My Latest Google Search Tips for Forgotten Letters, Typing the Wrong Letters & Shortened Words

by G.B. Oliver

Have you considered all your options when entering your keyword tags to optimize for Google search? There are many factors that affect how people search. I wrote about a few in my blog post, My Latest Google Search Tips – Apostrophes, Plural & Gender, and here are some more to consider:

  • Not everyone can spell
  • Not everyone can type
  • People are in more of a hurry and searching on mobile, so typing in shortened words, less letters


Forgotten Letters

For some reasons, words that have double letters often get entered in search incorrectly, which means an opportunity for you in your keyword tags (but don’t use spelling mistakes in your product copy!) For example:

The word “earring” gets 14,800 searches a month, with medium ad competition, according to Google, but the misspelled “earing” gets 5,400 searches a month with low ad competition.

Same situation with the word “wedding“. Spelt correctly it gets 368,000 searches each month with medium ad competition, but spelt “weding” it gets 6,600 searches per month, with low ad competition.

Now, granted, autocorrect will change some of these mistakes, but they can also substitute the wrong word, so that is something to consider as well.

Using the Wrong Letters 

The word “personalized” with a “z” (the correct spelling) is searched 8,100 times a month with a lot of ad competition, but “personalised” with an “s” gets 5,400 searches a month with low ad competition.

This is actually pretty common people mixing up when to use a “z” and when to use an “s’ in certain words. Take a look at your keywords and see if that is a possibility.

Shortening Words

A lot more people are searching on their mobile devices, which not only means typos, but means they are shortening words because with those small keyboards it can be too frustrating to try and hit the right letters.

For example, the word “tee” gets 201,000 searches with low ad competition compared to “t shirt” which does get more searches at 246,000 but has very high ad competition.

If adjectives are needed, the words may get shortened even more. “White tee” gets 1,900 searches, but “White t” was not far off with 1,300 searches per month.

You really have to think of all the variations and short forms of your keywords to try and find ones that are getting high search results but low ad competition. It could get you to the top of the page!

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