Valentine’s SEO Tips for Your Online Shop

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Valentine’s Day is still a hot, all be it short, selling season online. According to the National Retail Federation, about 55% of Americans buy Valentine’s gifts, and will typically spend an average of $146.84.

Searches for Valentine’s gifts will start slowly around January 8th and peak on February 7th.

Since it is just 33 days away, it would help to maximize your SEO by understanding how people are searching on Google for Valentines gifts in 2017.

First of all, people are searching by the type of gift, such as:

  • Valentines gifts funny
  • Valentines gifts romantic
  • Valentines gifts naughty
  • Valentines gifts quirky
  • Valentines gifts inexpensive
  • Valentines gifts luxury
  • Valentines gifts budget
  • Valentines gifts meaningful
  • Valentines gifts sweet
  • Valentines gifts unique
  • Valentines gifts cute
  • Valentines gifts geeky
  • Valentines gifts nerdy

They are also searching by the product itself:

  • Valentines gifts jewelry
  • Valentines gifts lingerie
  • Valentines gifts candy
  • Valentines gifts baskets
  • Valentines gifts flowers
  • Valentines gifts rings
  • Valentines gifts sets
  • Valentines gifts stuffed animals
  • Valentines gifts star wars
  • Valentines gifts edible

And of course, they are searching by the recipient:

  • Valentines gift for boyfriend
  • Valentines gifts for boys
  • Valentines gifts for toddler
  • Valentines gifts for baby
  • Valentines gifts for teacher
  • Valentines gifts for new relationship
  • Valentines gifts for new dad
  • Valentines gifts for dog
  • Valentines gifts for classmates
  • Valentines gifts for college students
  • Valentines gifts for grandchildren

Remember, the order of the search phrase is usually interchangeable, as people will search, “Jewelry Valentine’s Gifts” and “Valentine’s Gifts Jewelry”.

People also tend to search using “Valentine’s gifts” twice as often as “Valentine’s day gifts“, likely because the latter takes longer to type.

There are also twice as many searches for “Valentine’s gifts for him” as there are “Valentine’s gifts for her“, meaning more women are shopping online for their Valentine than guys are.

“Personalized gifts for him” has 8 times the searches as “personalized gifts for her“, showing that personalization is not as big a concern to the male shopper.

Try testing these search phrases on Etsy, Amazon and even Pinterest to see if they are starting to come up just yet.

I also always recommend setting up a shop section just for Valentine’s Gifts, if you haven’t done so already.

Best of luck with your Valentine’s sales!

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6 Red Hot Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for Your Online Shop

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Valentines Day is a great opportunity for any online shop, so I thought I would start you off with a few interesting facts.

Valentines Day Spending Statistics

According to the National Retail Federation, last year Americans spent $18.9 billion on Valentines Day. The average person spent $142.31 with $96.63 of that on a gift for their spouse/Valentine. The leftover $45.68 was spent on other family members, friends, coworkers, pets, children’s classmates or teachers.

On average, men spend $190.53 (with $128.90 of that on his actual Valentine) and women spend $96.58, of which $62.47 was on a gift for their Valentine.

The biggest sellers will be cards, followed by flowers (mostly male buyers), candy, going out, jewelry, clothing and gift cards.

Another interesting stat to note is that the interest in the holiday drops off after the age of 44. Therefore, you might want to spend your time focusing on men, ages 18 to 44, with items in the $100 to $130 range.

I then went over to Amazon to see how people were searching for gifts and noticed a slight difference between men and women:

Men are searching:

  • Valentines Gifts for Her Bundle
  • Valentines Gifts for Her Basket
  • Valentines Gifts for Her Sexy
  • Valentines Gifts for Her Necklace
  • Valentines Gifts for Her Chocolate
  • Valentines Gifts for Her Clothes
  • Valentines Gifts for Her Jewelry

Women are searching:

  • Valentines Gift for Him Sexy
  • Valentines Gift for Him Basket
  • Valentines Gift for Him Funny
  • Valentines Gift for Him Star Wars
  • Valentines Gift for Him Bracelets
  • Valentines Gift for Him Beer
  • Valentines Gift for Him Football

6 Valentine’s Tips for Your Online Shop

  • Change your shop banner and social media banners to advertise Valentines gift ideas.
  • Add a Valentines Gift category to your shop, and if you can specify, “Valentines Gifts for Him”, Valentines Gifts for Her”, “Valentines Gifts for Kids”, etc., even better.
  • Let people know the final order date in order to receive items in time for Valentine’s Day (which is a Sunday).
  • Offer cards and gift wrap either as a value-add or for an extra fee.
  • Add “Valentine’s gift” and related keywords to your Pinterest descriptions, as “Valentines Gifts for Her Pinterest” and “Valentines Gifts for Him Pinterest” were popular Google searches, indicating people will be looking to the social media site for ideas.
  • No later than January 20th, email customers Valentines Day Specials with categories such as “Gifts Under $50” “Gifts Under $25”, etc.

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