Marketing I Love! Kendra Scott Jewelry

by G.B. Oliver

If you want to see an example of an online shop that thinks of everything a customer might want, Kendra Scott Jewelry is a good example.


There are so many things this online shop does right. The first thing is customers can shop by color, which is great if you are looking for earrings in a certain color, or need a piece to go with a specific outfit and color is a factor. Given the volume of items this shop has, offering specific searches, such as by color, helps the customer not get frustrated with trying to find what they want and leave before even looking around.

There is another feature called the Color Bar, where you can customize a variety of pieces with either a gold or silver base, and then change the color of the stone. Now, if you sell on an online marketplace where you have little control over features like this, you could still add a photo of a palette of all the colors you can customize. Just a great way for your customers to get what they really want.

I love how they categorize their gift guide. Not by price, but by taste. So if you buying for someone who is classic, trendy, minimalist or feminine, you will get a variety of suggestions. This is a much better way of doing it since jewelry is all about an individual’s taste and style.

On her blog (which is part of the shop) Kendra has a variety of beautiful inspiration boards which incorporate her pieces. In today’s visual environment, inspiration boards are key for your customers to know how to wear your pieces and to be able to visualize them as part of an outfit. Plus, they are great for pinning to Pinterest.

Each individual piece of jewelry is photographed well. There is a photo of the item on a white background, a photo on a head illustration so you can get a perception of the size of the piece, and then there is a photo of the jewelry item on an actual person so you can imagine how it would look on you.

Kendra also offers bridal jewelry and you almost feel like you have entered a wedding blog in this section because it has beautiful photos of real life brides who are wearing her jewelry. Kendra encourages brides to submit their photos, which is a great way to get professional photos for your shop!

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Can One Word Get People to Buy?

by G.B. Oliver

A few posts ago I spoke about creating a headline that gets attention. So, I was saw the ad below and thought it was a very effective one word headline. Basically, taking a problem and offering a solution, but in just one word.

The before side says, “Chaos“, which many of us experience in our hectic lives. The other side offers, “Order“, which we are all looking for. It is very effective for communicating the purpose and value of the product and the need it is solving. If you can solve people’s problems, they will buy.


Can you do the same with your products?

One word campaigns are effective because people are busy and one word is not a lot to read and get the point across.

Let’s say you sell jewelry for example. Maybe you have a photo of a woman shot from the neck down and she is wearing a plain dress. Beside you have another photo of the same woman, same dress, but this time she also is wearing an ornate necklace. So the one side says, “Plain” and the other side says, “Wow“. Would that convince someone of the value of your product?

What if you are selling baby onesies with a cute saying on them. You could have a photo of a baby on the left wearing a plain white onesie. On the right you could have another photo of same baby wearing a onesie with “Precious Cargo” written on it. The left side has a headline of “Practical” and the right has a headline of “Practical and Fun!”. Will this convince the buyer that you are getting more for your money with this onesie?

Think of value words for your products, i.e. problems they solve, and try using those in headlines to see if they quickly get across to your visitors why they should buy your product. Maybe “Ordinary” vs “Unique” or  “Messy” vs “Organized” or “Good” vs “Better“.

You don’t even have to make a comparison. You could just offer two or three words that gets the value across, such as “Make a Statement“, “Get Noticed“, “Add Some Wow“, “Spoil Her Now“.  It gets the visitor thinking. 

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Will the Right Avatar Help You Sell More?

by G.B. Oliver

Ok, so right away you may be saying, what is an avatar – and we are not talking the movie. An avatar is the graphic image you use on all Social Media as well as on your online shop to represent who you are to others. The majority of people use a photo of themselves. Some people use a logo. Some people use a silly graphic. Some people don’t do anything and use the grey head image supplied.

The truth is an avatar is a great marketing opportunity so you should use it wisely.

