Top Searches on Social Media Thanksgiving Week

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Thanksgiving is a very big week on social media in the United States. If you are using social media to promote your online shop, remember, you do not always want to just post your products. It is really not the best way to get seen. Instead, you want to post content people on social media are looking for or care about, to inadvertently get your shop noticed.


Here is the type of content people are currently searching on and will for the next few days (BEFORE Black Friday hits) on the various social media sites, as well as on Google and Yahoo. Use this information wisely when thinking about what to post from now until Thursday:

Top Facebook Searches

  • Thanksgiving pictures
  • Thanksgiving quotes

Top Pinterest Searches

  • Thanksgiving recipes
  • Thanksgiving decorations
  • Thanksgiving desserts
  • Thanksgiving crafts

Top Twitter Searches

  • #ThanksgivingWeek
  • #ThanksgivingCountdown
  • #ThanksgivingFootball
  • #ThanksgivingDayParade

Top Instagram Searches

(Instagram will be most active on the day before and the day of)

  • #ThanksgivingEve
  • #ThanksgivingDinner
  • #ThanksgivingSelfie
  • #Thanksgiving2016

Top YouTube Searches

  • Thanksgiving songs
  • Thanksgiving music
  • Thanksgiving turkey

Top Google Searches

  • Thanksgiving football 2016
  • Thanksgiving food
  • Macys Thanksgiving Day parade
  • The First Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving games
  • Thanksgiving side dishes
  • How to cook a turkey

Top Yahoo Searches

As a little bonus, I thought I would mention that Yahoo has added a daily Holiday Search List. Here is what people are searching for today (it changes hourly):

  • Ski bags
  • Christmas tablecloths
  • Pandora bracelets
  • Star Wars gifts
  • Exercise equipment
  • Wireless speakers
  • Personalized aprons

So try to engage on social media over the next few days, rather than just sell, and see if it helps your Black Friday sales. Happy Holidays!

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Ideas for Additional Content To Post on Facebook



Hi Gail

I’m the owner and designer of a one-of-a-kind handbag and jewelry boutique. I think the three social media platforms I should be on are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is the one that’s stumping me. I don’t want to simply copy + paste across platforms but I’m not sure what additional content I could put on Facebook. I was thinking of making a FB community, because people who buy one-of-a-kind items value exclusivity and may want their own special place to connect. What do you think?


Hi Teneasha,

In terms of a Facebook community page, they are topical in nature so you could start one about a topic such as one-of-a-kind handbags and jewelry. While it is a great way to reach women who indicate a love for fashion in their Facebook profile (because Facebook links community pages from these fields) they are not typically maintained by one person. In fact, if your community page becomes too popular, Facebook then takes over the administration of it. However, if you were the original creator of a successful community page, this is something that gives you some industry credentials.

Now, just in terms of what to post on a community page or your business Facebook page in general, I agree, you should not just post the same content from one social media site to another. The key is to always think about what it is that your customers are interested in and what types of content does well on which sites.

For you, the next few weeks pose a great opportunity because it is New York Fashion Week, followed by all of the international fashion shows, so they will all be trending quite a bit on social media. Therefore, you could repost the best articles from each fashion week, specifically those that focus on handbags and jewelry. Quotes also do really well on Facebook, so post funny or silly quotes that have to do with fashion. Trivia is popular on Facebook, so you can post multiple choice questions about famous designers. Lists also do well, so your list of your 5 favorite style blogs or Instagram accounts. Celebrity articles tend to get liked and shared, so post photo exposés on the purses carried by a certain celebrity each week. Throwback Thursday always trends, therefore you could post images of purses and jewelry from another era.

Good luck!

Better You Go…

Thanks for your support!


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4 Easy Tips to Help Your Business Succeed on Social Media

by Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

Social media is all about interaction. So, if you are a business on social media here are four easy ways to make sure you are maximizing your presence there and reaching more customers:


  1. Respond to Comments – On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can reply to comments on your posts, photos, tweets, etc., and you should, especially if someone has asked you a question. I know I can forget to do this too, so make a point of setting aside a half hour at the end of the day and go through your notifications and make sure that you respond to every comment as well as if people have even mentioned you on their social media site. If people have retweeted your tweets, say thank you and/or return the favor. You never want to look inactive or that you don’t care, so take the time to respond.
  2. Comment, Like & Share – How good are you are taking the time to comment, like and share on the social media posts that appear in your feed? When you comment, like or share someone’s Facebook post, your name is now seen by their followers. I have actually had people tell me they found me on Facebook based on a comment I made on another site’s Facebook page. Plus, a lot of the time when people see that you liked, shared and/or commented on their content, they will return the favor.
  3. Follow Back – Again, take that half an hour everyday and go through your list of new followers and make sure to follow back. Now, I am not saying you have to follow everyone who follows you because sometimes you will have people follow you that are spammers or maybe not appropriate content, so use your discretion, but if they look like a potential customer, a potential business alliance or someone in the media, follow back.
  4. Analyze What You Are Posting & When – Take some time at the end of the week to go through your social media posts and see which content was the most popular. What was liked the most, commented on the most, shared the most? Now try to analyze if it is the actual content and/or was it a particular day that was popular, or a particular time of day? Both Pinterest and Twitter have pretty good analytics at the ready for you. For Twitter, click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner (for Pinterest, it is the gear icon) and then go to “Analytics” on the menu. You want to stick with the content that is working for you, and then schedule it for the days and times that seem to offer the best chance of sharing.

