My Latest Surefire Tip for Getting Publicity for Your Business

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Do you ever get frustrated trying to get publicity for your business with the media outlets specific to your industry? For example, fashion magazines are besieged with requests from vendors to use their products in editorial, so how good are your odds? But you do have other choices. Have you ever thought about stepping away from your industry’s mainstay magazines and blogs, and try a different approach?

How to get publicity

Let’s say I owned a restaurant, I would typically be trying to get a review or included in articles from local magazines, lifestyle and travel blogs, and as such would be competing with many others for the same editorial. However, consider a story pitch that would work with a different type of publication and have the same effect.

For example, I was recently planning a trip to Boston and I searched on Google for “Top restaurants in Boston”. One of the articles that came up was from the business blog, Business Insider, entitled “The 10 Best Restaurants For A Business Lunch In Boston“. Do you see where I am going here? Would you normally expect to see restaurant suggestions in a business publication? But this article makes sense for this particular type of publication.

Maybe you have a pet products business. You are likely always targeting the pet-related media. However, earlier this year the men’s fashion magazine GQ ran an article called, “The Ultimate Dog Accessories for a Gentleman’s Best Friend“. Would you have thought to pitch to them?

If you own a resort or tourist-related business, I imagine you are always trying to get featured with the travel media. However, Time Magazine ran an article last summer entitled, “7 Great American Vacation Spots That Won’t Bust Your Budget” as part of their money feature, and it listed and linked to several hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions.

What if you sell beauty products and you have had no luck with the beauty editors at the popular beauty blogs. But did you know that Shape Magazine, which typically focuses on fitness-related editorial for women, also has regular beauty editorial, even an annual beauty awards?

I hope this gets you thinking about how you can increase your chances of getting publicity for your business by targeting non-industry media with a story relevant to their editorial.

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Creative Ideas to Promote Your Small Business During the Sochi Winter Olympics

by G.B. Oliver

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are soon upon us (16 days to go) and they are going to be trending huge on social media and in the press for the next several weeks. So, how can your small business take advantage? Come up with a cool promotional idea that you can use to get press and capitalize on those trending hash tags.

Sochi Winter Olympics Promotional and Marketing Ideas

Some Olympic Promotional Ideas to Try 

  • Give 20% off everything red, white or blue for all 17 days (if you are a US shop)
  • Send out congratulatory tweets when your country wins a medal (use your hash tags #olympics #sochi2014)
  • Dress up your business mascot in patriotic colors
  • Give a daily critique on Olympic fashion (if you sell jewelry or accessories) on social media
  • Have a flash two-hour sale of 40% off every time your country wins a gold medal
  • Whether you design art, t-shirts, pillows, baby onesies, etc., add one that says, “Go USA”, “Allez la France”, “Forza Italia!” or whatever the case may be
  • If you have a retail space, set up a large screen TV with live coverage. It might keep people in your shop longer.

More Tips

Then approach your local newspaper and ask if they are doing any editorial on Cool Promotional Ideas Local Business are Doing for the Olympics and see if they will give you a shout out.

You may also want to “like” the NBC Olympics Facebook page where they will be streaming Olympic coverage, so you can comment on their posts and get seen by, and converse with, a lot of people!

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Get Your Products Into These Online Holiday Gift Guides

by G.B. Oliver

Remember back in July when I told you, Why You Should Start Pitching to Holiday Gift Guides Now? Well, the holiday buying season is upon us and pretty much every online newspaper, magazine and blog will have a gift guide. These are great opportunities for free publicity, so here are 5 holiday gift guides you should be approaching NOW.

Gift Guide from Design Sponge
Gift Guide from Design Sponge

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