Holiday Product Ideas for Your Online Shop

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Are you ready to be inspired? My post today is definitely going to get you thinking! Christmas is the biggest buying season of the year, and, as an online shop, it provides you with new selling opportunities, particularly for holiday and Christmas-related products. Here are some ideas to consider:


Christmas Decor Products

Think about all the places people want to decorate for Christmas. Beyond the obvious such as the holiday table, the mantle, the door, the tree and the exterior of the home, also realize that kids want to decorate their bedrooms, teens want to decorate their lockers, college students want holiday décor for their dorm rooms, and a lot of people want Christmas in every room of the house from the kitchen to the bathroom. Another hot trend is office cubicle decorating parties to bring a little festive fun to the workplace.

Holiday Card Photos

People are planning now for their holiday card photo, so they are looking for coordinating hats and outfits and they want a cool card design. Even if they don’t have a formal photo planned, just think of how people will be documenting every little aspect of Christmas day on Instagram. Holiday-related photography props could be huge!

Christmas Flavors & Scents

I think (and hope) the Pumpkin Spice Latte trend will start to fall off after this year because it is getting a little old, but Christmas does offer you opportunities to add flavors and scents to your products if applicable – gingerbread, candy cane, sugar cookie, christmas cookie, peppermint, eggnog, fruitcake, mulled wine, cranberry, nutmeg, eucalyptus, white spruce and apple cider are all the hot ones, but try combining two or more to really be unique. Peppermint Cranberry Eggnog anyone?

Christmas Fashion

Now, there is tasteful Christmas fashion, such as outfits needed for the holiday photo or something stylish to wear to the office party, and there is also the more whimsical Christmas fashion where everyone in the family wants to be draped in something with a Christmas theme (for those photos mentioned above). From ugly Christmas sweaters for your dog to “My First Christmas” baby bibs to light up Christmas tree earrings to family Christmas onesies – stretch your imagination to see if you can come up with the next hot fashion item for the holidays that is sure to attract press and attention on social media.

Christmas Movies and Songs

Quotes from classic movies and Christmas carols will once again find themselves emblazed across everything from napkins to t-shirts to mugs to phone cases. Which of your products could feature a memorable Christmas phrase?

Christmas Nostalgia

If you sell vintage, you still have plenty of opportunities at the holidays because people love reminders of their childhood Christmas. So dig up or even reinvent as many popular holiday items from Christmas past including vintage Christmas ornaments, art, cards, dinnerware, elves and toys.

Christmas Weddings

Wedding shops, these will be busy months for you as well as brides who are having a Christmas wedding will be shopping in October and November for Christmas place cards, Christmas cake toppers, Christmas pew bows and Christmas wedding programs.

Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Celebrations

Obviously not everyone celebrates Christmas and there are millions of people celebrating Hanukkah (December 24 to January 1) and Kwanzaa (December 26 to January 1st), so you may want to consider adding unique items reflecting these celebrations to your shop as well.

If you need creative ideas on how to market your shop for holiday buyers, etsy october marketing planincluding new products to add, try my 30-Minute Phone Consultation and I’ll come up with a ton of ideas! Be sure to also get my October Marketing Plan, which includes a Holiday Shop Checklist!

My Marketing Tips for the Week of March 1st – Zootopia Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Happy first day of March! Here is my marketing to do list for the week for your online shop.



Upcoming PR Opportunities

You should be sending out publicity pitches to blogs and other online media this week for Easter and Passover editorial (décor, entertaining), Earth Day editorial (if you have eco-friendly products) and Mother’s Day gift guides. Remember, don’t submit products that are too cheap for the Mother’s Day gift guides as the average amount people spend is $162. For print editorial, magazines are working on their July issues so products pertaining to summer fashion, decorating, travel, outdoor living, and so forth, plus any patriotic theme products for Fourth of July articles (just so you know, I cover how and what to pitch to the media in much more detail in my ebooks).

Hot Trends

The color tangerine was so hot at the Oscars that I covered it yesterday at, so expect the color to be a big trend this spring and summer. If you are in the baby and kids market, the movie Zootopia is coming out this week and it will make bunnies and foxes the hot animals in kids wear and décor. In home decor, tropical themes are big, including palm trees, pineapples and monkeys.

Free Trial

I’m offering free advertising trials on my shopping blog, as I am still in the launch phase. If you are interested, contact me. Preference is being given to my current customers as well as shops that have superior photography and range of products.

New App To Determine Etsy Tags & Photos

If you are an Etsy shop, one of my customers has developed a new app that runs automated tests to determine your optimal tags and photos (in terms of customers’ response). They are working with a limited number of sellers for free during their beta stage. To sign up, visit

Followers on Social Media

Do you regularly go through your followers’ list on all of your social media sites and follow back? You should, otherwise they might stop following you and you need followers to share your content. Plus, if they are a potential customer it looks like you care. Now, don’t follow back anyone who is an objectionable site, but I personally follow back anyone who follows me so be sure to follow me using the icons at the top of the page (unless you’re a porn site, sorry).

