Etsy’s Popular Right Now Searches

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Are you taking advantage of Etsy’s “popular right now” search feature? You find these searches by simply putting your cursor in the Etsy search box and they fill down. They update constantly, but it is a great way to quickly update your titles and tags to take advantage, particularly if you are running an Etsy Promoted Listing.

For example, as I am writing this post, these are the Etsy “Popular Right Now” searches:

  • Holiday Shirts for Women
  • Beagle ornament
  • Personalized gift
  • Glitter yeti tumbler
  • Photo christmas cards printable
  • Family wall art
  • Monogram Sherpa pullover
  • Personalized gifts for mom
  • Wooden gifts
  • Personalized gift for boyfriend

What you DON’T want to do is touch any Etsy listings that are currently pulling you good traffic because why fix what isn’t broken. However, if there is a search phrase above that you can take advantage of, then why not try it on one of your weak traffic listings to see if it gives it a boost.

It is no surprise that gifts are the top search phrases right now, but keep in mind that buyers are also looking for holiday decor, fashion, cards, wreaths, candles, parties, entertaining and more. You can probably stick the word, “Christmas” in front of any type of product name and there is a search for it.

There were some other Etsy search phrases that I noticed that are likely to grow in popularity over the next week, including:

  • Black Friday sale
  • Black Friday sale jewelry
  • Black Friday sale for wedding

I can also tell you that “engagement rings” is a hot Etsy search right now, likely due to the fact that 80% of engagements happen over the holidays.

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A Hot SEO Tip for Etsy and Amazon Sellers

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I have told my customers and readers many times in the past that people search for products in different ways including using “that” and “with”. I was recently doing a shop critique for an Etsy jewelry shop and I was noticing how many more searches there are now using these type of phrases.

For example, this is just a sample of the 200+ searches I found on Etsy for necklaces, using “that” and “with“:

  • Necklace that hold ashes
  • Necklace that opens
  • Necklace that ties
  • Necklace that is a whip
  • Necklace that says baby girl
  • Necklace that spells the word honey
  • Necklace that glows
  • Necklace that can be engraved
  • Necklace with holders
  • Necklace with chain
  • Necklace with name
  • Necklace with charms
  • Necklace with mom
  • Necklace with initials
  • Necklace with stone

I found similar results on Amazon and Google. You can extend it even further and try:

  • Necklace with a …
  • Necklace that has ….

 And it works with any type of product from art to pillows to clothing to soap to iphone cases, so give it a try and discover new search phrases that may have a lot less competition.

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