Which Social Media Site is Best for What You Sell?

by G.B. Oliver

There are so many social media sites available right now, that to try and be on all of them effectively is a huge endeavor for a small business.  But the truth is not all social media is right for all types of products.

Social Media Tips

These are the most popular social media platforms in general, based on the number of searches each month on Google:

  • Facebook – 3.76 billion searches each month
  • YouTube – 755 million searches each month
  • Twitter – 124 million searches each month
  • Pinterest – 16.6 million searches each month
  • Tumblr – 13.6 million searches each month
  • Instagram – 9.1 million searches each month

Keep in mind that Pinterest and Instagram have only been in existence a few  years so they are still growing in popularity.

Now, I was curious to see which social media people are using to search for which types of products, so you can find the one that is right for your business.

Here is what my research showed:

  • Fashion – Tumblr is the clear winner here, although Instagram is on the rise. Six times as many people search for fashion on Tumblr as they on do Pinterest, the next most popular social media.
  • Wedding  – Pinterest completely dominates this category, with no other social media really coming close.
  • Vintage  – Tumblr again is the leader here, with really no other social media even showing promise.
  • Art – Again, Tumblr dominates the searches for art.
  • Beauty – Makeup is searched highly on Tumblr, but YouTube is a close section, especially for tutorials
  • Kids – Pinterest was the winner here, but, surprisingly Facebook was popular as well.
  • Geek – If you sell gadgets and geekery, “geek” is searched more on YouTube than any other social media.

It might be helpful to note that products are not really being searched for on Twitter. Instead, Twitter searches tend to be primarily focused on news events or pop culture. Also, #hash tags (a great way to search by keyword) are typically only used on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, slightly used on YouTube and Pinterest and not at all on Facebook.

FINAL WORD: Because social media is time consuming, you would be best to only spend your efforts on the ones your target market is using.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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