Marketing I Love! Kendra Scott Jewelry

by G.B. Oliver

If you want to see an example of an online shop that thinks of everything a customer might want, Kendra Scott Jewelry is a good example.


There are so many things this online shop does right. The first thing is customers can shop by color, which is great if you are looking for earrings in a certain color, or need a piece to go with a specific outfit and color is a factor. Given the volume of items this shop has, offering specific searches, such as by color, helps the customer not get frustrated with trying to find what they want and leave before even looking around.

There is another feature called the Color Bar, where you can customize a variety of pieces with either a gold or silver base, and then change the color of the stone. Now, if you sell on an online marketplace where you have little control over features like this, you could still add a photo of a palette of all the colors you can customize. Just a great way for your customers to get what they really want.

I love how they categorize their gift guide. Not by price, but by taste. So if you buying for someone who is classic, trendy, minimalist or feminine, you will get a variety of suggestions. This is a much better way of doing it since jewelry is all about an individual’s taste and style.

On her blog (which is part of the shop) Kendra has a variety of beautiful inspiration boards which incorporate her pieces. In today’s visual environment, inspiration boards are key for your customers to know how to wear your pieces and to be able to visualize them as part of an outfit. Plus, they are great for pinning to Pinterest.

Each individual piece of jewelry is photographed well. There is a photo of the item on a white background, a photo on a head illustration so you can get a perception of the size of the piece, and then there is a photo of the jewelry item on an actual person so you can imagine how it would look on you.

Kendra also offers bridal jewelry and you almost feel like you have entered a wedding blog in this section because it has beautiful photos of real life brides who are wearing her jewelry. Kendra encourages brides to submit their photos, which is a great way to get professional photos for your shop!

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  1. As the Marketing and Creative Director of Kendra Scott, I want to say thank you for the kudos! We have an amazing team and we appreciate being noticed for all of our hard work. Thanks again.

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