Is There a National Day of Observance Right for Promoting Your Business?

by G.B. Oliver

Yesterday on Twitter, I saw that the hash tag “NationalHugYourCatDay” was trending and today I see the hash tag “NationalRunningDay” is trending. So what is the point of these special days of observance and how can your business take advantage?

National_Running_Day_2013-633x421You should know that marketers love holidays. Why wouldn’t we when it makes our jobs so much easier, as the majority of product sales occur at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and so forth.

There was a recent article in Fast Company Magazine that stated that the best way for a national day of observance to really take off as a marketer’s dream is they need to have:

  1. Original cultural authenticity (not a made up holiday)
  2. Rituals you can commercialize
  3. Culture that’s easy hyped
  4. Communal opportunities (occasions to get people together)
  5. Historical distance (happened awhile ago)

For that reason, they explained that Independence Day, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day have, obviously, all become a great marketing opportunities, whereas Groundhog Day, President’s Day and Cinco de Mayo are still in the infancy stage.

Now, if I was selling cat products, I have to say that I would have been all over that trending hash tag on Twitter yesterday, because I would imagine that every cat lover was clicking through those tweets, just as runners will be reading through today’s trending tweets.

So, here are some international days of observance that your business could benefit from, in terms of publicity:

  • Earth Day – April 22nd – for anyone selling green or eco-friendly products, this is a huge publicity opportunity as newspapers and blogs are looking for interesting editorial
  • International Literacy Day – September 8th – a great opportunity for independent book authors and publishers
  • Universal Children’s Day – November 20th – a good opportunity for businesses selling baby and kids products

Here are just a few of the more whimsical, national days of observance (pretty much every type of food has their own day):

  • National Send a Card to a Friend Day – February 7
  • National Fragrance Day – March 21
  • National Golfer’s Day – April 10
  • National Ice Cream Day – July 15
  • National Dog Day – August 26
  • National Grandparent’s Day – September 9

FINAL WORD: Small businesses need to take advantage of every free publicity opportunity available in order to get in front their target market. Maybe some of these days of observance can be an opportunity for yours.

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Consider These Story Ideas for Product Pitches

by G.B. Oliver

As you know, getting your products in editorial in magazines, blogs, your local newspaper, etc., is always a surefire way to get sales. But coming up with a story pitch for a writer is not that easy. So here are some ideas taken from today’s headlines that I thought might inspire you (and a few ideas at the end for the near future).


Story Pitches for Home Products

  • 5 Fresh Decorating Ideas to Bring Into Spring
  • Trend Alert: Mirrored Art
  • Spring Awakening: 51 Colorful iPhone Cases
  • Brighten Your Pad with Playful Decor
  • Welcome Spring with Floral Accessories Under $50
  • I Can’t Believe It’s From Etsy: Oil Paintings

Story Pitches for Baby & Kids Products

  • The Most Beautiful Baby Sleep Sacks
  • Cool Finds: Etsy Your St. Patty’s Day
  • 7 Oz-Inspired Picks for Kids
  • Hit the High Seas in Our Favorite Pirate Picks
  • 7 Animal Wallpaper Designs for Your Lil Wild One

Story Pitches for Fashion

  • 50 Swimsuits under $50
  • 7 Pinterest Boards Chic Moms Should Follow
  • Ditch Your Boots for These 17 Cute (and Cheap) Flats
  • 5 Striped Tops to Welcome Spring
  • What to Wear with Printed Jeans
  • Pretty Pastel Picks for Spring

Story Pitches for Wedding Products

  • 3 Great Ways to Save Cherished Wedding Memories
  • Vintage Navy Wedding Inspiration Board
  • 10 Tips for Toasting at a Wedding
  • Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration
  • Our Favorite Escort Card Ideas
  • Top 10: Wedding Envelope Inspiration

Story Pitches for Beauty Products

  • 10 Nail Trends to Try This Spring
  • How to Get Better Skin by the Morning
  • Fix Your Most Common Beauty Problems with These Products
  • Spring Make-up Colors to Chase the Blues Away
  • The Secrets of Wearing Dark Lipstick

Story Pitches for Pet Products

  • March Essentials for Your Furry Friends
  • What to Pack on a Road Trip with Your Pet
  • From Functional to Wacky: Products to Keep Kitty Happy
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Pet Love of Your Life

As you can see, Spring was a big editorial topic. So what topics do you think editors will be looking for now, in order to publish in a month or two:

  • Movie influences with releases such as Star Trek, Superman, World War Z
  • Television influences with Game of Thrones Season Premiere
  • Holiday influences with World Health Day (April 7), Earth Day (April 22), May Day (May 1), Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), National Teacher’s Day (May 7th) and Mother’s Day (May 12th)

Not sure WHO to pitch to? Try one of my blog lists, plus find other helpful marketing tools in my Etsy shop.

My New Blog Lists for Fashion, Wedding & Home Decor
My New Blog Lists for Fashion, Wedding & Home Decor and Kids & Baby Products

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