3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Publicity

 By G.B. Oliver

I recently secured a feature article for one of my clients, a children’s book author, in a popular Canadian magazine called, Our Canada (a Reader’s Digest publication). Hopefully the feature transpires into sales, but there are so many other opportunities for the author to take this press and leverage it to further help the sales of her book; tactics you can use when you get publicity for your business.


1. Use Your Publicity to Get Your Products into Stores

The author had been trying to get her book into more book stores. This article poses a huge opportunity to do that. If you take your press into any store and say, “I just had a national magazine write about my product, I think you may want to carry it” (say it much nicer than that, but you get the idea) what store would say no? Press creates demand.

Our Canada Feature

2. Use Your Publicity to Get Credibility

You can leverage any media exposure to gain credibility and trust with new customers who may not know of you. For example, “As featured in this month’s issue of …”. It essentially tells customers you are a player.

3. Use Your Publicity to Get More Publicity

Once you get that first press, use it to turn it into more press. For example, go to your local newspaper with a story pitch where your business success is the story, “My business was just featured in a national magazine, so I thought maybe your readers would be interested in hearing about how my small company has really taken off in the last few months…”. As I’ve always said, local press loves writing about local success stories.

Be Patient! Publicity Can Take Time

Now, I should note, I pitched this story to Our Canada magazine last March and it is just appearing now. That is how long it can take, so be patient. The reason it took so long is because they had to fit it into their editorial calendar, which is planned in advance. Blogs and newspapers move a little faster, but magazines can take a long time.

My Publicity Pitch Service

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