Product Copy I Love – C. Wonder

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

I have written about many online retailers who write effective product copy such as ModCloth and Williams-Sonoma. Well-written descriptions help create a need for your product and answers any questions your visitor may have that could have prevented a purchase.

C. Wonder is an online retailer selling women’s fashion, jewelry and home decor accessories and they write very effective product descriptions. Here are some examples:

Eyelet Cotton Tunic

“Easy, breezy and as feminine a tunic top as they come, our eyelet cotton topper is sure to take you from many a backyard barbecue to graduation dinner. We love its classic, straight sleeves paired with hints of color along the neckline that give it a modern edge. Make it beachside friendly with flat sandals or a bit more uptown with sky-high sandals or wedge espadrilles.”

Why It Works

They not only describe the garment in detail so you know exactly what you are getting, but they tell you where to wear it, and how to wear it.

Double Wrap Leather Chain Bracelet

“The mix of leather woven through a shiny gold link chain symbolizes an ode to luxury that is forever in style. Our spin on the iconic look includes a thick, signature toggle closure and deeply pigmented leather. The bold statement of a double wrap bracelet expresses an effortlessly chic style, whether its nestled in a monochromatic lineup of bracelets or single-handedly adding pizzazz to your favorite watch and ring. You’ll quickly fall in love with the feel and look of a must-have classic.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.40.35 AM

Why It Works

By using words like “forever in style” and “must-have classic” they are telling the buyer this is a piece you will have the rest of your life as it will never go out of style. So you are definitely getting long lasting value for your money, which most women want when investing in jewelry.

Monkey Rectangular Ceramic Plate

“Exhilarated by the experience of traveling the world, our design team translated iconic animal imagery and rich history from around the globe into a beautiful home accent. Our decorative porcelain plate portrays a playful monkey in traditional bejeweled dress, framed in a charming scroll ikat border with golden trim. Perfect for holding light snacks or hanging on your walls!”

Why It Works

When I saw this plate, I thought it was interesting but didn’t think I had a need. But after reading words like “exotic” and “around the globe” I felt like I would be getting a unique treasure for my home. Plus, I never thought about hanging it on a wall.

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Product Copy I Love – Modcloth

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

Modcloth is an online store that sells everything from fashion to home decor (or, as they call it, Apartment decor). I absolutely love their product copy because it is clever, witty and does a good job of selling the product. Below are some examples from their site that are really effective.

Vintage Rose Bud Earrings

“Your fervor for all things retro has you ready and raring to rock these adorable rosette earrings. Whether you’re looking for a way to freshen up your nine-to-five outfit of a blouse and pencil skirt or add a little spring charm to a casual day dress worn with flats, these darling dusty-rose earrings are the perfect blooms for the job. Just pop on these vintage-inspired posts, and watch as they give your usual ensemble a blast of the past for extra panache.”

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 7.44.10 AM

Why It Works

Well, if I had no idea what to wear these with or where to wear them, I do now.

Wooden Laptop Sleeve 

“Do you foresee a fashionable future for your laptop? We predict its safekeeping in this playful, game-printed laptop sleeve! Cushioned by a cozy, padded corduroy lining, this soothsaying sleeve depicts a classic spirit board on its woven nylon exterior. Complete with letters A-Z, numerals, and yes or no options, this zip-closure protector has all the answers in its faux-wood-finished front. While we can’t promise this computer case is a conduit to the beyond, we’re certain it will fill your tomorrows with compliments.”

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 7.41.56 AM

Why It Works

They made it sound so interesting that I know carrying this around is going to get me some attention. Plus, they manage to work in all the product details such as the padded lining, the zipper closing, and the faux-wood front without making it tedious.

Meow for Measuring Cups

“With just one glance at these amazing ceramic measuring cups by One Hundred 80 Degrees – as featured in Weight Watchers Magazine – I see two of my favorite things in one wonderful product. I can even hear a close friend doing a poor impression of me in a high pitched voice, sounding like someone’s grandma – “Hi, I’m Angela and I looooove kitties and making delicious goodies for you to eat!” It’s true, though. I get a little wacky over my cats, Nina and Laurence, and I get uber excited over baking anything from experimental muffins to quirky quiches. For my next culinary adventure, I’ll make sure to use these kitschy kitchen tools. Each of the clearly labeled, glazed cups resembles a well-fed feline with teeny paws that set it flat on the counter, and a curved tail for a handle. Since these charcoal, grey, slate, and white pets are much too cute to hide in the drawer, why not display them on a safe counter space? If your pets like to help you make sweets and treats, these will be the perfect addition to your mixing bowls and cookbooks. Take it from my furry friends – these measuring cups are the cat’s meow.” 

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 7.46.15 AM

Why It Works

I like how they managed to mention the publicity this product got in a major magazine (almost seems like an endorsement). I like that they address any concern that the cups would sit flat on a counter, and mentioning that they are decorative as well as have a purpose, so a two for one. It is a little lengthy, but if you are looking for copy that shows personality, this one delivers.

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