6 Popular Blogs That Will Mention Your Sale

by G.B. Oliver

Having a sale in your online shop and not sure where to promote it? There are a variety of popular blogs that have regular features, typically on Fridays, where they promote online retailers having sales.

Now, I cannot guarantee they will add you to the list, but it is worth a shot. You could also try adding your sale in their comments section, if you see that they allow others to do it.

Deals of the Day at Lucky Magazine Online
Deals of the Day at Lucky Magazine Online

Where to Promote Your Sale

ApartmentTherapy.com is one of the most widely read blogs for home decor, recipes and more, with over 8 million readers a month. In their online Weekend Guide, they regularly feature Sales & Events from across the country, both online and instore, and even have a submission form for shops to submit theirs. So go for it!

CollegeFashion.net is not just a blog for fashion for college girls. It started off that way but has evolved into one of the top fashion blogs, known for their interesting theme inspiration boards. Every Friday they have their Coupons and Sales section, where they post sales from typically the top online fashion stores. That doesn’t mean you can’t try and make their list. Just ask in their contact form.

Fashionotes.com also has a Friday section on their blog called, Top Online Shopping: Weekend RoundUp for fashion and beauty products, as well as mens fashion. Email the editor at editor@fashionotes.com and see if they will add your sale to the list.  

Racked is a great blog because it covers fashion, home, kids and wedding products. They have a section called Deal Feed. You can submit your sale as both a National sale or a city-based sale i.e. New York Deal Feed. Submit your deal to national@racked.com and be sure to give all details including the length of time of the sale, the amount of the discount, and what you sell. You can also try to get in their Weekend Sales Report, but it does seem to focus on major retailers.

Lucky Magazine offers a Deal of the Day  at their online site. Mostly fashion and beauty deals, they do seem to promote less known online shops, so it is worth a try. You have to offer a good deal, though. Contact them at lucky breaks@luckymag.com.

People Magazine’s StyleWatch has a section online called, Exclusive Deals You’ll Actually Use, and they do show deals from smaller vendors here. Contact the editor at editor@people.com but be sure to put, “Submission for Stylewatch’s Exclusive Deals” in the subject line.
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Is There a National Day of Observance Right for Promoting Your Business?

by G.B. Oliver

Yesterday on Twitter, I saw that the hash tag “NationalHugYourCatDay” was trending and today I see the hash tag “NationalRunningDay” is trending. So what is the point of these special days of observance and how can your business take advantage?

National_Running_Day_2013-633x421You should know that marketers love holidays. Why wouldn’t we when it makes our jobs so much easier, as the majority of product sales occur at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and so forth.

There was a recent article in Fast Company Magazine that stated that the best way for a national day of observance to really take off as a marketer’s dream is they need to have:

  1. Original cultural authenticity (not a made up holiday)
  2. Rituals you can commercialize
  3. Culture that’s easy hyped
  4. Communal opportunities (occasions to get people together)
  5. Historical distance (happened awhile ago)

For that reason, they explained that Independence Day, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day have, obviously, all become a great marketing opportunities, whereas Groundhog Day, President’s Day and Cinco de Mayo are still in the infancy stage.

Now, if I was selling cat products, I have to say that I would have been all over that trending hash tag on Twitter yesterday, because I would imagine that every cat lover was clicking through those tweets, just as runners will be reading through today’s trending tweets.

So, here are some international days of observance that your business could benefit from, in terms of publicity:

  • Earth Day – April 22nd – for anyone selling green or eco-friendly products, this is a huge publicity opportunity as newspapers and blogs are looking for interesting editorial
  • International Literacy Day – September 8th – a great opportunity for independent book authors and publishers
  • Universal Children’s Day – November 20th – a good opportunity for businesses selling baby and kids products

Here are just a few of the more whimsical, national days of observance (pretty much every type of food has their own day):

  • National Send a Card to a Friend Day – February 7
  • National Fragrance Day – March 21
  • National Golfer’s Day – April 10
  • National Ice Cream Day – July 15
  • National Dog Day – August 26
  • National Grandparent’s Day – September 9

FINAL WORD: Small businesses need to take advantage of every free publicity opportunity available in order to get in front their target market. Maybe some of these days of observance can be an opportunity for yours.