If you are on social media today expect to see #Disneyland60 trending as it is their 60th anniversary and on Sunday it is #NationalIceCream Day (both are tips I gave in my July Marketing Calendar).

Have a great weekend … Gail 

Was #TheDress a Marketing Homerun?

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

There was a social media phenomenon last Thursday night called #TheDress. It shows the power of social media as within hours everyone was talking about whether you saw white and gold or blue and black when you looked at a photo of this dress. The story made the rounds of every news show and my kids even said everyone on the school bus was debating it that morning. Today the dress owner appeared on Ellen, showing how the story still has legs a few days after the fact.

#thedress marketing genius

How the Trend Started

None of this was intentional. According to Fox News, the picture of the dress started with a Tumblr post by a user named Swiked, who asked fellow Tumblr people for help in figuring out the dress’s true colors. Once BuzzFeed saw the story on Tumblr, they reran it on their site and it immediately shot up the trending ranks. Right now that post on Buzzfeed has had over 38 million views (Buzzfeed has a monthly readership of 124 million people).

The reason for all the fuzz was that it was your typical water cooler debate. People were fascinated because there were two distinct groups, those who saw one color combination and those who saw another, and each confused why others were seeing something different from what they were seeing. Then you have celebrities circulating it on social media to their millions of followers and it really gets crazy.

Was It a Marketing Homerun?

The dress is sold by Roman Originals in the UK. The company is not saying how many dresses were sold as a result, but it did say that this one dress was responsible for 60 percent of Friday’s sales.

So was it a marketing home run? In terms of immediate exposure, definitely, but at the same time, I was done with it after a few hours to the point I didn’t want to hear about it anymore. It became over-exposed, where you start to rebel against it. But the company was smart, they tried to refocus the exposure back to themselves by profiling it on their home page, by retweeting pretty much every major tweet that had the hash tag #TheDress in it (although I would have added the hashtag to their Twitter profile description), and they are rushing out a #whiteandgold version (yes, that hashtag was trending too) available today.

Did it drive me over to their website? No, not until I decided to write this post. Did it make me buy the dress? No, but trust me, some people are buying the dress strictly for pop culture purposes. Will it mean new customers and long-term success for the company? Again, that remains to be seen. It definitely did not hurt them, but they now need to find ways to use this exposure to keep their name in the news, without overdoing it.

#TheDress phenomenon is the true essence of successful social media marketing. You have probably long heard that to be successful on social media you have to get people talking and create conversation, and #TheDress is a great example of doing just that, even if it was by accident.

By the way, I saw white and gold. What did you see?… Gail 

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How to Tell if Someone Really Is a Social Media Marketing Expert

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

Don’t you love people who try to sell their social media marketing skills based on their number of followers? A lot of people have even taken their allegedly huge list of followers and used it to become product influencers and ambassadors. Before you fall for some of these claims, here is how you find out the truth.

social media marketing

Use Taylor Swift as an Example

Take our girl, Taylor Swift. Taylor has 51,500,000 Twitter followers and I seriously doubt she had to buy any of them (trust me, many people do). When she sends out a tweet, it will show right in the Twitter box that it got typically 10,000 to 60,000 retweets, and around 10,000 to 100,000 favorites. So about .1% to .2% of her audience responds on average.

What Are Their Shares, Favorites and Retweets?

I was on a Twitter account the other day of someone who proclaimed to be a social media expert with 330,000 followers. The funny thing was none of their tweets had any retweets or favorites. Doesn’t that seem odd to you? According to the .1% calculation, their tweets should have had at least 330 retweets and favorites. Makes me wonder, is anyone really out there? Same with their Facebook page, no comments on their posts and low shares and likes of just 1 or 2. With a Facebook following of over 90,000 fans, doesn’t that seem fishy to you?

