My Marketing Tips for the Week of March 15th – Social Media Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I thought I would focus on social media this week, so here are some things to know that will help your online business.

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Social Media “Buy” Buttons

If you sell online using Shopify or Big Commerce, are you using the “buy” button option when posting to Twitter and Pinterest? It’s an effective way to drive more sales because there is less click through to purchase, plus for now, the social media platforms are not taking a cut of sales. There are some limitations, however. The buy options are only available for US shops (for now), and buyable pins are only available on Apple devices.

Twitter Marketing 

If you are on Twitter and want to stay up to date on what will be trending as well as want ideas on how to maximize your exposure there, follow Twitter’s marketing feed @TwitterAds for daily ideas.

Facebook Marketing 

Your Business Story is a a free tool from Facebook that allows you to create a short video celebrating what your business brings to the world. You can then post the video to your Facebook page, as well as boost the post to get seen by new Facebook followers.

Instagram Marketing

Still trying to figure out Instagram? Why not take a FREE course from Instagram themselves and sign up for their Brand Building on Instagram webinar on March 17th.

Trending This Week

Below is what will be hot on social media this week:

  • March 16 – #WednesdayWant
  • March 17 – St Patricks Day, #MarchMadness
  • March 18 – #FridayReads, #MarchMadness, #Allegiant
  • March 19 – #EarthHour, #NationalLetsLaughDay, #MarchMadness
  • March 20 – #NationalProposalDay, #MarchMadness, First Day of Spring
  • March 21 – #NationalFragranceDay
  • March 22 – #TuesdayTip

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Tuesday’s Ask Gail: Does My Business Need to Be on Every Social Media Site?




Dear Gail,

I find social media overwhelming. How often do I need to be on, and do I need to be on every social media site?


Frustrated Business Owner

This question (from a small business owner who asked to remain anonymous) is one I get asked a lot. If you are a one or two-person business, no, you don’t have to be on every social media site, just the ones that your target market frequents the most, and the ones that are generating the most sales for you.

Now, it is important to note that I say sales, not traffic. I have certain social media sites that bring me a lot of traffic, but not necessary new customers because the typical small business person who frequents this social media site (I won’t name the site) seems to just be looking for free advice and is not looking to really invest in their business. My customers are actually found more through the social media sites that don’t bring me the most traffic. I know this because I will see the customer first show up in my follower list for this social media site, then they approach me about my services.

Look at it logically. If a social media site is bringing you 5,000 visitors a month, for example, but you are still getting very few sales, then I would say that this social media site is not effective for you. Don’t be lured in just by high traffic numbers; you want customers not visitors.

There are also certain demographics that frequent certain sites. Be sure to read my post, Which Social Media Site To Use For Your Business.

As for how long to be on social media each day, I would definitely invest 1 to 2 hours if you can, and use some of the automated social media scheduling programs like HootSuite to make your life easier.

Remember, I do offer a Social Media Plan that will help you maximize your exposure and stay organized.


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6 Easy Tactics To Get People to Read Your Tweets

by G.B. Oliver

I have always believed that Twitter is better for business to business selling, just because it appears that it is other businesses using it to reach end users, more so than end users using it for search.

However, since I still see small businesses tweeting their products, I thought I would offer some tips to you make your tweets more attention getting.

Use Trending Hashtags in Your Tweets

Trending hash tags appear at the side of your Twitter page and people will click on them, so it is an opportunity to get seen by a lot of people, if only for a few seconds. For example, “Halloween” has been trending for the last few weeks, so even if you don’t have a product that is Halloween-specific, tweet about Halloween just on the chance people will see your shop name. Also, make a note to tweet on certain hash tag days if it pertains to what you sell. Food products would do well on #TastyTuesday, wedding products and services on #WeddingWednesday and fashion on #FashionFriday. But don’t overdo the hash tags, just one or two is plenty.

Make Your Avatar Stand Out

If I am scrolling through tweets, I have to say that avatars that are really colorful tend to catch my eye. Find a way to brighten yours out so it stands out in the pack, even if it means just adding a colorful border around it.

Bright, colorful Twitter avatar for Kate Spade
Bright, colorful Twitter avatar for Kate Spade

Your Twitter Name

You can’t change your Twitter user name, but your Twitter name is changeable, and since it appears in bold it is the most visible to people scrolling through tweets. Put it in all caps (like I do), add a symbol or special character (see next point), make it your url (if short enough) make it more descriptive of what you do or make it a hash tag.

  • MARKETING IDEAS@AttentionGet
  • #Jewelry @SandraSmith
  • @BabbleEditors

Add Icons or Special Characters

When people add hearts (❤) and stars or icons like paw prints (pet shops) or the happy face below to their tweets or twitter names, it does catch the eye. Again, just don’t over do it.

  • Official SheIdon ツ ‏@OfficialSheldon
  • ❤Pam (◕‿◕) ❤ ‏ @PAMsLOvE

Create Mystery

Try a mysterious tweet to provoke curiosity, with just a short intriguing sentence followed by a link. For example:

  • “A Fall Must-Have –”
  • “Our Best Seller –”
  • “This Dog is Too Cute!”

Start With The Topic

If you are tweeting a Tip, a Photo, a PIN, etc., start your tweet that way:

  • “TIP: 9 Easy Facebook Tips |”
  • “PHOTO: Gorgeous sunrise in California |”
  • “PINTEREST BOARD: Amazing Rustic Wedding |”

FINAL WORD: Scroll through the tweets people send you and see what catches your eye. Then implement in your tweets and see if your Twitter traffic increases.

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