6 Popular Blogs That Will Mention Your Sale

by G.B. Oliver

Having a sale in your online shop and not sure where to promote it? There are a variety of popular blogs that have regular features, typically on Fridays, where they promote online retailers having sales.

Now, I cannot guarantee they will add you to the list, but it is worth a shot. You could also try adding your sale in their comments section, if you see that they allow others to do it.

Deals of the Day at Lucky Magazine Online
Deals of the Day at Lucky Magazine Online

Where to Promote Your Sale

ApartmentTherapy.com is one of the most widely read blogs for home decor, recipes and more, with over 8 million readers a month. In their online Weekend Guide, they regularly feature Sales & Events from across the country, both online and instore, and even have a submission form for shops to submit theirs. So go for it!

CollegeFashion.net is not just a blog for fashion for college girls. It started off that way but has evolved into one of the top fashion blogs, known for their interesting theme inspiration boards. Every Friday they have their Coupons and Sales section, where they post sales from typically the top online fashion stores. That doesn’t mean you can’t try and make their list. Just ask in their contact form.

Fashionotes.com also has a Friday section on their blog called, Top Online Shopping: Weekend RoundUp for fashion and beauty products, as well as mens fashion. Email the editor at editor@fashionotes.com and see if they will add your sale to the list.  

Racked is a great blog because it covers fashion, home, kids and wedding products. They have a section called Deal Feed. You can submit your sale as both a National sale or a city-based sale i.e. New York Deal Feed. Submit your deal to national@racked.com and be sure to give all details including the length of time of the sale, the amount of the discount, and what you sell. You can also try to get in their Weekend Sales Report, but it does seem to focus on major retailers.

Lucky Magazine offers a Deal of the Day  at their online site. Mostly fashion and beauty deals, they do seem to promote less known online shops, so it is worth a try. You have to offer a good deal, though. Contact them at lucky breaks@luckymag.com.

People Magazine’s StyleWatch has a section online called, Exclusive Deals You’ll Actually Use, and they do show deals from smaller vendors here. Contact the editor at editor@people.com but be sure to put, “Submission for Stylewatch’s Exclusive Deals” in the subject line.
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How CustomMade.com Helps Artisans Get Paid What They’re Worth

by G.B. Oliver

If you are an artisan or someone who designs and creates a product and markets it, do you feel your work is often undervalued, especially in today’s saturated online market? If you would like to change that, a shopping site that is increasing in popularity may be your answer.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 7.50.48 PM
A marketplace connecting interested buyers with artisans who can fill their custom product requests

CustomMade is a unique type of marketplace. As the name suggests, products are custom-made upon request. Shoppers looking for a specific item bid to have it created by an artisan (or you can hand select an artisan), within a budget range the buyer offers – everything from jewelry to furniture to personalized gifts.

As I was looking over the list of current product requests, I saw buyers requesting a wide range of items – a wood dog statute (willing to pay $250 to $500), a charm for a necklace (willing to pay $100 to $500), a wedding gown (willing to pay $5,000 to $10,000), a two-sided wood animal and shape puzzle (willing to pay $250 to $500) and a ceramic model of a childhood home (willing to pay $500 to $1,000).

Yesterday, CustomMade announced that they have raised $18 million in new funding with an aim to grow further and connect more makers and buyers who crave one-of-a-kind items. It doesn’t hurt that one of their investors was Google Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of Google Inc. (ever heard of them?)

I had actually recommended CustomMade recently to a client of mine who was having zero success selling on one of the popular artisan marketplaces. She felt no one liked the type of jewelry she was designing. She had the skills, she just didn’t know what customers in her target market wanted. So instead of playing the guessing game, she can now offer her talents to make a custom designed jewelry piece, for probably 10 times what she was charging on the other site.

CustomMade currently has a network of over 12,000 professional makers. Furniture and jewelry requests seem to be the most in demand, with apparel and woodwork gaining in popularity. Artisans can also offer their current creations to be remade upon request, it doesn’t always have to be a completely original idea.

There are no sign up or membership fees. Artisans pay a 10% commission to CustomMade based on the final price of the project. Also, the buyer pays the artisan directly, CustomMade is not involved in the transaction. It is recommended that artists ask for 50% of the price up front.

FINAL WORD: If you want to get paid what you’re worth, and focus on custom designs instead of mass-produced items, maybe it is time to take a look at CustomMade (now, if they will just add requests for Marketing Services…)

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Is Your Online Shop Taking Advantage of the Summer Rush?

by G.B. Oliver

When looking at the top retailers online, I noticed one reoccurring theme that you may want to add to your shop – and it is “Summer“. Every major store right now is promoting summer items, sales, and more, and you should jump on board as well.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.29.10 AM

Most Popular Trending Headlines:

  • Summer Clothing
  • Summer Style
  • Summer Entertaining
  • Summer Beauty
  • Summer Wedding
  • Summer Decorating
  • Summer Recipes
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Fun
  • Summer Sale

This is a way to connect with visitors to your shop as to what their needs are right now. It is also an opportunity to get into editorial (more immediate media like blogs and newspapers) as these are the types of articles they are writing about, not to mention capitalizing on any trending summer hash tags or themes on social media.

Even looking at the HARO (Help a Reporter Out) requests today, I saw the summer themes consistently popping up in editorial requests:

  • Looking for Five Great Travel Products
  • Makeup tips for an Outdoor Wedding
  • Beach Makeup Tips
  • Keeping Your Party Business Afloat This Summer
  • Products to Turn Your Home into a Relaxing Seaside Retreat
  • Adorable Swimsuits for Little Girls
  • Best Beach Bags for Summer
  • Family Vacation Saving Tips

So take a look at your shop and see if you can categorize your products into one of these summer trends, to take advantage of the next several weeks of seasonal buying habits.

Other Trends To Keep in Mind for June/July:

  • Fourth of July
  • Vacations
  • Festivals
  • Beach
  • Fireworks
  • Barbecues
  • End of School
  • Weddings
  • Swimsuits

Exploit the summer trend by offering your own summer sale, change-up your landing page with a summer theme, bring to the forefront items that are in this vein, and tailor your social media postings to fall in line with the trend as well.

FINAL WORD: It is important to make sure that your online store is always in step with what buyers’ current needs are to avoid seasonal slowdowns. Marketing is all about taking advantage of the latest opportunities and finding a way to apply them to your business.

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