Trending This Week

Just so you understand why I post these trending days each week, it is because they are always an opportunity to get seen by a larger audience. For example, one time I tweeted out how much I liked the cover of Martha Stewart’s latest magazine and she retweeted my tweet. Another time I complimented a product from Pottery Barn and they not only shared the post but started following me. So, for National Cereal Day, it can’t hurt to post/tweet your favorite cereal, tag the brand and see what happens. People love to share compliments!

  • March 1 – #NationalPeanutButterLoversDay, #NationalPigDay
  • March 2 – #NationalReadAcrossAmerica, Paris Fashion Week
  • March 3 – #ThursdayFunday
  • March 4 – Movie Zootopia opens
  • March 5 – #satchat
  • March 6 – #NationalOreoCookieDay
  • March 7 – #NationalCerealDay
  • March 8 – #NationalPancakeDay
  • March 9 – Total Solar Eclipse

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My Marketing Tips for Your Online Shop for the Week of December 14th – Star Wars Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

The new Star Wars movie will dominate the news, social media and pop culture in general this week, so be ready with any products you have in this realm, but also be really active on social media by tweeting quotes from the movie, posting favorite scenes, even commenting on the film’s Facebook page postings. The movie premieres December 18th, but the hype will be starting today. Watch for the hashtag, #TheForceAwakens.

7 Ways to Promote Your Shop This Week:

  1. Email out seasons greetings to all of your customers with a free 2016 calendar printable that has your shop branding on it.
  2. Start prepping for Valentines with special offers, gift bundles, gifts for men, gifts for BFFs, even your own gift guide Pinterest board.
  3. Try something more creative with your Facebook and Twitter banners to really get attention for your shop. See the winter theme Twitter banner that I did for my new site,
  4. At least 5 business cards should go in every package you mail out, and make sure your shop name, logo and url is stamped on every box and is part of your return address label. Remember all the people who handle the package see your shop name.
  5. Think of the trends happening in your space and then approach a local newspaper reporter about adding your input to a new year’s article (let’s say you sell pet products) such as, “10 Hot Trends in Pet Products for 2016”.
  6. Here is a little trick that sometimes works. Put a big “sold out” banner across one of your items. Let people know that they can go on an email list to be alerted when the item is back in stock. Put the item back in stock a week later, but tell your email list that there are only 50 available. See how quickly the item gets snatched up (plus you just got people on an email list).
  7. There will be other events that will be trending this week: National #ChocolateCoveredEverythingDay (Dec 16), National #HardCandyDay (Dec 19), #FirstDayofWinter (Dec 22) and #Capricorn (Dec 23).

Finally, have you checked out my new site, yet? Be sure to follow OnlineShopLove on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to see amazing products every day!

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My Marketing Tips for Your Online Shop for the Week of November 30th – CyberMonday Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I have been a little swamped launching a new venture called that I did not have time to put together my December Marketing calendar. So, luckily for my readers, I will be giving you the tasks here, for free, each week this month.

Therefore, if you are looking to drive traffic and sales to your online shop, here are a few things to try this week.

Marketing To Do List for December 1 to 7

  1. Thank all customers who bought from you on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday by emailing them a coupon for use in January.
  2. Pantone introduces their color of the year on Wednesday and it always trends big on social media. Be ready on social media with any products you offer that match the color they announce.
  3. Send out pitches to print media now for Easter editorial (for fashion, decorating, entertaining, etc.)
  4. Follow all new customers on their social media sites and add them to your email list.
  5. Run a one-day $25 Facebook ad for gift ideas based on products in your shop.
  6. Respond to any relevant Help a Reporter Out (HARO) media requests.
  7. Submit an entry in Instagram’s Weekend HashTag Project and comment on all entries.
  8. Kindly ask friends and family to post a favorite product from your shop to their social media pages.
  9. Trending hash tags to capitalize on this week: #NationalPieDay (Dec 1), #GivingTuesday (Dec 1), #NationalCookieDay (Dec 4), #SantasListDay (Dec 4), #Hanukkah (Dec 6), #MondayMotivation, #ThursdayThoughts, #FridayFeeling, #gifts, #gift, #giftideas.

Need more marketing ideas, advice and inspiration? Then be sure to check out my ebook shop on Gumroad. Come back on Monday for next week’s marketing to do list.


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3 Marketing Ideas to Try on Pinterest

by G.B. Oliver

Pinterest is great for driving traffic to your online shop, and traffic has never been higher, especially this time of year with people searching for holiday recipes, gift ideas and decorating ideas.

So take advantage and brush up on your Photoshop skills to create pins that can essentially act as free ads for your business. Here are three ideas:

1. Create a Pin Describing Who Needs Your Product


One Kings Lane is great at creating “pinnable” images. This one is promoting why you should consider buying a bow tie for the men on your list (you will have to make this pin horizontal and put the text on the bottom in order to work on Pinterest). You can use other text with the image, like a quote or a customer review. Continue reading “3 Marketing Ideas to Try on Pinterest”