A Simple Trick to Increase Your Online Sales Conversion Rate

by Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Marketing Consultant

When you sell online you always have to deal with buyers’ apprehension to buying from you. When I do a critique of someone’s online store (Etsy, Shopify, etc) I always make sure that the shop is doing all the things that create customer confidence and, in turn, this helps to raise their sales conversion rate.

The one thing you need to do

One thing I always suggest for Etsy shops is to add this line at the end of each listing:

“If you have any questions regarding this item, please hit the “Ask a Question” button next to the price and I will get back to you within 24 hours”.


When a customer knows that you are open to them reaching out to you, this right away gives them a sense of confidence. Then, when they do reach out to you, you now have an opportunity to engage with them as you would with face to face sales. Once a customer has engaged with you, they are so much more likely to purchase from you.

This tactic has worked with my own business. 9 times out of 10 when a potential customer asks me a question about my marketing services or downloads, they end up purchasing from me, so it is worth your while!

If you use the Sell on Etsy app, you are notified whenever you get a convo so that you can respond quickly.

If you would like to know how my Etsy Shop Critique or Online Store Critique can help your business, just send me an email at attentiongetting[at]gmail.com and I will get back to you asap!

My March 2018 Etsy Shop Marketing Plan and March 2018 Social Media Content Calendar are available now!


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Top Trending Products To Sell Online in 2018

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Happy new year! Want to know what customers are really looking for in 2018 so that you can be on the forefront of the hot sellers? I did extensive research and discovered over 160 of the hottest “rising” product searches (based on Google Trends) in EVERY product category from decor to pets to gadgets to jewelry.

Below is a sneak peek of 25 of the hot products for 2018, but the COMPLETE list of 160+ hot sellers for 2018 is included for FREE in my February 2018 Etsy Shop Marketing Plan.

25 trending PRODUCTS TO SELL IN 2018:

  • Cactus wall art
  • 5 panel wall art
  • Tiny canvas art
  • Surfboard coffee table
  • Gold desk chair
  • Studded dining chair
  • Rose gold lamp
  • Faux fur rugs
  • Blush throw pillows
  • Rainbow baby clothes
  • Adventure themed nursery decor
  • Mauve weddings
  • Acrylic wedding invitations
  • Hydrangea wedding gown
  • Meghan Markle ring
  • Silk thread necklace
  • Distance bracelets
  • Wax free lip balm
  • LOL surprise bath bomb
  • Velvet wrap dress
  • Real fur scarves
  • Pearl dog collar
  • Hanging cat bed
  • Personalized calendars
  • Personalized shampoo

Again, if you want the COMPLETE list of 160+ Top Trending Products Sell Online 2018 be sure to download my February 2018 Etsy Shop Marketing Plan.

Keep in mind product trends will also be influenced this year by the Pyeong Chang Olympics, the new royal baby in April, the royal wedding in May, and Pantone’s color of the year for 2018, Ultra Violet.

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Social Media Ideas for January 2018

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I am always getting asked by businesses to come up with creative ideas for them to post that take advantage of the current conversation, incorporate popular trending content on social media, and will be content that will get attention.

This is why I came up with my monthly Social Media Content Calendars. They work for any business whether you sell online or are a blogger.

Now, in my calendars I give you posting ideas for EVERY day of the month, but here are just a few of my favorite ideas from my January 2018 Social Media Content Calendar:

  • January 2 – Post a quote from your favorite Science Fiction book (plus photo of book cover) or movie (plus photo of movie poster) for #NationalScienceFictionDay.
  • January 7 – Post a photo looking down at your feet that has a wintery scenario for #FromWhereIStand (a very popular hash tag on social media). 
  • January 11 – Post a cartoon from the New Yorker for #ThursdayThoughts #NewYorkerCartoons (these are very popular on social media). 
  • January 12 – Post a countdown of the number of days (67) to spring for #FridayFunday.
  • January 16 – Post a photo of an interesting way to state the word “Freedom” for #MartinLutherKingDay or #MLKDay (see last page).
  • January 25 – Coordinate with another non competitive business for a #s4s (shoutout for shoutout) where you give a shoutout on your Instagram and they do the same on theirs (can also do on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest).
  • January 26 – Post a creative take on the Google logo, include the hashtag #mysuperG and Google may repost on their social media pages.
  • January 29 – Post a photo of a (or your) sleeping dog in bed for #HappyMonday #DogsInBed (see last page)..
  • January 31 – Post a photo of a #BloodMoon (or a moon theme product) to alert followers that a total #LunarEclipse happens tonight.

I have a Social Media Content Calendar the works for any type of business as well as an Etsy-specific one and February’s is out now! They will save you hours of time and effort and you can even hand it off to an assistant (or teenage intern) to implement for you, it’s that easy! Also includes valuable tips, advice and post examples.

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The Trend of National Days: What National Day is Tomorrow?

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

trend-national-days-national-day-tomorrowFor a few years now, I have been telling you about the growing popularity of “national days” on social media. Some are fun, some are silly and most are popular due to the fact that a major brand typically jumps on board to take advantage of the trending day, making it even more popular on social media (i.e. Starbucks and #nationalcoffeeday).

The Most Popular National Days

If you are using national days to help get visibility for your social media accounts, then you may be curious as to which national days are the most popular. According to Google searches, here is what I found, in order of popularity:

  • #NationalGirlfriendDay (August 1)
  • #NationalBoyfriendDay (October 3)
  • #NationalDogDay (August 26)
  • #NationalDonutDay (June 1)
  • #NationalBestFriendsDay (June 8)
  • #NationalSiblingDay (April 10)
  • #NationalIceCreamDay (3rd Sunday in July)
  • #NationalPuppyDay (March 23)
  • #NationalBeerDay (April 7)
  • #NationalCoffeeDay (October 1)
  • #NationalPancakeDay (March 7)

So if you only feel like jumping on the “national day” content band wagon for a few, these are good ones to go with. By the way, tomorrow, November 28th, you will likely see the hash tag #GivingTuesday trending as it is the national day of giving. The purpose of this day is to celebrate generosity and giving back.

National Days Rising in Popularity

There are also national days that started to get some traction this year and may see more interest this year. The top 5 rising national days (in terms of searches) are:

  • #NationalLipstickDay (July 29)
  • #NationalBurritoDay (1st Thursday in April)
  • #NationalCheeseburgerDay (September 18)
  • #NationalTequilaDay (July 24)
  • #NationalWineDay (May 25)

Stay on top of the most popular and most interesting national days with my January 2018 Social Media Content Calendar, packed with other trending content ideas, social media tips and examples. If you sell on Etsy, you will prefer my Etsy version here.

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A Hot PR Tip if You Sell Dog Products

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Did you realize that 2018 is the Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese New Year, which starts February 16th. So, if you sell dog products – or even products that feature dogs such as throw pillows, t-shirts, etc. – then you should be pitching your products as part of a story idea for “Celebrating Year of the Dog” to print publications NOW, as they work on issues a few months in advance. You can pitch to blogs in late November.

Not sure how to write a pitch? If you wish for me to write a winning one for you, I do offer a Publicity Pitch Writing Service and I have a pretty good track record. I’ve written pitches that have gotten my customers into Real Simple Magazine, Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, Vanity Fair, Houzz.com, Glamour Magazine, LONNY, DesignMilk, DogMilk, Emmaline Bride, just to name a few.

If you don’t have any products featuring dogs, you may want to consider adding one to your shop if applicable, just to take advantage of this publicity opportunity that could last all year long.

This is just a preview of one of hundreds of tips in my 2018 Etsy Shop Marketing Plan on sale in November. Look for it!

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