Now go over to Pinterest where some of the heavy hitters over there have millions of followers. I follow quite a few of them and I was looking at one pinner who has 12 million+ followers, and their pins, on average, have 50 to 150 likes and anywhere from 50 to 1,500 repins. Now the repins will bring the pin an even wider audience so the coverage is good, but the numbers still don’t quite add up to the response of what we are being led to believe is 12 million+ followers.

So, What Is Their Real Audience?

So don’t get caught up in someone’s social media following because these numbers are typically inflated for three reasons: A lot of businesses buy followers, or have fake profiles set up just to be look like a follower; people fall off social media but are still listed as a follower even though they haven’t looked at their Twitter or Facebook account in months: a lot of social media content has only a very short life to be seen (unless it goes viral) because followers just are not on their social media feeds 24×7.

Also remember, traffic is not a guarantee of sales. Again, on average only 1% to 5% of un-targeted traffic will convert into sales.

‘Til next time. Thanks for reading … Gail

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Why Your Small Business Should Participate in an Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

Instagram is hands-down, the hottest social media site of the moment with 100 million unique visitors each month. If you are not aware of what Instagram is, it is a free app that lets you take a photo or video, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post it to your Instagram profile. The key to getting noticed on Instagram is the use of #hashtags. 

Now, unlike other social media sites, Instagram does something pretty cool. They actively promote their users, for free. One way they do so is with their Weekend Hashtag Project.

What is the Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project?

Every Friday, Instagram announces their Weekend Hashtag Project (if you have downloaded my Monthly Marketing Calendars, you will know this is one of the tasks I recommend), where they ask users to submit photos based on a designated theme with a designated hashtag so they can find your photos.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Why This Is a Good Opportunity for Your Small Business

Instagram chooses their favorite photos from the competition and every Monday features them on their blog, meaning big exposure for those chosen. How so? In addition to being featured on their blog:

  • They also share the Instagram names of their top choices on their Instagram profile, to their 47.3 million followers
  • They tweet out their favorite entries, to their 37 million followers
  • They post their favorite entries on their Facebook page, to their 26 million fans

This is a lot of free exposure. But stick to the theme if you are going to participate; don’t use your photo to blatantly promote your business or you will unlikely be selected.

I kept tabs on a photographer’s Instagram profile that was recently featured on their blog and social media sites and he gained over 3,000 followers in just two hours. And that is just followers, who knows how much traffic it drove to his profile.

Some of Instagram’s Recent Weekend Hashtags Projects

  • #WHPresolutions2015, which asked participants to take creative photos and videos that symbolize their resolutions for the year ahead
  • #WHPfeelslikehome, which asked participants to take creative photos and videos that capture the feeling of being at home
  •  #WHPfairytale, which asked participants to capture creative photos that feel like scenes from a fairytale

If you are interested in participating in Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Projects, simply follow @instagram on Twitter and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

Until next time … Gail 

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Maximize Your Social Media Strategy by Updating Your Graphics for Fall Events

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

Have you updated your social media banners (and online store banners) to reflect the current fall season? It can be a valuable sales tool for your small business.

Your cover images/banners are like ads for you. You can use them to announce a seasonal sale, a new fall offering, as well as to make your shop look current and still active, particularly to first time visitors.

If you sell clothing for example, do you want customers to come to your Facebook page and see that your cover image is still showing your summer fashion offerings? It might make them think you are no longer in business, or only specialize in summer clothing.

See how these top brands below have maximized their social media cover images for fall.

Update Your Social Media Banner Images for Fall

I like how Banana Republic has used their Facebook cover image to show various clothing pieces from their new fall collection.

Updating your social media for fall


Update Your Social Media Banner Images for a Seasonal Event

September is big for back to school, and for some stores, that is a top selling time. Below, The Children’s Place, used their Facebook cover image to promote buying back to school clothes to their followers.

Update your social media for back to school


Update Your Social Media Banner Images to Announce a Fall Sale

Crate and Barrel only holds their upholstery sale once a year in the fall, so they use their Facebook cover image to promote it.

Update your social media for a sale


Update Your Social Media Banner Images to Show New Fall Offerings

I love how the nail polish company Zoya, used their Facebook image to show their autumn inspired line of polishes.

Update your social media for new products


Update Your Social Media Profile Descriptions

Don’t ignore your social media profile descriptions either. A lot of companies will update their Twitter and Instagram profiles, for example, to include #hash tags of seasonal trending terms, such as #NYFW2014 (New York Fashion Week), #NFL or #Halloween. Again, you can also use your profile descriptions to announce a fall sale i.e. Fall #Sale On Until 9/31/14 or fall event, i.e. See Our New Fall Look Book. 

It is so important that your business always looks current on social media. It can be easy to neglect, but since more and more sales are being driven through social media, it is a mistake to not update it for every season.

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