My Marketing Tips for the Week of March 15th – Social Media Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I thought I would focus on social media this week, so here are some things to know that will help your online business.

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Social Media “Buy” Buttons

If you sell online using Shopify or Big Commerce, are you using the “buy” button option when posting to Twitter and Pinterest? It’s an effective way to drive more sales because there is less click through to purchase, plus for now, the social media platforms are not taking a cut of sales. There are some limitations, however. The buy options are only available for US shops (for now), and buyable pins are only available on Apple devices.

Twitter Marketing 

If you are on Twitter and want to stay up to date on what will be trending as well as want ideas on how to maximize your exposure there, follow Twitter’s marketing feed @TwitterAds for daily ideas.

Facebook Marketing 

Your Business Story is a a free tool from Facebook that allows you to create a short video celebrating what your business brings to the world. You can then post the video to your Facebook page, as well as boost the post to get seen by new Facebook followers.

Instagram Marketing

Still trying to figure out Instagram? Why not take a FREE course from Instagram themselves and sign up for their Brand Building on Instagram webinar on March 17th.

Trending This Week

Below is what will be hot on social media this week:

  • March 16 – #WednesdayWant
  • March 17 – St Patricks Day, #MarchMadness
  • March 18 – #FridayReads, #MarchMadness, #Allegiant
  • March 19 – #EarthHour, #NationalLetsLaughDay, #MarchMadness
  • March 20 – #NationalProposalDay, #MarchMadness, First Day of Spring
  • March 21 – #NationalFragranceDay
  • March 22 – #TuesdayTip

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4 Easy Tips to Help Your Business Succeed on Social Media

by Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

Social media is all about interaction. So, if you are a business on social media here are four easy ways to make sure you are maximizing your presence there and reaching more customers:


  1. Respond to Comments – On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can reply to comments on your posts, photos, tweets, etc., and you should, especially if someone has asked you a question. I know I can forget to do this too, so make a point of setting aside a half hour at the end of the day and go through your notifications and make sure that you respond to every comment as well as if people have even mentioned you on their social media site. If people have retweeted your tweets, say thank you and/or return the favor. You never want to look inactive or that you don’t care, so take the time to respond.
  2. Comment, Like & Share – How good are you are taking the time to comment, like and share on the social media posts that appear in your feed? When you comment, like or share someone’s Facebook post, your name is now seen by their followers. I have actually had people tell me they found me on Facebook based on a comment I made on another site’s Facebook page. Plus, a lot of the time when people see that you liked, shared and/or commented on their content, they will return the favor.
  3. Follow Back – Again, take that half an hour everyday and go through your list of new followers and make sure to follow back. Now, I am not saying you have to follow everyone who follows you because sometimes you will have people follow you that are spammers or maybe not appropriate content, so use your discretion, but if they look like a potential customer, a potential business alliance or someone in the media, follow back.
  4. Analyze What You Are Posting & When – Take some time at the end of the week to go through your social media posts and see which content was the most popular. What was liked the most, commented on the most, shared the most? Now try to analyze if it is the actual content and/or was it a particular day that was popular, or a particular time of day? Both Pinterest and Twitter have pretty good analytics at the ready for you. For Twitter, click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner (for Pinterest, it is the gear icon) and then go to “Analytics” on the menu. You want to stick with the content that is working for you, and then schedule it for the days and times that seem to offer the best chance of sharing.

If you are on social media today expect to see #Disneyland60 trending as it is their 60th anniversary and on Sunday it is #NationalIceCream Day (both are tips I gave in my July Marketing Calendar).

Have a great weekend … Gail