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Product Copy I Love – C. Wonder

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

I have written about many online retailers who write effective product copy such as ModCloth and Williams-Sonoma. Well-written descriptions help create a need for your product and answers any questions your visitor may have that could have prevented a purchase.

C. Wonder is an online retailer selling women’s fashion, jewelry and home decor accessories and they write very effective product descriptions. Here are some examples:

Eyelet Cotton Tunic

“Easy, breezy and as feminine a tunic top as they come, our eyelet cotton topper is sure to take you from many a backyard barbecue to graduation dinner. We love its classic, straight sleeves paired with hints of color along the neckline that give it a modern edge. Make it beachside friendly with flat sandals or a bit more uptown with sky-high sandals or wedge espadrilles.”


Why It Works

They not only describe the garment in detail so you know exactly what you are getting, but they tell you where to wear it, and how to wear it.

Double Wrap Leather Chain Bracelet

“The mix of leather woven through a shiny gold link chain symbolizes an ode to luxury that is forever in style. Our spin on the iconic look includes a thick, signature toggle closure and deeply pigmented leather. The bold statement of a double wrap bracelet expresses an effortlessly chic style, whether its nestled in a monochromatic lineup of bracelets or single-handedly adding pizzazz to your favorite watch and ring. You’ll quickly fall in love with the feel and look of a must-have classic.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.40.35 AM

Why It Works

By using words like “forever in style” and “must-have classic” they are telling the buyer this is a piece you will have the rest of your life as it will never go out of style. So you are definitely getting long lasting value for your money, which most women want when investing in jewelry.

Monkey Rectangular Ceramic Plate

“Exhilarated by the experience of traveling the world, our design team translated iconic animal imagery and rich history from around the globe into a beautiful home accent. Our decorative porcelain plate portrays a playful monkey in traditional bejeweled dress, framed in a charming scroll ikat border with golden trim. Perfect for holding light snacks or hanging on your walls!”


Why It Works

When I saw this plate, I thought it was interesting but didn’t think I had a need. But after reading words like “exotic” and “around the globe” I felt like I would be getting a unique treasure for my home. Plus, I never thought about hanging it on a wall.

Be sure to share! Until next time… Gail 

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The Benefits of Offering Group Discounts

by G.B. Oliver

One of the best ways to get volume orders, as well as repeat business, is to offer discounts to various groups. Here are what some top online retailers offer, that maybe you can apply to your own business.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 3.26.37 PM

Group DiscountsC Wonder is an online store that sells women’s fashion, accessories and home decor. They have a Group Gifting Program, which means you can apply for special discounts (up to 20%) if you are shopping for the office, PTA or just a large number of people. It is a great way to get your products in front of a new audience because you have one buyer purchasing for many people. 

Trade Discounts Anthropologie has a House & Home Trade program whereby all qualified architects, interior designers and decorating professionals can apply for membership in this group to receive 15% off all regular and sale priced merchandise. West Elm, World Market and Restoration Hardware have similar programs. The trades typically expect discounts, and this ends up acting as both a referral and an endorsement.

Professional Discounts – Beauty companies such as Mac and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics also offers discounts to professional make-up artists, much in the same vein as the trade discounts above.

Student DiscountsAsos is a very popular UK clothing store, and they offer all students (with ID proof) 10% off all items. This offer is smart because they serve a younger demographic and, for this age group, even 10% can be a big deal. Plus, they will tell all their friends. Other stores offering student discounts include TopShop and Banana Republic. 

Teacher Discounts J.Crew recognizes the hard work of teachers and offers them 15% off in their stores, as does The Limited and Ann Taylor. This is a philanthropic gesture as much as a business decision.

So what groups could you offer a discount to that would help increase repeat business, spread word of mouth and expand your market?

If you sell jewelry, offer discounts for bridal parties. If you sell wedding invitations, offer discounts to wedding planners, If you sell pet products, offer discounts to dog trainers and groomers. If you sell toys, offer discounts to registered daycare centers or grandparents. If you sell art, offer discounts to hotels and office buildings. You can set minimum requirements on quantities, if that makes it more reasonable, but, at very least, even a small discount may be the reason someone chooses you over your competition.

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