My Marketing Tips for Week of April 5th – Masters Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Happy National Deep Dish Pizza Day! There really is a national day for everything, isn’t there? Here are some other marketing tips you may find helpful for your online shop.

marketing tips

Product Photos

Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 6.22.06 PMOne tip I always give in my Marketing Ebooks is that when shooting your products be sure to show their purpose. In other words, don’t just show a bowl, show a bowl full of something so that potential customers immediately get a purpose for the bowl. Don’t just show a bracelet, show the bracelet on a model or with other bracelets of yours (to upsell more) or with outfit ideas, and so forth. Customers are more likely to look at photos than read the copy, so use your photos to put these “reasons to buy” in their head.

Drunk Online Shopping

Have you heard about “Sip and Click? A new report from Lyst (an e-commerce site) shows a huge spike in women’s online shopping habits late on Friday evenings resulting in 48 percent more orders Saturday at 2 a.m. when compared to Monday night sales. It seems that after 1 a.m., the dollar value of the order goes up 40 percent compared to that same time on a Monday night. The feeling is this spike is due to women going online after having a few drinks and, as such, have more “relaxed” shopping habits. Now, I am not saying to take advantage of these women, but it is good to know that late into Friday evenings a lot of women (not all drunk) are online shopping so you may want to tailor your social media postings for these times.

Social Media Demographics

Who are you trying to reach on social media? According to a new report from Social Media Today, if you want to reach the 18 to 24 age group, SnapChat should be your number one social site as it completely dominates this segment. 25 to 34-year olds rank Instagram as #1, ages 35 to 44 favor Pinterest, for 45 to 54 it is LinkedIN, and for 55+ it is Facebook.

Sales Conversion Rates

While time spent on mobile continues to exceed time spent on desktop (67% vs 21%) according to the Social Media Today report above, a new report from Monetate shows that sales conversion of people shopping online via desktop is 3 times what it is on mobile. In the last quarter of 2015, online shopping from a desktop had a conversion rate of 4.43% while online shopping from a mobile phone had a sales conversion rate of just 1.53%. So do not eliminate all of your desktop advertising just yet.

Trending This Week

  • April 5 – #NationalDeepDishPizzaDay, #TuesdayTreatScreen shot 2016-04-04 at 7.26.38 PM
  • April 6 – #WednesdayWant
  • April 7 – #MastersWeek
  • April 8 – #NationalBeerDay
  • April 9 – #Caturday, #SaturdaySwag
  • April 10 – #NationalSiblingsDay
  • April 11 – #NationalPetDay

BONUS TIP: Be sure to update your email signature with any monthly promotions or Mother’s Day offers if you haven’t already.

New Service!

My Quick Fix is perfect for those of you on a tight budget. With my Quick Fix ($19), I will examine your online shop and identify 3 things you need to do/change/fix to drive more traffic and get more sales. If you would like a more extensive evaluation with detailed, step by step recommendations, then check out my Online Shop Critique ($129).

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My Marketing Tips for the Week of March 29th – Opening Day Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Can you believe March wraps up this week? But the good news is that there are so many great buying opportunities coming up for your e-commerce store. Here are this week’s tips.


Your Shop’s Blog

If your e-commerce site has a blog, do not simply make the blog a category heading. Instead, bring your blog articles to the forefront with a hyperlinked graphic right on your shop’s home page. Both Nordstrom (their blog is called The Thread, below) and West Elm promote their blog posts on their home page to increase traffic and keep customers on the site longer.

nordstrom blog

Social Media Followers

When was the last time you went through your social media followers lists and followed back? There could be some potential customers in there so do not ignore them. If you follow back, it allows you to interact with them by liking and commenting on their posts when they come up in your feed.

Shop Banners

Spring is definitely here so it is time to change your shop, Facebook and Twitter banners to promote popular upcoming sales opportunities such as Mother’s day, prom, grad gifts, gardening, outdoor and Spring products, as Uncommon Goods has done below.

uncommon goods banner

Instagram Tip

Not sure how to maximize the trending hashtags I give below to drive traffic to your shop? #Breakfast is a very popular hashtag on Instagram, and the shop Indigo uses it to showcase their housewares collection.

Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 12.01.53 PM

Trending This Week

  • March 29 – #NationalMomandPopBusinessOwnersDay, #NationalLemonChiffonCakeDay
  • March 30 – #WednesdayInspiration
  • March 31 – #NationalPromDay
  • April 1 – #AprilFoolsDay
  • April 2 – #FinalFour, #NationalPeanutButterandJellyDay
  • April 3 – #NationalFindaRainbowDay, #OpeningDay (baseball)
  • April 4  – #MondayMadness

My Services

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My Marketing Tips for Your Online Shop for the Week of January 19th – Spring Publicity Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

January is in full swing, so what opportunities are there for driving traffic to your online shop this week?

