9 Publicity Ideas for Your Small Business in December

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Right now is a good time to pitch a story to your local business reporter in hopes of getting some press for your company in December.

December is all about winter, the holidays, and end of year wrap ups, so here are some headlines you could pitch or maybe one of these will inspire one of your own:

  1. How This Local Business is Pulling Out all the Stops for the Holiday Shopping Season
  2. Local Company to Host Food and Toy Drive
  3. Was Black Friday a Boom or Bust for These Small Businesses
  4. Why You Should Shop These Local Businesses This Christmas Season
  5. How a Bad Winter Could Impact These Local Businesses
  6. Challenges and Wins in 2015 for Local Companies
  7. Our Favorite Local Small Businesses of 2015
  8. What These Local Companies Plan to Do Differently in 2016
  9. Advice for Starting a Business in 2016, from 5 Local Small Business Owners

As I have always said, you have to give a reporter a compelling and timely story headline (and then show how your company would fit in the story) as this makes it easier for them to see the value in the pitch. Good luck and let me know if you have success.

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My Latest Surefire Tip for Getting Publicity for Your Business

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Do you ever get frustrated trying to get publicity for your business with the media outlets specific to your industry? For example, fashion magazines are besieged with requests from vendors to use their products in editorial, so how good are your odds? But you do have other choices. Have you ever thought about stepping away from your industry’s mainstay magazines and blogs, and try a different approach?

How to get publicity

Let’s say I owned a restaurant, I would typically be trying to get a review or included in articles from local magazines, lifestyle and travel blogs, and as such would be competing with many others for the same editorial. However, consider a story pitch that would work with a different type of publication and have the same effect.

For example, I was recently planning a trip to Boston and I searched on Google for “Top restaurants in Boston”. One of the articles that came up was from the business blog, Business Insider, entitled “The 10 Best Restaurants For A Business Lunch In Boston“. Do you see where I am going here? Would you normally expect to see restaurant suggestions in a business publication? But this article makes sense for this particular type of publication.

Maybe you have a pet products business. You are likely always targeting the pet-related media. However, earlier this year the men’s fashion magazine GQ ran an article called, “The Ultimate Dog Accessories for a Gentleman’s Best Friend“. Would you have thought to pitch to them?

If you own a resort or tourist-related business, I imagine you are always trying to get featured with the travel media. However, Time Magazine ran an article last summer entitled, “7 Great American Vacation Spots That Won’t Bust Your Budget” as part of their money feature, and it listed and linked to several hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions.

What if you sell beauty products and you have had no luck with the beauty editors at the popular beauty blogs. But did you know that Shape Magazine, which typically focuses on fitness-related editorial for women, also has regular beauty editorial, even an annual beauty awards?

I hope this gets you thinking about how you can increase your chances of getting publicity for your business by targeting non-industry media with a story relevant to their editorial.

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How to Get Publicity for Your Business by Pitching an Attention Getting Headline

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

When you are trying to get publicity for your business, I have always said you have to pitch a story, not a product. Essentially, you want to give a potential headline to a writer or editor, and the more grabby (and timely) the better.

How to get publicity

The print and online world is inundated with content, so attention-getting headlines have to stand out among the noise. Why make the writer come up with one on their own, when you can do part of the work for them. How do you get that headline? Try looking at current ones.

Getting Publicity for Your Products or Services

Maybe you want to get press for one of your products. Certain publications do product reviews or will write about a product that is innovative or cutting edge (i.e. Apple) but if you really want to get your product mentioned as part of an editorial, you need to give a story idea and then mention how your product would fit the story. Below are real headlines from popular blogs that might inspire you:

  • The Jackets You’ll Want To Wear All Spring (Refinery29)
  • 18 Dream Items to Punch Up a Master-Bath Wish List (Houzz)
  • 15 Easter Kids Outfits That Get the Celebration Started (Popsugar Moms)

Getting Publicity for Your Business

If you do have an innovative product, service or invention, or your business has enjoyed some recent success or accomplishment, that can be newsworthy to a writer, if you give the right headline, like these:

  • Forget Apple Pay. A Michigan startup says what you truly need is a Buetooth-enabled supercard (Mashable)
  • How This Entrepreneur Reworked His Business Idea in the Face of Financial Armageddon (Entrepreneur)
  • This Couple Ditched Their Tech Jobs to Pursue Their Passion for Beer (Business Insider)

Getting Publicity for the Unusual

If you have read any of my Ebooks, you know that I have always said the “quirky” or “unusual” will always get press. Here are some ideas for these types of stories:

  • 13 of the Most WTF Maternity Tops Ever Made (Buzzfeed)
  • 25 Books to Get You Through a Quarter Life Crisis (Bustle)
  • The 20 Most Amazing Things Only Rich Jerks Can Afford (Cracked)

Getting Publicity for Newsworthy Events

You also want to pitch headlines that are timely, based on upcoming events, current pop culture or trending topics.

  • The 3 Best Drugstore Sunscreens for Spring Break (College Fashion)
  • 50 Shades of Grey Activewear for the Gym (Shape)
  • The Best Way to Celebrate National Cherry Month (LONNY)

Good luck pitching your business. If you need help, I do offer a publicity service, just get in touch at attentiongetting@gmail.com … Gail 

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Opportunity to Get Free Publicity for Your Small Business in the NY Times

by G.B. Oliver

I found a great opportunity for free publicity that I wanted to share with my readers.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 9.59.15 AM

The New York Times Small Business has a section called The Small Picture, where they ask small businesses to send them a photograph that “captures the soul of your small business” (their words, not mine).

