3 Reasons Why Pinterest is an Amazing Marketing Tool and My Exclusive Pinterest Tip

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

If you are not using Pinterest for marketing your small business, what are you waiting for? I get more traffic from Pinterest than any other social media site, and my type of business is not one you would think would be Pinterest-friendly.

I am going to give you three reasons why Pinterest excels as a social media platform for business.

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 9.07.05 AM

Pinterest Will Expose You to People BEYOND Your Followers 

Pinterest has public category boards, such as the Travel one above, which means that on occasion your pin may go to one of these public boards and expose you to new people other than your followers and your followers’ followers.

Pinterest Can Bring You Residual Traffic for Months on End

One popular pin can bring your site endless traffic for months, even years. For another business I have, I had the good fortune of one of my pins making a public category board.  In the 15 months since that pin first appeared (and has been repinned hundreds of times) it has brought me, to-date, 137,000 visitors and continues to still be my highest traffic source. Now, I am not saying that all of this traffic is potential customers, but I’ll take it.

Pinterest Boards Get Picked Up By Google Search

Having a hard time getting on the first page of Google? Try naming a Pinterest board with a popular Google search phrase and you may have more luck. I typed in “Cute Summer Outfits” and the first three searches that came up were Pinterest boards, ranking higher than some popular mainstream magazines and retail stores.

Pinterest marketing tips business

My Pinterest Tip!

The best time to pin is when the majority of your followers are active on Pinterest, so they have a better chance of seeing your pins so they will repin (in other words, your pins aren’t buried down lower under more recent pins from other people they follow).

Want to know when that is? Go to the far upper right hand corner of the Pinterest screen where it shows your name. Then simply click on the Notifications icon (which is the red, double pin icon) and you will see the activity of your followers regarding your boards. If your notifications indicates that the majority of your followers were active 12 hours ago, then that is when you should be pinning.

pinterest marketing tip

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Weekend Reading List: Small Business Links You May Have Missed

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

WEEKEND READING LISTIn case you don’t follow me on social media, this is what you missed this week:

Small Business Marketing IdeasNeed more reading material? If you like my blog, you’ll love my ebooks because I save my best secrets for in here! My ebooks, Small Business Marketing Ideas That Work!, are packed with my exclusive advice, proven tactics and little known tips to market and promote your online business so you get more sales. Available for download here.




How Your Small Business Can Get Repeat Customers – 16 Tactics to Try

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

I have said many times to the small businesses that I advise, why do you spend all of your time chasing new business, when you can also get repeat business from your customers.

I believe most small businesses should aim for 30 to 40% of their business to be repeat customers. Of course, it does depend on what you sell. For example if you sell wedding gowns, chances are a bride is a one-time customer. But you can get referral business from her if she was happy. If you sell to wedding stylists, they definitely would be repeat customers.

How to get repeat customers small business

If you sell supplies for people to make products, then your business should be more like 70 – 80% repeat customers. People typically don’t like to switch suppliers. Certain professionals like doctors and dentists likely have an 80% repeat customer rate.

To get repeat business, you need to stay in touch after the sale, but in a subtle way. Here are some tactics to try that are not pushy, but help your customers to remember that you exist.

16 Ways to Get Repeat Business

  1. Send a thank you card/email
  2. Send a coupon for a discount off their next order
  3. Ask them to subscribe to a special offers newsletter
  4. Follow them on social media
  5. Mention them on your social media pages
  6. Hold customer appreciation events
  7. Hold exclusive customer-only sales
  8. Give them a free tip or piece of advice
  9. Send them a free download relevant to your business
  10. Offer a rewards card
  11. Send them free samples of new products
  12. Allow them to create a wish list and be notified when those items go on sale
  13. Give them a special discount on their birthday or Black Friday
  14. Send an annual free gift, like a calendar
  15. If you sell products, offer returning customers a free service
  16. If you sell services, offer returning customers a free product

Remember, people appreciate that you appreciate, and that is how it should look, not like you are trying to get more business.

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Where to Sell Your Eco-Friendly Products Online

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would help out entrepreneurs and other small businesses as to where they can sell their eco-friendly wares online.

where to sell eco friendly products

Bambeco is a sustainable online marketplace offering everything from home goods to gadgets to pet products. If you would like to submit your products for consideration, email them at products@bambeco.com.

eco products online

Eco Market is like an Etsy for eco-friendly and natural products. Vendors sell their products at their online store for no monthly or start-up fees, just a 10% commission on the sale. Just go to their site and click on “Sell”.

selling eco products online

The Ultimate Green Store sells pretty much everything organic and green. From baby and kids products to home goods and beauty products, they currently feature hundreds of brands. If you are an interested manufacturer or vendor, contact them at vendorinquiries@theultimategreenstore.com.