PR Opportunities

You need to always be pitching story ideas to the media, and since blogs work about one to two months in advance, some editorial topics they may be working on include:

  • Superbowl parties
  • Mardi Gras celebrations
  • Fashion Week trends
  • Valentine’s Day gift ideas
  • Spring break fashion
  • Spring vacation ideas

Magazines work on lead times of 4 to 5 months, so that means right now they are cultivating editorial for May issues, such as:

  • Mother’s Day gift ideas
  • Spring decorating
  • Spring fashion
  • Spring entertaining
  • Spring organization
  • Summer vacation ideas
  • Memorial Day entertaining
  • Gardening ideas
  • Outdoor living decor

Trending This Week

Try to post images, quotes or comments on social media for the following pop culture events this week:

  • January 19 – National Popcorn Day
  • January 19 to 31 – Australian Open Tennis
  • January 20 – National Cheese Lover’s Day
  • January 21 – National Hugging Day
  • January 21 – Get to Know Your Customers Day
  • January 22 – National Pie Day
  • January 23 – New zodiac sign starts for Aquarius
  • January 24 – NFL Playoffs
  • January 24 – National Peanut Butter Day
  • January 25 – National Opposite Day

Hot Hashtags

Every day new trending hashtags tend to pop up that people are searching on, so take advantage when posting on social media of these ones:

  • #FrantasticMonday
  • #MondayMotivation
  • #TuesdayTips
  • #ThursdayHumour
  • #SaturdayReads
  • #SundaySips


Are you running Facebook ads? If so, schedule them only to run on the most popular times on Facebook, such as noon on weekends (EST), 3 to 4 pm on Wednesdays and 1 pm to 4 pm Thursdays and Fridays. It will save you some money and you might get better results. Remember to select desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed and Instagram ads if you have an Instagram account.

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Is Your Small Business Taking Advantage of Custom Services?

By Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

The customized market for goods and services is growing as shoppers have particular needs they want filled and the online world seems to be allowing them to do it.

For a small business, this poses a great opportunity if you are looking to expand your revenue opportunities. Instead of guessing what people want, let them tell you.

Customized Services Online Shop

Take Blue Nile for example. They allow you to customize an engagement ring for a much more personal offering. From the setting to the carat to the shape to the setting to the type of metal, you choose everything online and they create it to your specifications.

Coco Myles is an online store that lets you design your own dress. Whether it is for a bridesmaid dress, prom dress or special occasion, you choose the top, skirt, material, color and embellishments from a easy-to-use select-and-click visual menu. They even allow returns on custom dresses.

The online furniture storeUrban Barn allows you customize the sofa you want. You choose the color, fabric, leg styles, size, configuration, whether you add a sofa bed, etc. Ideal if you have an unusual size room or space to fill.

At Shoes of Prey, you can design your own shoes. Being able to choose your color, style and material is a great option especially for people with unusual shoe sizes.

Even if you sell services (such as myself) you can include a listing that lets potential customers outline the exact type of service they need if it is not something you are currently offering.

Allow for the customization of your offerings are a great way to discover potential new products, services and revenue streams that you may not have known about unless you asked.

quick consult 3I offer a variety of very affordable marketing services including my very popular, Quick Consult ($30). Find out more on my marketing services page.





Selling Art on Etsy

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Selling art on Etsy is not an easy feat, due to the fact that there is so much competition. However, my ebook, Marketing Ideas for Art & Home Online Shops will give you some very helpful tips to make your Etsy art shop a standout.

Tips for Selling Art on Etsy

  • Take advantage of National #InspireYourHeartwithArt Day on January 31st that trends big on social media. It is a great PR opportunity with both home decor blogs and even your local media.
  • If you have already set up a free profile on, use it to follow interior decorators and designers that may want your art for their clients.
  • Also on Houzz, comment regularly on articles that have to do with art, as well as answer questions in the forums about art, as these are opportunities for other readers to see your shop name.
  • Don’t just pin your art to Pinterest, pin a collage that looks like a gallery art wall of your art, to help upsell more pieces.
  • Businesses also need art (not just home owners) so run ads on Facebook that target dentist offices, doctors offices and restaurant owners.
  • Wear your art on a tshirt (that also has your shop name and url) and give shirts to family and friends to wear at every major public event like concerts, charity walks, and festivals.
  • Ask a local builder if you can hang some pieces in their model home in exchange for leaving cards for your shop below the piece. i.e. Art courtesy of XYZ Shop. 