You can submit it at the link I gave you above, along with a 200 word paragraph that identifies anyone or anything in the photo that requires identification and explains what the photo says about your business.

Publicity in NY Times Small Business

DO NOT send them a product shot or marketing shot, that is not what they are looking for. If you look at the photo above, it is obvious that the inspiration for this business is to pass it along to the next generation.

If they choose your photograph, they will include it in a special archive and may also post it on their Facebook page (4.8 million followers) and highlight it in their weekly column, You’re the Boss.

A few of my blog posts have appeared on You’re the Boss and I can tell you, it does bring a lot of traffic to your site. Plus, you can now say to your customers, “As seen in New York Times Small Business“, giving you instant credibility.

So, what kind of photos should you submit? Again, they are looking for the “soul” of your business, what inspires you, what motivates you, what challenges you face, what makes you keep doing what you do despite the up and downs of running a small business. The more creative you can get and the more of a back story you can give, the better your chance. Good luck!

Get a Detailed Marketing Plan for Your Small Business!

I offer a variety of very affordable marketing services that will take your online business to the next level. Just email me at attentiongetting@gmail.com to discuss. 

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Story Ideas for Pitching Your Products to the Media

by G.B. Oliver

I constantly have customers asking how to pitch their products to the media. As I have stated many times, you have to pitch a story, not a product. Writers are looking for stories, so you have to give them one or at least put an idea in their head.

Pitching Your Products to Blogs

Here are some recent story ideas that might help you see the types of editorial writers are looking for, and whether  you can tailor the pitch to something you sell.

Keep in mind, if you are pitching to blogs they are currently working on articles for August, but magazines in print are working on November/December issues, so story ideas should be relevant to the time of year the piece will come out.

Recent Blog Headlines for Jewelry/Fashion:

  • Summer Tops Under $50
  • Trend Alert: Turquoise Jewelry
  • Lightweight Bags for Summer
  • Cake Jewelry: The Best Adorable Deliciousness Etsy Has to Offer

Recent Blog Headlines for Kids/Babies:

  • Diaper Bag Essentials for Moms on the Move
  • Picks for a Healthy Baby Nursery
  • Kids Party Idea: Yellow Sunshine
  • Fourth of July Style for Kids

Recent Blog Headlines for Vintage:

  • Creating an Herb Garden Using Vintage Tins
  • Vintage Posters That Make You Want to Travel
  • Tips for Buying Vintage Jewelry
  • Using Vintage Finds in Your Wedding

Recent Blog Headlines for Home Decor:

  • Buying Wall Art: The Best Typography Prints for Your Home
  • 10 Ways to Love Neon in Your Home
  • Decorating Solution for the Stylish Renter
  • These Adorable Art Prints are Sealed with a Kiss

Recent Blog Headlines for Weddings:

  • 10 Jaw Dropping Wedding Gowns Under $500
  • Add a Bit of British to Your Big Day
  • Wedding Inspiration and Ideas from Romantic Movies
  • Terrific Travel Theme Wedding Ideas

Recent Blog Headlines for Pets:

  • How to Include a Pet at a Wedding
  • July Must-Haves for Your Pet
  • The Best Low-Fat, Organic Treats for Your Dog
  • Sweet Cat Collars from Etsy

Recent Blog Headlines for Beauty:

  • 10 Products That Will Cool You Down from Head to Toe
  • Suite Up for Comic-Con with Cartoon Inspired Nail Art
  • Makeup Tools that Won’t Break the Bank
  • 10 Nail Polish Colors That Will Remind You of Sand and Sea

FINAL WORD: Grab inspiration for story pitches from current blog headlines. The more interesting the headline, the better chance you’ll have that they will go for it.

Need Help Pitching Your Products to the Media?

GB OliverI can write story pitches for you as well as recommend the most popular media to get in front of your target market. Just fill in the form below for more information, email me at attentiongetting@gmail.com to discuss or see my Marketing Services page. Or check out my Ebook Shop for great Small Business Marketing Ideas.

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How to Use Local Press To Get Quick Sales

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

Do you know that your local newspaper reporter, the one who covers fashion, jewelry, home decor, weddings, food (not to mention the small business reporter) whatever it is that you sell, is desperate for a story right now?

This was actually one of the best pieces of advice I received at the start of my marketing career. Reporters are always looking for stories so give them one and you’ll be their best friend.


Do not discount the power of local media. Local media loves to support local businesses, and local customers love to buy from local businesses. Plus, publicity costs you nothing and could mean wide exposure, which typically results in sales. You can also use local publicity and turn it into national publicity.

How to Approach a Local Reporter

Email is probably the best way to approach a reporter with a story pitch. You can find their names and emails online at the newspaper’s website. You can also email the editor of the section, i.e. Food Editor, and they will assign it to a reporter.

If they have their editorial calendar online, even better, because they you can see upcoming articles and pitch accordingly.

Now if you live in a small town, you can approach your local town paper as well as the newspaper of the nearest largest city.

Story Ideas to Pitch

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about How to Pitch to Editors, so you may want to check it out as a fresher, but here are some story ideas, just so you understand what to pitch:

  • Local Woman Finds Success with her Gluten-free Desserts Business
  • Valentine’s Gift Ideas from Local Shops
  • Local Artisans Finding Success on Etsy

Remember, the more specific the story pitch, the better. Don’t just give them a general, “If you are writing a story about Pet Products…” that won’t work. You want something more like, “If you are writing a story about How Fashionable Dog Accessories has become a billion dollar market…”

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