My Latest Google Search Tips

by G.B. Oliver

I was doing research of a particular Google search for a client when I noticed some subtle differences on how people search for products that may change how you phrase your headings, subheadings and keyword tags.


Fact # 1 – Not Many People Use Apostrophes Correctly When Searching

Maybe because we are all in such a hurry these days, but it appears that people very rarely use apostrophes when searching.

For example, they don’t search “men’s shoes” they search “mens shoes“. The exact phrase “men’s shoes” pulled up data of 58 searches a month compared to 60,500 for the exact phrase “mens shoes“, without the apostrophe. That’s quite a difference and it was consistent with other terms as well.

The exact phrase “kids clothes” showed 45,000 searches per month, where the exact phrase “kid’s clothes” showed nil. Now the phrase “kids’ clothes” (where the apostrophe is at the end) also pulled up 40,500, which showed me that Google ignores the apostrophe when it is at the end of a word, but not when it is in amongst the letters.

So if grammatically incorrect can pull in higher searches, do you wrestle with the dilemma of writing your product copy according to keywords or opting for the correct grammar?

Fact # 2 – Plural versus Singular Can Make a Difference

People also vary in their searches as to whether or not it is more common to add the plural. For example, the exact phrase “throw pillows” pulled up 18,100 searches per month, whereas the singular “throw pillow” was dramatically lower at 2,400. However, it was the opposite for necklaces. The exact phrase “gold necklaces” pulled up 2,900 searches monthly compared to 12,900 for the singular “gold necklace“.

As adding the plural seems to vary by product, it means you really have to research both singular and plural with your product keywords to see which is more commonly searched. Tedious, but it could make a big difference.

Fact # 3 – Gender Isn’t Always Implied

Another thing I noticed is that when you are looking for an item by gender, it appears there are more searches specific to “mens” then there are to “womens”. For example, “mens jewelry” showed 5,400 monthly searches compared to only 1,600 for “womens jewelry“. “Mens shoes” showed 60,500 searches compared to 49,500 for “womens shoes“. Now, I would think more women are searching for shoes online than men, so is it that women just type “shoes” or “black shoes” or “high heels” and just naturally assume the search will know they mean women’s? If that is the case, it may not be worth your while to include women’s in your description or keywords, and instead focus on other adjectives such as color, style or material.

Remember, these facts are not really specific to Google, these are specific to human behavior. That is why you really  have to test all variations of your keywords to see how your target market mostly commonly uses them for search.


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Product Trends for 2013

by G.B. Oliver

I took a look at the new product arrivals from some of the major online retailers, and I noticed several themes emerging that smaller online shops may want to consider when designing their products for this year.

Animal Trends

While owls and birds will still be popular in home decor and jewelry, a new trend that seems to be popping up is African wildlife, such as giraffes, tigers and cheetahs. 2013 is also the year of the snake, so that may influence design as well (and if you want to get a start on 2014, when the next Hobbit movie comes out in December, I imagine dragons will be big!).

Color Trends

Neon is back is a big way, for both home, jewelry and fashion, but many designers are also mixing neon with black, grey and navy so it is not too strong a statement. Pastel colors such as mint are also popular. Pantone’s color of the year for 2013 is Emerald Green, so expect to see it in various hues (check out this blog editorial to see what I mean).

Kate Spade Necklace at Piperlime
Kate Spade Necklace at Piperlime

Jewelry Trends

Geometric shapes (including individual chevrons, a trend from last year), twigs, branches, horns, tusks, skulls and lots of spikes (50 Shades of Grey influence, maybe) seem to be popular jewelry trends. Choker and bib necklaces continue to be current. Traditional hoop earrings do not appear to be that trendy, but rather smaller stud earrings or large dangle earrings.

Art Trends

Keep Calm and Carry On has inspired lots of word art with everyone looking for that next trendy, inspirational saying. Vintage fonts are popular in art as well, along with vintage travel posters. A lot of photography art seems to be taking on a blurry trend, or black and white with small washes of color here and there. Artistic animal heads on walls continue to find new creative ways.

Pattern Trends

Chevrons, ombre (fading from one color to the next), trellis patterns are all still popular. New pattern trends seem to be polka dots, houndstooth and global bazaar/moroccan prints.

Houndstooth art print at Inhabit
Houndstooth art print at Inhabit

Material Trends

Expect lots of accents of metal studs, metal plates and shimmery gold and silver in both home decor, jewelry and fashion. Stylish household objects in ceramic will also be really popular in 2013.

Kids’ Product Trends

Neon is also a big trend for both kids fashion and room decor, as is Parisian themes and sequins. Ceramic accents, banners for bedrooms, and everything in a shape whether it is mirrors, rugs, lamps, bookends or clocks. Another hot fashion trend for kids is moccasins.

FINAL WORD: Why should you care about trends? Because trends get editorial, which means you have a better chance with product submissions to the media if your products are current. It doesn’t mean your whole shop has to be trendy, just one piece will do.

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