5 Etsy Shop Marketing Tips for December

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

You may be busy filling Christmas orders, but don’t forget you always need to be marketing and promoting your Etsy shop, especially to avoid the upcoming January lull. So today, I am giving 5 hot tips from my December Etsy Shop Marketing Plan


5 Etsy Shop Marketing Tips for December

  1. Everyone will be on Instagram on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day posting photos so it’s a good time to run an Instagram ad for your shop, advertising gifts people may have wanted to get but didn’t get for Christmas. In Canada and the UK, it’s called a Boxing Day sale.
  2. If you sell wedding products, you need to run a Google, Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest ad for your shop starting Christmas Day and running for the next 10 days as 70% of all engagements happen on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
  3. At mid to end of December, you will want to start sending product submissions to blogs that your target market reads for inclusion in their Valentine’s gift guides.
  4. Pantone is announcing their Color of the Year later this week so make sure to capitalize on the social media buzz it generates posting any products you have in the color or products from other non-competitive shops (in hopes they return the favor). Also, pitch to the Etsy editors any products you have in the color as they will likely be writing about it as well.
  5. Create an after Christmas product bundle to get rid of any overstock, out-of-date, poor selling or seasonal items.

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My Marketing Tips for Week of April 5th – Masters Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Happy National Deep Dish Pizza Day! There really is a national day for everything, isn’t there? Here are some other marketing tips you may find helpful for your online shop.

marketing tips

Product Photos

Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 6.22.06 PMOne tip I always give in my Marketing Ebooks is that when shooting your products be sure to show their purpose. In other words, don’t just show a bowl, show a bowl full of something so that potential customers immediately get a purpose for the bowl. Don’t just show a bracelet, show the bracelet on a model or with other bracelets of yours (to upsell more) or with outfit ideas, and so forth. Customers are more likely to look at photos than read the copy, so use your photos to put these “reasons to buy” in their head.

Drunk Online Shopping

Have you heard about “Sip and Click? A new report from Lyst (an e-commerce site) shows a huge spike in women’s online shopping habits late on Friday evenings resulting in 48 percent more orders Saturday at 2 a.m. when compared to Monday night sales. It seems that after 1 a.m., the dollar value of the order goes up 40 percent compared to that same time on a Monday night. The feeling is this spike is due to women going online after having a few drinks and, as such, have more “relaxed” shopping habits. Now, I am not saying to take advantage of these women, but it is good to know that late into Friday evenings a lot of women (not all drunk) are online shopping so you may want to tailor your social media postings for these times.

Social Media Demographics

Who are you trying to reach on social media? According to a new report from Social Media Today, if you want to reach the 18 to 24 age group, SnapChat should be your number one social site as it completely dominates this segment. 25 to 34-year olds rank Instagram as #1, ages 35 to 44 favor Pinterest, for 45 to 54 it is LinkedIN, and for 55+ it is Facebook.

Sales Conversion Rates

While time spent on mobile continues to exceed time spent on desktop (67% vs 21%) according to the Social Media Today report above, a new report from Monetate shows that sales conversion of people shopping online via desktop is 3 times what it is on mobile. In the last quarter of 2015, online shopping from a desktop had a conversion rate of 4.43% while online shopping from a mobile phone had a sales conversion rate of just 1.53%. So do not eliminate all of your desktop advertising just yet.

Trending This Week

  • April 5 – #NationalDeepDishPizzaDay, #TuesdayTreatScreen shot 2016-04-04 at 7.26.38 PM
  • April 6 – #WednesdayWant
  • April 7 – #MastersWeek
  • April 8 – #NationalBeerDay
  • April 9 – #Caturday, #SaturdaySwag
  • April 10 – #NationalSiblingsDay
  • April 11 – #NationalPetDay

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My Marketing Tips for the Week of March 22nd – Etsy Shop Tips

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I have been working with Etsy sellers for a few years now, from some of the top sellers to shops just starting out. I even have my own shop there. So if you are one of the 1.6 million people now selling on this popular marketplace, here are a few Etsy shop tips that might help you out.

etsy shop tips

Etsy Shop Tip #1

Etsy has just changed their shop format, now allowing 15 shop sections instead of 10. This is a good update because the more shop sections you can have, the more specific you can get with their titles and hopefully get more targeted search results. Google reads your individual shop section pages the same way it reads a home page with the shop section title taking the same relevance as a title tag on a home page. For example, if you have a shop section entitled, “Gold Initial Necklaces” and then you have 30 listings in that section that have the words “gold initial necklace” in the title (or synonyms such as “letter” “monogram” etc.), then your shop section page now has a very good chance of coming up first in Google results when someone searches on the phrase “gold initial necklaces” because it is repeated on one page so many times.

Etsy Shop Tip #2

If you go to the bottom of the Etsy home page, under “Discover and Shop”, you will see a heading entitled, “Tastemakers“. These are the Etsy pages for various publications, blogs and the like. I recommend following all the Etsy pages shown here because they may possibly take notice of your shop (they get a notification that you are following them) with the hope that they may add one of your products to their curated lists. You also want to be known by the people managing these Etsy pages because from time to time, certain “tastemakers” are asked to write a post for the Etsy blog highlighting their favorites and these “tastemakers” tend to also share these posts with their blog readers.

Etsy Shop Tip #3

Are you following Etsy on all of their social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? Make a habit of regularly commenting on their posts (always something nice). It is a good way to get your shop name in front of their social media managers who pick the Etsy products that they profile daily on these pages.

Trending This Week

Below is what will be popular on social media this week as well as some other popular hash tags you may want to try:

  • March 22 – #TuesdayTrivia, #TravelTuesday
  • March 23 – #NationalPuppyDay, #WomanCrushWednesday
  • March 24 – #Sweet16, #ThursdayThoughts
  • March 25 – Good Friday, #BatmanvSuperman, #Sweet16
  • March 26 – #EliteEight, #SaturdaySwag
  • March 27 – Easter Sunday, #EasterEgg, #EliteEight
  • March 28 – #NationalBlackForestCake Day, #DWTS, #MotivationMonday

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My Marketing Tips for the Week of February 16th – Winter Storm Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Last week there was so much going on that this week seems a lot quieter (except for the major snowstorm that hit my city today). If you aren’t busy digging out, here are some of my marketing tidbits to consider this week.


More Instagram Advice

Not sure if you read my Instagram tip from last week, but another way to get Instagram to include you on their page (in front of their 137 million followers) is to post a cute animal photo and include the hash tag #WeeklyFluff. Instagram pulls these weekly for their site.

Email Marketing Tip

I bought something online recently, and the next week the store sent me an email that said in the subject line, “Thanks for shopping with us. Here’s a little treat…” Inside was a coupon for 20% off my next purchase. Now, I get a lot of promotional emails, but I have to say that line got my attention because I was curious about what the “treat” was. In other words, it worked so you may want to try something similar with your customer emails.

E-commerce Platform to Consider

If you are not happy with your current e-commerce provider, I was surprised to learn that Ecwid supports over 900,000 shops compared to Shopify’s 200,000. Their pricing is based on the number of products you sell. For example, if you sell less than 100 products, the fee is just $15 a month.

Pantone Color Trends for Fall 2016

This week Pantone announced their 10 Colors for Fall 2016, including mustard yellow and emerald green, so you may want to consider integrating these color selections into your fall collection.

Trending This Week

  • February 17 – National Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • February 18 – National Drink Wine Day
  • February 19 – #FridayReads
  • February 20 – National Love Your Pet Day
  • February 21 – #SundayBrunch
  • February 22 – #MondayMotivation
  • February 23 – National Banana Bread Day

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