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Hi Gail

I’m the owner and designer of a one-of-a-kind handbag and jewelry boutique. I think the three social media platforms I should be on are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is the one that’s stumping me. I don’t want to simply copy + paste across platforms but I’m not sure what additional content I could put on Facebook. I was thinking of making a FB community, because people who buy one-of-a-kind items value exclusivity and may want their own special place to connect. What do you think?


Hi Teneasha,

In terms of a Facebook community page, they are topical in nature so you could start one about a topic such as one-of-a-kind handbags and jewelry. While it is a great way to reach women who indicate a love for fashion in their Facebook profile (because Facebook links community pages from these fields) they are not typically maintained by one person. In fact, if your community page becomes too popular, Facebook then takes over the administration of it. However, if you were the original creator of a successful community page, this is something that gives you some industry credentials.

Now, just in terms of what to post on a community page or your business Facebook page in general, I agree, you should not just post the same content from one social media site to another. The key is to always think about what it is that your customers are interested in and what types of content does well on which sites.

For you, the next few weeks pose a great opportunity because it is New York Fashion Week, followed by all of the international fashion shows, so they will all be trending quite a bit on social media. Therefore, you could repost the best articles from each fashion week, specifically those that focus on handbags and jewelry. Quotes also do really well on Facebook, so post funny or silly quotes that have to do with fashion. Trivia is popular on Facebook, so you can post multiple choice questions about famous designers. Lists also do well, so your list of your 5 favorite style blogs or Instagram accounts. Celebrity articles tend to get liked and shared, so post photo exposés on the purses carried by a certain celebrity each week. Throwback Thursday always trends, therefore you could post images of purses and jewelry from another era.

Good luck!

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How To Use Facebook Custom Tabs to Promote Your Small Business

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

Are you taking advantage of the custom tabs on your business Facebook page? They are a great way to highlight certain aspects of your business, such as your online shop, your other social media sites, contests, sales, events and so much more.

How Companies Are Using Facebook’s Custom Tabs

Facebook custom tabs free

If you look at the custom tabs (those icons in the bottom right hand corner) you see that David’s Bridal has customized theirs to give a Welcome message, to promote their latest Lookbook, to encourage brides to share their photos as well as promote their other social media pages.


Facebook custom tabs app

Pottery Barn uses their custom tabs to promote What’s New, their design services, and one of their giveaways.


Facebook Custom Tabs

The company Foreign Exchange, keeps their custom tabs simple to match their branding (you can change the graphic of any tab), and includes a store locator as well as their Lookbook.

Other Uses for Facebook’s Custom Tabs:

  • Your online shop
  • Your blog
  • Free downloads
  • How to guides
  • Sales
  • Special offers
  • Gift guides

Basically, anything you can link to, you can make a custom tab for. Just use the Woobox Custom Tab app to alter or add tabs to your Facebook page.

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