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by G.B. Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant is an online affiliate store powered by the blog, PopSugar. Click on a category, such as Jewelry, can you will see all products currently available from major online retailers. You can break your search results down further into type of jewelry, color, price, store, brand, etc. A wide variety of products are covered from fashion to kids to beauty to mens to home decor.

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There are many aspects of ShopStyle that make it a brilliant online store, but it can also be an excellent marketing tool for anyone selling online.

Cool Features of ShopStyle

  • You Can Create a Sales Alert for any Product – Simply click on the “Alert” bell in the bottom right hand corner of a product photo and you will be sent an email as soon as that product goes on sale.
  • You Get  Notifications as You Shop – If you are quickly scanning through product photos, a bright pink circle on the photo will highlight just how much of a discount is being offered on a particular item i.e. Save 70%
  • You Can Shop Via Shopping Guides – On the home page, you can easily search for what you want using ShopStyle’s curated shopping guides by the editors at PopSugar, such as Fourth of July Style, Sleek Dresses for 9 to 5, and Gorgeous Wedding Accessories. 
  • You Can Shop Using Layouts – Also known as Inspiration boards, these are curated by the PopSugar community. These are great promotional pieces that are always popular on social media to help buyers put together an outfit or decor scheme, upselling other products.

How to Use It for Marketing

  • Determine Your Prices – Every shop seems to question whether they are pricing their products competitively. Looking at the major retailers will give you some perspective as to what the market will pay (I realize there is more value in handmade so adjust for that). Say you sell throw pillows. You can go to ShopStyle and click on that category and 6,267 different throw pillows will come up. You can then narrow the price range to pillows listed for $0 to $50 and you now get 3,143 pillows. So that tells you that roughly 50% of the decorative pillows are priced under $50. You can then also see which retailers are in your price range, which helps you to identify your target market.
  • Identify  Trends – If you are wondering which trends are popular, searching on ShopStyle can help with that as well. Go to the “earrings” category and select “Popular”. When I did it, the first five products that came up were cuff earrings, so they are obviously a big trend. At the top you will also see the searches that are trending for earrings. It will say, “Related: Feather Earrings, Diamond Earrings, Pearl Earrings”. That helps you identify other popular or upcoming trends.
  • Self Promote – You can also use ShopStyle to promote your own shop or blog. Simply create a profile on PopSugar, then create a list of your favorite products (that compliment not compete) and/or create a layout. You can then get your customers to like and follow your lists and layouts. At the top of your lists you are allowed to include a profile and your url, creating a link back to your shop.

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