How Your Small Business Can Get Big Attention on Social Media, Like Oreo Does

by G.B. Oliver

There is a reason Oreo cookies has over 35 million followers on Facebook. They take advantage of what is trending on social media to get themselves seen by millions (a suggestion I have made many times on this blog).

For example, here are some of their best posts from the last two weeks, capitalizing on the Sochi Olympics trending big on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

oreo social media marketing

They are not blatantly promoting their product. They are using their product to comment on what is going on in pop culture in an entertaining way.

Now, obviously as a small business you can’t afford an in-house graphic artist to conceive a new idea for you every day. But every once in a while try posting a really creative graphic that ties your product or service in with something that is trending, and it may get you widely circulated on social media.

Upcoming Events That Will Be Trending on Social Media:

  • Paris Fashion Week (February 25)
  • Academy Awards (March 2)
  • Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday (March 4)
  • International Women’s Day (March 8)
  • March Madness (March 18)
  • First day of Spring (March 21)
  • Passover (April 14)
  • Easter (April 20)
  • Earth Day (April 22)

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What to Post on Facebook to Get Likes

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

When it comes to Facebook, one thing I always encourage my small business clients to do is not just post their products, but post content that their customers and potential customers are interested in so they will “like” or share it (which means you then get seen by your followers’ followers). Here are some good examples of content that gets attention:

Post Seasonal ContentCreative small business marketing ideas

Take advantage of every holiday and event because this content is always popular on social media, especially for likes and shares. The Gretest is an amazing textile shop on Etsy, and she makes a variety of products including throw pillows. I love this graphic she posted on her Facebook page simply to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Plus, she can reuse to wish a Happy Spring, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Fourth of July, etc.

Post Content Relevant to What You Sell

Facebook marketing ideas

Queen of De Tile is a shop selling beautiful ceramic tile drink coasters. So I recommended that she post a new drink recipe daily (alcoholic, non-alcoholic, coffee-related, etc.) to her Facebook page because recipes always do well on social media, and it relates back nicely to what she sells.

Post Mood Boards That Include Your Products

Facebook marketing ideas for small business

Mood or inspiration boards are essentially pictorials that can showcase your products, without looking it looking like that is what you are doing, and they get a lot of likes and shares. Maslinda Designs is an Etsy shop selling fashion accessories, and she posted this fashion inspiration board incorporating one of her bags. If you make the boards timely, is a great way to capitalize on trending topics. For example, “My Coachella Outfit” “What to Wear to Watch Fourth of July Fireworks”, “Great Holiday Gift Ideas for a Dog Lover”, etc. (Make sure your shop url is on it!).

Need More Social Media Help?

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