Story Ideas for Pitching Your Products to the Media

by G.B. Oliver

I constantly have customers asking how to pitch their products to the media. As I have stated many times, you have to pitch a story, not a product. Writers are looking for stories, so you have to give them one or at least put an idea in their head.

Pitching Your Products to Blogs

Here are some recent story ideas that might help you see the types of editorial writers are looking for, and whether  you can tailor the pitch to something you sell.

Keep in mind, if you are pitching to blogs they are currently working on articles for August, but magazines in print are working on November/December issues, so story ideas should be relevant to the time of year the piece will come out.

Recent Blog Headlines for Jewelry/Fashion:

  • Summer Tops Under $50
  • Trend Alert: Turquoise Jewelry
  • Lightweight Bags for Summer
  • Cake Jewelry: The Best Adorable Deliciousness Etsy Has to Offer

Recent Blog Headlines for Kids/Babies:

  • Diaper Bag Essentials for Moms on the Move
  • Picks for a Healthy Baby Nursery
  • Kids Party Idea: Yellow Sunshine
  • Fourth of July Style for Kids

Recent Blog Headlines for Vintage:

  • Creating an Herb Garden Using Vintage Tins
  • Vintage Posters That Make You Want to Travel
  • Tips for Buying Vintage Jewelry
  • Using Vintage Finds in Your Wedding

Recent Blog Headlines for Home Decor:

  • Buying Wall Art: The Best Typography Prints for Your Home
  • 10 Ways to Love Neon in Your Home
  • Decorating Solution for the Stylish Renter
  • These Adorable Art Prints are Sealed with a Kiss

Recent Blog Headlines for Weddings:

  • 10 Jaw Dropping Wedding Gowns Under $500
  • Add a Bit of British to Your Big Day
  • Wedding Inspiration and Ideas from Romantic Movies
  • Terrific Travel Theme Wedding Ideas

Recent Blog Headlines for Pets:

  • How to Include a Pet at a Wedding
  • July Must-Haves for Your Pet
  • The Best Low-Fat, Organic Treats for Your Dog
  • Sweet Cat Collars from Etsy

Recent Blog Headlines for Beauty:

  • 10 Products That Will Cool You Down from Head to Toe
  • Suite Up for Comic-Con with Cartoon Inspired Nail Art
  • Makeup Tools that Won’t Break the Bank
  • 10 Nail Polish Colors That Will Remind You of Sand and Sea

FINAL WORD: Grab inspiration for story pitches from current blog headlines. The more interesting the headline, the better chance you’ll have that they will go for it.

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