My avatar - I use a photo in my online shop, but I use my logo in social media
My avatar – I use a photo in my online shop, but I use my logo in social media

Using Your Photo as an Avatar

Let’s take your shop for example. More than likely you are using a photo of yourself. Not a bad idea because it lets customers put a face to the shop and that may help them buy from you if they can visualize you. However, a bad, blurry or poorly taken photo will not help you. If your avatar is not top quality, why would your product be? So get a professional photo taken and ask the photographer to reduce it down to the avatar size to avoid pixelation, and you may see a difference in customer confidence.

Using a Photo of a Product as an Avatar

If you are a jewelry seller, for example, and you have a top selling or classic piece, then definitely consider using a photo of the piece as an avatar. When your avatar shows up on social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest, it clearly tells people what you are all about and that may peak their curiosity enough to click on your avatar, especially if your handle name states the name of your shop as well. It will not be poorly looked upon as everyone will try to tell you. The social media market has changed and it has been infiltrated with businesses who are doing it, including large players. All the major magazines like Martha Stewart and Glamor use their current issue as their avatar. Nothing wrong with that. It’s free advertising so why not.

Using Your Logo or Shop Name as an Avatar

While I do think your online shop benefits from some sort of personal photo, I don’t believe a personal photo helps much on social media. You will get lost in a sea of faces. Social media is a great free advertising opportunity, so as long as your company name can be clearly read in an avatar that is about 1/4″ size on Twitter and 1/8″ on Pinterest, it could serve you well because people see it and think, what’s that shop all about? One more tip. Avoid white backgrounds and light colored fonts. They will get lost on social media. You need strong colors and bolded text, even all capitals, to be attention getting.

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LilyShop Adds a New Twist to the Online Marketplace

by G.B. Oliver

I have written about a few online marketplaces lately such as Etsy, and One Kings Lane. I came across another one that I thought had an interesting approach. It is called Lilyshop. This is a very pretty site so when I clicked on it I thought that it was an Etsy just for women. It is and it isn’t. While I think it does cater to a female clientele, it does sell the same category of items you would find on the other online marketplaces.


But here is what I really like about Lilyshop:

1. Their blog is really well done. I could have stayed here all day. Informative articles, great photos, and a variety of topics from recipes to health and wellness. If I could suggest a change it would be to call the Home & Garden and Crafts sections DIY instead, because that is more what it is and the DIY projects are top notch, and a Fashion category would also make sense.

2. They do not charge any kind of fees, rather they just take 5% of the sale (before shipping). They only make money when you make money.

3. They promote products more so than shops. So, what this means is you can buy from many vendors in a single checkout. Much more convenient.

4. They aim to be a female shopping experience, which I think is smart because with so many online marketplaces popping up, you will have to specialize to be successful.

5. They have a section entitled “Shop Yard Sale”, where you can find items at 50% off, 30% off, 25% off. Great for vendors trying to get rid of inventory and shoppers looking for deals.

Now, given the economy, I would include a category called Cheap Find of the Day with products under $20. Everyone wants a bargain and my advice always when the economy is down is that there is not a lot of people with a lot of money to spend, but there is always a lot of people with a little money to spend.

One more thing about online marketplaces. Why don’t any of them allow for the creation of wish lists? Yes, I know some will let you mark as favorites but a wish list you can actually send to your husband or bridal shower guests. People don’t always buy right away and bookmarks get forgotten about. Let people make a wish list and then remind them, via email, the same way online retailers remind you when you have left items in your shopping cart. Don’t let buyers forget about you.

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Create a Headline That Gets Attention

by G.B. Oliver

I was looking through Craigslist the other day and a headline really stood out to me. It wasn’t because it was in all caps or using asterisks (although sometimes that does help). It stood out because of what it said. It was for a wedding photographer and the headline read:


Pretty grabby headline, mostly because the photographer is addressing a need it knows its customers have. Brides (and grooms) want to LOVE their wedding photos. By doing a headline like this, it makes it obvious to me that this photographer gets “it”. They have already convinced me that me loving my photos is their top priority. Very effective.


Looking through Craigslist further, I saw another grabby headline. It said:


Again, the poster is reaching out to a potential target market, the new apartment dweller who is probably young and hip and doesn’t have much money. But the point is someone reading this, who does answer “yes” to the question “New Apartment?”, will be drawn to it.

