar that annually runs a contest to choose its “Locally Brewed Beer for 2015”
  • A dental office that makes its yearly list of “Top 10 Celebrity Smiles”
  • A photography studio that sponsors the announcement of the first baby born in the new year with a free birth photo
  • A hair salon that chooses their “Hair Style of the Year”

Whatever event you decide to go for, simply pitch the story idea to your local press who is always looking for that fun, common interest story to write about. It may take a few years before the momentum for your event really takes off, but once it does you can leverage that local exposure into national exposure for your business.

Hope you liked today’s post! …. ’til next time, Gail 

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Why You Should Be Pitching Your Products to be in Holiday Gift Guides NOW

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

As you may know, print magazines typically work about four months in advance, so, right now they are planning their December issues (which go on sale in early November), and a big part of any December issue is a holiday gift guide. So if you want your products to be included, you need to be pitching to editors before the end of July. Remember, I am just talking about print publications. You can wait until mid September to pitch to blogs and online publications.

pitching products holiday gift guidesHow to Pitch for Holiday Gift Guides

Email is still the best way to pitch to writers and editors. Keep it short and to the point, no one has the time to read a long worded pitch.  In the email subject line put: Product Submission for Your 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

What To Include In Your Pitch

  • Who the potential recipients could be, such as husband, wife, daughter, boss, teacher, the fitness fanatic,
  • The type of person who would like it, such as the Fashionista, the Fitness Buff, the Geek, the New Mom, the Guy Who Has Everything, the Home Chef, etc.
  • The price as a lot of gift guides are categorized as such i.e. Gifts less than $25, Gifts to blow your budget on, etc. (Try to pitch products under $100 unless it is for a luxury category).
  • If the gift gives back (for example, part of the proceeds go to charity, shop supports third world artisans, etc.)
  • Where your business is. This is a growing trend this year where you will see that publications want to support locally-made, American-made or specific country-made products, depending on the origins of the publication.
  • link to the product but do not attach photos or you might send the email into spam. Make sure your product shot is magazine-quality, and preferably on a white background.
  • Type of business, such as an Etsy shop, as a lot of magazines actually have a holiday gift category just for Etsy

Screen shot 2014-07-14 at 7.44.32 PMYou Can Pitch Your Products For Other Holiday Editorial

The holiday issues are typically the biggest of the year, filled with other editorial that you can pitch to have your products included in, such as:

  • Holiday Decorating – Do you have products that work for holiday decor?
  • Holiday Entertaining – All those holiday parties require food, serve ware and table decor
  • Holiday Travel – The holidays are high travel times and magazines are always writing about products that make it easier
  • Holiday Fashion – Maybe your products add to the perfect outfit to wear to a holiday party, Christmas day or New Year’s Eve
  • Holiday Cards – Holiday cards, as well as invitations to parties, housewarmings, etc., are obviously in big demand this time of year
  • Holiday Photos – Everyone wants that family photo for the holiday card, so it’s a great time to promote any product that will enhance the photo i.e. special outfit for new baby, Santa hat for dog, Happy Holidays sign, etc.

Last year I had several customers use my tactics to successfully get their products included in many major publications’ gift guides. In all honesty, being in an online gift guide will likely bring you more sales than being in a print gift guide, as the steps to purchasing your product are greatly reduced, but it is still amazing exposure you can use for so many other things to grow your business.

Good luck!