How to Use Google Autocomplete to Find the Features Your Customers Want

by G.B. Oliver

We all know Google is a pretty powerful search tool. Just start typing a phrase in the Google search box and their Autocomplete feature finishes your sentence for you with the most popular endings to what you are asking. What a great way to find out what your customers are looking for.
Google Autocomplete showed that dog owners were looking for durable dog toys, like these from Moochews
Google Autocomplete showed that dog owners were looking for durable dog toys, like these from Moochews

Dog Toys That…

For example, I had a customer recently, Moochews, who was selling rubber dog toys. But I needed a value statement for the product. What problem was it solving? So I typed in the phrase, “dog toys that….” and Google offered a variety of endings, such as:
  • dog toys that hold treats
  • dog toys that last
  • dog toys that can’t be destroyed
  • dog toys that are indestructible
  • dog toys that makes them think
  • dog toys that talk
After looking at these results, I decided my customer was best to position her product as a durable dog toy whereby she can ask the question of her customers, “Tired of dog toys that don’t last?” This quick bit of research not only gave me insight into what her customers were looking for, but how to solve a common problem that they were experiencing. When you can solve a problem, you usually have a sale.

iPhone Cases That…

I decided to try this theory with a few other types of products. So I typed in the phrase, “iPhone cases that…” and I got:

  • iPhone cases that charge
  • iPhone cases that light up
  • iPhone cases that hold cards
  • iPhone cases that protect the screen
  • iPhone cases that look like books
  • iPhone cases that change color
  • iPhone cases that are waterproof
It helps you to see the features that are important to iPhone users. They don’t want their phone to run out of power, they want to be able to find it in the dark, they want the phone not to get damaged. These types of features seem to be taking precedence over style.

Baby Car Seats That…

I tried one more. I entered the phrase “baby car seats that…” and I assumed the words “are safe” would come up. It didn’t. Instead I got:
  • baby car seats that swivel
  • baby car seats that rotate
  • baby car seats that turn into strollers
  • baby car seats that recline
  • baby car seats that lie flat
  • baby car seats that grow with baby
So these are the most important features to new parents. The focus is definitely on convenience and functionality. Maybe they are just assuming that they are all safe.
FINAL WORD: Try it with your products and services and see what comes up (you may want to clear your personal search history first so it doesn’t taint the results). It may help you better position your business to the needs of your target market.

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