Sometimes a headline can just make you curious enough to click over, even if it is not what you need or are looking for. Again, on Craigslist I saw the following headline:


Now I’m not in the market for a birdhouse, but I was curious how you could make one fun, funky and fabulous so I did click over to see it was an Etsy shop called, MikeMerritArt. Now, I am not sure if this headline gets tons of traffic for Mike (or better yet sales) but it got my attention. Maybe if he were to add:


By adding the “Gift Idea” part you have created a need. So while I may not need one, I am at least now thinking is there someone else I could buy this for. You could ask it in the form of a question, which is also effective:


Basically, the best and most effective headlines are when you directly try to answer a customer’s need. Another example:

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Clever Ways to Use Trending Twitter #Hash Tags to Get In Front of More Customers

by G.B. Oliver

Yesterday I gave a tip on Twitter that if you are selling baby products and you want to get in front of a lot of people, use the hash tag #royalbaby as that was trending big time yesterday. Now, not everyone checking out these tweets is going to be your target market, but what can it hurt when it will put you in front of so many Twitterers?

I am not saying that you use this occasion to try and promote one of your products because the social media world can be unfriendly and that may not be well received. But you could send a congratulatory message and hopefully your logo and company name is clear as to what you sell, and that will get the curiosity seekers to notice you and click over to your profile.


This is what social media is about. I have never thought Twitter was ideal for getting to the end user or customer (unless you are a celebrity) because I don’t think most people use it for that, and I think more people like to tweet than read tweets. But you can reach potential customers if you are clever enough (and without looking like that is what you are trying to do) and taking advantage of trending hash tags is an effective way.

Now today for example, the hash tag #socialmedia is trending. Think of a relevant, clever tweet regarding this subject, such as:

#socialmedia has been great for small businesses like mine!

When Twitterers click on the hash tag in the Trending box on the left, your tweet will appear among the others. Again, if you are using your business logo and name, it is like putting up a free ad in front of hundreds of thousands of people. It will only be for a split second, but the volume alone should make up for that.

Another popular hash tag today is #VSfashionshow. Now when hash tags like this one are a little more unclear as to what they are about, that alone will get people to click on it. It actually stands for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. So if you sell to women, think of a clever tweet so it shows up among the others and puts your shop in front of your target market.

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Is Price the Reason You’re Not Selling?

by G.B. Oliver

When people come to your site and don’t buy, what is the first thing you assume is wrong? I bet you think it’s your price. Maybe. The truth is you have to think about what makes people buy, and price is not always a factor.


There are many reasons people aren’t buying from you. Some include:

1. They don’t need your product.

2. They don’t need your product right now.

3. They don’t see the value in your product.

4. They are unsure that you will deliver what you are promising.

5. Your price was too high compared to similar competitive offerings.

So if you really feel price is your problem, then here is a way to test it.

Don’t lower your price permanently but instead offer a one-day only special with a coupon code for 50% (or pick a percentage in which you will still earn a profit – don’t take a loss).  Make sure customers know it is TODAY ONLY. If even at 50% off they are still not buying, then you know it’s not your price.

Do you know that too low a price can hurt you as well? If someone really loves or wants an item, and you have created that must-have feeling in the customer, price usually isn’t an object (unless it is obvious that you are completely overcharging). Sometimes too low a price makes the customer feel the product is cheap and of poor quality. So trying to undercut everyone will not always work in your favor either.

Do you know what makes people walk away from an online sale more than price? Shipping charges. Especially if you live in one country and you are buying from another. There have been cases where the shipping ends up equaling the price of the product. So sometimes it is better to offer FREE SHIPPING and buffer the cost into your product price. When a customer commits to your price and then gets to the checkout and sees it has doubled due to shipping, this is not the same exchange anymore and they WILL change their mind.

FINAL WORD: So, offer a fair price based on what it costs you to make your product and allowing for a profit, compare it to your competitors’ prices, test it with your market, and then make sure your customers understand the value that comes with this price.

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