3 Types of Free Downloads That Will Promote Your Business

by G.B. Oliver

If you are looking for an effective, no-cost way to promote your business, consider putting together a free download that is relevant to what you sell, include your logo and url, and hope it gets widely circulated across social media.

I have just created this free download PDF to help promote my own business. It is a one-page reference guide that my customers (and potential customers) will find valuable. It’s entitled, Where to Sell Online. In this PDF, I have listed and hyperlinked the most popular Online Selling Sites, Social Shopping Sites, E-commerce Sites, and Content Sharing Sites. I also display my logo, my url and my business fairly prominently.

Marketing PDF

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Another benefit of this PDF, is that I am giving my readers something to share on social media, and by sharing it, it may draw attention to your own business (so please feel free to email this PDF to anyone you know who has an online business, as well as Pin it, Tweet it, post it to Facebook, Stumble it, and so forth).

So, need some ideas for a download for your business?

3 Types of Free Downloads That Will Promote Your Business

  • Checklists – People love checklists and to-do lists. These free downloadable checklists from Match Magazine are simple but effective. For example,they have one called, 50 Classic Matchbook Girl Novels. How perfect is that for someone selling iPad covers, book lights, anything to do with reading. Or the one, 50 Classics for Your Closet. Again, perfect for someone selling fashion, jewelry or even beauty products. Just make sure your logo and url are prominent on the page.
  • Reference Guide – Another thing people love is to keep and bookmark are handy reference guides. Make it something relevant to what you sell. For example, if you sell vintage goods, make a reference list for people to take when shopping at flea markets, such as, “How to Tell if it’s Real Gold“, How to Tell if it’s Real Wood“, “How to Tell if it’s Real China“, that kind of thing.
  • Printables – A while ago I did a blog post on an office supplies store called, Poppin. One of the things they offer for free on their website are
    Free Download from Poppin.com
    Free Download from Poppin.com

    printable certificates for employees, such as, “Most Likely to Stay Late” and “Most Organized Desk“. Employees display the certificate on their wall and the Poppin logo is featured prominently for everyone to see. For example, if you sell art, offer a free printable desk calendar and on it mark all the major art exhibits around the world in 2014.

FINAL WORD: Just tweeting out your products or posting them to Facebook is not going to get you noticed, because that is what everyone is doing and you will just get lost in the crowd. Offer potential customers interesting information that they can use, and they are more likely to notice you.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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  1. thanks so much for this idea. I love the idea of the calendar. I do make a calendar entirely from scratch that I previously only did for gifts but am planning to sell some this year, but making a free calendar sounds like fun and a great giveaway. Thanks as always.
    As for Facebook, my FB shop page is linked to twitter so my posts automatically get tweeted (and I have that option when I pin something). I definitely try to not make my FB page all about my products but also point out other sellers, information that I come across (like your blog), and also offer some personal updates, work in progress that sort of thing. So I hear you!

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