6 Killer Marketing Ideas for Your Lularoe Business

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Lularoe is a direct sales clothing brand that has become a billion dollar business in just 5 years, selling their vibrant fashions through home based consultants, as well as finding success with Facebook pop up stores. Direct sales businesses can be lucrative, but it can take time. So here are 6 killer ideas to help you promote your Lularoe business, from my new ebook, Direct Sales Clothing Marketing Ideas

6 Killer Ideas for Your Lularoe Business

  1. Since one of Lularoe’s most popular products is their leggings, attend free yoga classes in the park (or other free exercise classes in your town) wearing a pair of Lularoe leggings, along with a gym bag full of the leggings for on-the-spot sales.
  2. Have your yoga mat printed with, “Like My Leggings? They’re Lularoe”. Any print shop can do this for you onto a plain yoga mat. Free advertising!
  3. Suggest to your Lularoe consultants that they hold a home party to coincide with a TV show viewing party, like the finale of the Bachelor or during the half time at a Super Bowl party.
  4. Create paper door hangers to hang on neighbour’s doors (or hit up an apartment building) inviting people to your next Lularoe Facebook pop up shop. There are many shops that do custom door hangers on Etsy.
  5. Repackage older items, out of season items or stock that didn’t sell into value bundles for sale or “grab bags”.
  6. Post a countdown graphic daily on your social media sites, leading up to your next Lularoe Facebook Pop-up Store to create momentum.

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