Products I Love! Great Inspiration from the MoMA Store’s Fall 2013 Collection

by G.B. Oliver

People love unique products, and if you need inspiration a great place to look (but don’t copy!) is the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) store.

They recently came out with their Fall 2013 Collection and there are some really creative and practical pieces in jewelry, home decor, and kid’s products.


Malle W. Trousseau Kitchen Set (43 pc) – A collection of 43 of the best kitchen utensils from around the globe. $5,800.

Why I Love This Product: Yes, the price is high, but how great is it to have someone do all the work for you and collect the very best products that any serious cook would love. With our busy lives, you’ll see more of these grouped, best-of-the-best product offerings.

Etsy-marketing-helpConstellation Necklace – Handmade of polyester resin on plastic-coated wire with an easy magnetic closure, this necklace features iridescent shapes that evoke a  constellation. $225.

Why I Love This Product: Constellations are a hot trend in both fashion and home decor this year and a necklace like this is not only interesting and fashionable, but another trend – wearing art – is becoming more popular as well. 


Etsy-marketing-consultantAnimal Crayons – A set of 12 plastic (not wax) crayons, each topped with a fun animal head. $12.

Why I Love This Product: Anytime you can take a traditional kid’s product and add a new fun twist, you’ll have a winner.

marketing-ideas-small-businessStencil Bag – This slim bag has an arresting shape and is made of soft unlined leather with expandable side gussets. $495.

Why I Love This Product – You can’t see from this photo, but this bag offers a very smart design because the sides expand to turn it from this triangular shape to a half moon if more space is needed – and it still looks stylish.



marketing-blog-etsy-tipsOrigami Wine Tote – This wine carrier, with its origami-inspired folds, safeguards your wine during transport. When not in use, it can be compressed and secured with the handle. $25.

Why I Love This Product – MoMA knows its market, and it is definitely the wine toting crowd, so why not give them a super stylish option. Again, taking a practical item and making it fashionable always sells. Beats a brown paper bag.

FINAL WORD: Designing new, sellable products isn’t easy. MoMA is a great place for inspiration because they elevate the style and function of ordinary, every day products into desirable items.

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Product Design I Love! Anthropologie

by G.B. Oliver

I’ve never understood why people just do copycat products. Granted, it makes business sense (although, not really ethical) to jump on someone’s proven success, but I have to think your success will be short lived if you can’t come up with product ideas on your own. It really isn’t that hard to be an innovator and develop new products. In fact, you can start with the products you currently have. Just step back, take a more objective look, and see how you could take things up a notch to differentiate yourself in a very crowded and competitive online marketplace.

Marketing-tips-small-businessA shop like Anthropologie is a good example. What makes them great is that they take products you’ve seen before, but they add a new twist to make them different from the traditional. For example, wooden letters are everywhere as wall decor, but Anthropologie turned these typical letters into Handpainted Still Life Monograms by making them out of canvas and adding painted murals on them. So now they have become true artwork for your walls.

Product-Marketing-ideasAnother example is their Colorblocked Baguette Board. They took what would be a regular cutting board, dipped the ends in milk paint to add some style and made it out of a much higher quality wood so you can use it as a bread server as well. These are simple twists on everyday products that also repurposes them.

If you want to be successful, you have to offer products that are unique, but still serve a purpose. People love products that are conversation starters. People also like unusual products because they make great gifts for those hard to buy for people. And as I say in my marketing ebooks, quirky always gets publicity! No one is going to write about a plain old cutting board in their magazine, but they will if it is now a stylish baguette server.

FINAL WORD: So don’t just copy someone’s else products. Take a look at a product that is popular and think, how can I make it more feature-rich, more useful, more interesting, more… attention getting.

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