where to buy eco friendly products

Helpsy is an ethical and sustainable online fashion marketplace featuring indie designers. If you design eco-friendly clothing, accessories or jewelry, you can approach Helpsy, but keep in mind they are only considering lines that will also use their PR representation as well. Email them at info@helpsy.com.

eco friendly online

begood is a socially friendly as well as eco-friendly online store. They only carry brands that give back to an eco or humanitarian cause. Based in San Francisco, the online shop focuses on mens and women’s clothing and accessories (including iPhone cases). Contact them at contact@begoodclothes.com.

eco friendly online shops

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription box of eco-friendly products that is a great opportunity for new vendors to get noticed by their target market. They are looking for eco-friendly food, home, bath and beauty products that are non-GMO, all natural ingredients with a shelf life of 60 days and able to produce a minimum 3,000 units a month. If that’s you, contact them at sample@consciousbox.com.

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How to Get More Sales at Your Online Store with Targeted Shop Sections

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

Right now, every online shop I visit has the same old, broad-based categories – Mother’s Day Gifts, Grad Gifts, Easter Dresses…boring! When you have a potential buyer on your shop’s landing page, try to narrow in on their specific wants and needs and you may find you sell more.

I love the shop sections One Kings Lane comes up with so shoppers can narrow in on their specific decorating needs:

Best ways to get more sales

best ideas for shop categories

ModCloth also does a good job of helping shoppers find quickly what they are looking for, either by current fad or the decade they prefer for their vintage line:

ideas for shop sections online store

shop section ideas

What I love about Art.com, is something that I have always recommended. You have to show people how to use your products. On their landing page, they have 5 different shop sections that focus on where or how you want to display the art. Very original!

shop sections art online

shop sections art

Some Niche & Trendy Shop Category Suggestions:

You want shop sections that relate to current events or trends to capitalize on searches, as well as shop sections that help drill down to what your customers are really looking for.

  • Music Festival Fashion
  • Mad Men Style
  • Beach Vacation Necessities
  • Mothers Day Gifts for the Gardening Mom
  • Graduation Gifts for Nurses
  • Art Prints for a Minimalist Decor
  • Anti-aging Cream for Sensitive Skin

It can be very difficult to market your own business, so let me help. I offer a variety of very affordable services or inquire below. Regards, Gail. 




How Customer Review Sites Like WeeSpring Will Change Online Shopping

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

WeeSpring is a customer review site specifically for baby and kids products. From within one product page, WeeSpring allows parents to:

  • review a product
  • rate a product as “love” “have” “want” or “regret”
  • add the product to their gift registry or wish list
  • share their review on social media
  • share the product on social media
  • ask questions about the product
  • go directly to where the product is sold to buy

Everything baby and toddler is covered from books and food to gadgets and online classes.

weespring website


How Do Customer Review Sites Affect Online Retailers?

A survey done last year by Dimensional Research indicated that 90 percent of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. So, for online retailers, sites like WeeSpring pose a new opportunity for you to showcase your products for free and speed up the purchase process (unless you get bad reviews, of course).

WeeSpring also facilitates the sharing of reviews on customers’ social media pages. Recent research from Forbes states that 4 in 10 social media users have purchased an item online after sharing it or marking it as favorite and 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. For all of you online sellers trying desperately to get your products circulated on Facebook and Pinterest, sites like WeeSpring will help to do that for you.

Are Customer Review Sites a Hot Business Trend?

WeeSpring poses a unique business model. Customer review sites are not new – there is Yelp, Angie’s List, Trip Advisor – but the demand for them is growing. So, if WeeSpring is any indication, we will probably see more specialized customer review sites popping up, maybe for cars, phone carriers, health insurance plans – the possibilities are endless.

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How to Get Your Business Noticed on Pinterest Using Long Pins

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

I’m sure you have read many times, that some of the most repinned pins on Pinterest (say that three times) are long pins. Because Pinterest has a vertical display, long pins that take up several rows tend to get noticed more, and the more noticed, the more repinned.

Create Long Pins That are Timely & Informative

long pins on pinterest examples

Timely or informative content always does well on social media. The last pin here is actually one I did for Burnett’s Boards two years ago when the whole “which Disney princess are you?” was trending high on social media. It is so long I can’t show it all here (just click on the graphic to go to my Pinterest board), but in two years Burnett’s Boards has seen her Pinterest followers increase from 500 to over 135,000, and her blog is now one of the top 50 wedding blogs. This pin definitely helped get the ball rolling.

Create Long Pins That Are Collections, Tutorials & Guides

pinterest long pins marketing tips

Pins that act as a reference, guide or tutorial with always get “liked” and “repinned” because it is information people want to hold onto. It is also a good way to establish your business as an expert in its field.

Create Long Pins To Show Many of Your Products at Once

pinterest marketing tips small business

Try and think of creative ways to show as many of your products as possible in one pin, like the companies above. Again, whether you are offering advice or just an interesting photographic representation, these pins can have a long life on social media.

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