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Hi Gail,

My wind chimes have been chosen to be on a TV show called, Blog Cabin on the DIY Network. The episode is yet to air, but they have put a video up and links to my Etsy shop. I would like some advice on how to use this exposure to market my bells both on Etsy, social media and in my wholesale business. What would you do if you had the exposure?

Thank you,

Bruce at Earthwind Stoneware

Hi Bruce,

I always tell my clients that publicity may not transpire into the results they want right away, but it does offer a lot of opportunity for your business over time. Here is what I would do with your appearance on Blog Cabin:

  1. Include the links to the video clips in your email signature with a call to action line such as, “Recently featured on the DIY Network’s Blog Cabin, see the video here”.  An email signature program such as WiseStamp will allow you to do this.
  2. Add the video links to your Etsy shop’s About page, along with the same line “Recently featured on the DIY Network’s Blog Cabin” to create credibility.
  3. All of the social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – allow you to post videos, so post the video to each site letting your followers know, “We are honored to have our wind chimes featured in this week’s episode of the DIY Network’s Blog Cabin” and be sure to tag #DIYNetwork #BlogCabin @DIYNetwork on all posts. They will likely share/retweet with their followers.
  4. Go to the DIY Network’s Facebook page and post a message and/or comment on the post in which that episode is featured and thank them for including you.
  5. Do the same on their Instagram and Pinterest pages, adding a comment, sharing and liking if they post the video.
  6. When you post/tweet the video to social media, also include the @Etsy tag in hopes that their social media people take note of your appearance on the show and feel it is worth sharing on their social media sites.
  7. Add any publicity you get to the back of your business card. This helps when handing it out to local shops for wholesale orders.
  8. Approach a business writer at your local newspaper to see if you can turn this publicity into more publicity i.e. “Local business owner’s products to be featured on national television show”. Local press coverage will help to create interest among local shops for wholesale offers.
  9. Ask the DIY Network if they have a “badge” or logo you can use on your site and in your marketing materials that says, “As seen on the DIY Network”. 

Best of luck!  Gail

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5 Easy Ways to Get Free Publicity as 2013 Closes Out

by G.B. Oliver

Do you have a blog? Have you ever thought about submitting it to various publications who run “Best Blogs of 2013″ lists? Why not?

In December, magazines, newspapers and blogs always inundate us with stories about the Best of Year, whether it is movies, songs, books, etc. However, this presents a good opportunity for you to get some free publicity for your small business.


1. Submit Your Business for Publicity

Start with your business. If you are a shop, promote yourself to writers and editors to be considered for a list of 10 Best New Online Shops for 2013. Or get really specific, 10 Best New Independent Fashion Shops for 2013. Think of the types of blogs that would run a story like this (Racked is a good one), or even Google a similar title to see who did a story like this last year.

2. Submit Trends for Publicity

Were your products part of a trend this year? Well use that to pitch a story to writers looking for a year-end wrap-up story, such as 2013’s Top Home Decor Trends – Foxes, and pitch it to a blog like Houzz or Apartment Therapy. Or maybe you are part of a trend that will be big in 2014. They are looking for that too.

3. Submit Your Blog for Publicity

Does your business have a blog? Then promote it to all those blogs making up their Best Blogs of 2013 lists. Maybe yours was one of the 10 Best New Blogs for Women for 2013. Think niche for the title to better your chances of inclusion. It doesn’t just have to be your blog, it can be one of your posts. PhotoShelter ran an articles last year called, Best Photography Blog Posts of 2013 and included 10 posts in 5 different categories.

4. Submit Your Marketing for Publicity

Did you do some really creative this year to market your business? Maybe something unique on social media? I have seen articles about Best Tweets of the Week so why not 2013’s Best Vine Videos by Small Businesses or Most Creative Facebook Marketing Campaigns. Sites like Mashable and Social Media Today would be interested in stories like these.

5. Submit for Local Publicity

Never forget your local market. Contact a writer or editor at your local newspaper and pitch a story about Best New Local Online Shops for 2013 or Local Businesses To Watch For in 2014.

Not only is this free publicity for you, plus you can now use the moniker in your marketing, “Chosen one of the 10 Best New Online Shops for 2013 by XYZ Magazine”.

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