Need Marketing Help?

selling-art-on-etsyAll of the above ideas are from my ebook, Art & Home Online Shops Marketing Ideas. Download here from my Selz store.

Are you an Etsy Seller? I do Etsy shop consultations as well. Please visit my Etsy store here.

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Categories You Should Be Adding to Your Online Shop This Time of Year

by G.B. Oliver

When Google searches your online shop, they search your shop sections/categories/departments, so it doesn’t hurt to update them from time to time, especially when it comes to seasonal shopping habits.

For example, the online home goods store, Wayfair, has added two prominent shop categories, right at the top of the page, “College Living” and “Back to School“.  Under these headings, Wayfair also has various sub headings (based on popular search phrases) such as:

  • Dorm Design on a Budget
  • 14 Dorm Design Ideas
  • Dorm Essentials
  • College Checklist

Google reads these headings and sub headings and, as a result, it will drastically move Wayfair up in Google searches for anyone looking for college dorm room decor.


Other notable top online retailers have already added fall-related shop sections:

  • Williams-Sonoma has added a “Halloween Preview” shop section
  • H&M has added a “Fall Looks” shop section
  • Nordstrom has added “Back to School” and “Summer to Fall Booties
  • Grandin Road has added “Halloween Haven
  • Office Depot has added its “Back to School Headquarters” as well as its “Mobile Accessories Marketplace” (as many college kids are upgrading their laptops, phones, etc. before they head back)
  • Pier 1 has added “Fall & Autumn Decor” and a sneak peak at their “Halloween 2013 Collection
  • Ann Taylor has added “Pre-Fall Forecast
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond has added “College Shopping / Back to College
  • J.Crew has added the section “Looks We Love for Back to School
  • Best Buy has added “College Student Deals

FINAL WORD: Shop sections, categories, departments and headings are very important in Google search. Make sure you are adding ones relevant to seasonal shopping habits (in this case, Back to School, Fall Fashion, Autumn Decorating, Halloween Decor, College Shopping, etc.) to help drive more traffic to your online shop. It also helps your shop to get found by blog and magazine editors who are looking to write about products on these topics as well.

MalloryHopeDesign_AGMarketing_eBookAre you an Etsy seller? I do Etsy shop consultations as well. Please visit my Etsy store here.

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Use Amazon Search To Discover What Your Buyers Want

by G.B. Oliver

Amazon is the largest online retailer, bar none. So it would make sense that its search engine provides a wealth of information about what buyers want.

You can use Amazon’s autocomplete search to help determine popular product features, see seasonal shopping habits and identify trends. Here’s how.

Amazon's Autofill Search
Amazon’s Autofill Search

If you type “dog” into the search box, you will get a fill down of the top searches (in order of popularity):

  • dog bed
  • dog crate
  • dog collar
  • dog food
  • dog toys
  • dog harness
  • dog leash
  • dog kennel
  • dog treats

But the search autocomplete also allows you to filter down even more. So, if you type “dog bed”, you get:

  • dog bed large
  • dog bed medium
  • dog bed extra large
  • dog bed cover
  • dog bed replacements covers
  • dog bed pink
  • dog bed for car

You can drill down even further, to make sure you are including the most sought after long-tail, descriptive keywords. For example, if you type “dog bed large”, you get:

  • dog bed large clearance
  • dog bed large breed
  • dog bed large washable cover
  • dog bed large orthopaedic
  • dog bed large water proof

You can also find out seasonal searches, even by just tying in the first letter.

For example, I typed in the letter “a”, and “air conditioner” was the first word to come up (makes sense this time of year). When I typed in “b”, “backpack” came up first (either people looking for one for summer hikes or back to school). When I typed in “r” I got “Ray ban sunglasses” (again, very seasonal). When I typed in “U” I got “Under the Dome” which is a tv series that premiered in late June.

The autocomplete search can also help you identify trends. For example, I typed in “baby onesies with” and got:

  • baby onesies with funny sayings
  • baby onesies with cute sayings
  • baby onesies with mittens
  • baby onesies with cape
  • baby onesies with tattoo sleeves
  • baby onesies with hood
  • baby onesies with aunt sayings

We’ll try one more. I typed in “wall art canvas” and got:

  • wall art canvas quotes
  • wall art canvas black and white
  • wall art canvas flowers
  • wall art canvas 3 piece
  • wall art canvas sets
  • wall art canvas Italy
  • wall art canvas nature
  • wall art canvas landscape
  • wall art canvas solar system

FINAL WORD: As you can see, this is very detailed search information. Since Amazon is the king of online shopping, use their autocomplete search to your advantage to make sure you are on top of new trends, customer wants and seasonal demands.

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