Top Selling Products Online for Spring 2013

by G.B. Oliver

As you know by reading my blog, I am always up on the latest trends and the top sellers. So, here is what my research showed as currently the top selling products, for various categories, from major online retailers. If you have products that match these, you may want to move them to the forefront of your website/online store.

Current Top Sellers:

Jewelry: Ear cuffs are huge sellers, as are are large statement necklaces like bib collars, chain link bracelets, multi-color chandelier earrings and hand / body chain harnesses. Lots of turquoise, emerald green and pastel colors.

Large, bib necklace from Modcloth
Large, bib necklace from Modcloth

Purses/Bags: Satchels, hot pink, orange, leather, no prints.

Art: Art prints on reclaimed wood, large canvases (5 feet+), abstracts, kalightoscope-type patterns, black and white photography tinted with color sporadically.

Kitchen: Canisters are in big demand, floral patterns, modern tea kettles and tea pots, cookie stamps, dish towels with whimsical block prints.

iPhone Cases: Florals, bird prints, zebra prints, polka dots, stripes, silicone, metal.

Kids/Baby: Fun cutlery, personalized dishware, pyjamas with famous storybooks’ prints, whimsical book ends. brightly colored clothes hangers.

Twisted Family Cutlery from Saks Fifth Avenue

Outdoor: Willow bark, chevrons, Moroccan prints, coastal/beach.

Wedding: Mint, grey/silver, blush, chalkboard-style, simple/sans serif typefaces, water color designs, butterflies.

Vintage: Non-fiction books/cookbooks from 1940s -60s, lidded porcelain jars, silver teapots, posters, wallpaper, sconces, oversized wine jugs.

Pets: Stylish small dog carriers/purses, thin leather braided leashes, sleeping pods.

Other: Terrariums, drinking glasses with sayings on them, milk glass, milk bottles, humorous cat and dog faces (think grumpy cat), photography prints on clothing (dresses, leggings, scarves and more), unique watch and clock faces, bicycle prints (on everything from t-shirts to glasses).

FINAL WORD: These are products that are currently popular, so I am not saying to jump on the band wagon, but rather if you already have items like this, and they are not selling, maybe you should be giving them more focus. Or take these, add a new twist or mix a few themes together, for an original offering.


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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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