3 Easy Ways to Be a Walking Billboard for Your Small Business

by G.B. Oliver

Are you maximizing the exposure of your business, starting with your everyday life? Once you walk out the door, you can become a walking billboard for your small business in many ways. Here are 3 good examples to try:

Custom phone case from Zazzle

Your Cell Phone, Laptop & Ebook Reader Cases – More than likely you have a cell phone and you have a case for it, but did you realize that you have valuable advertising space right on the cell phone case itself? There are hundreds of companies that will create a custom cell phone case for you that could incorporate your company logo, maybe a tag line, a website address, you name it. So, the next time you are sitting at a Starbucks, make sure your cell phone is on the table, case side up so it gets noticed. You can also do this with a iPad case, a laptop bag or backpack and walk everywhere with your company name facing out for everyone to see. If you have employees, create custom covers for them as well.

Your Clothing – Maybe you can’t afford to be an exhibitor at a consumer show (such as a bridal show, a home show, a parenting show, etc.) However, you can afford to attend the event and spend the day walking around the show in a t-shirt that clearly advertises your business on both the front and back. Make sure to have business cards on you in case people ask. Wear the t-shirt for any big traffic event, such as walking through a busy marketplace, running a marathon, attending a televised sporting event – the point is you want to always be advertising. And it doesn’t just have to be a t-shirt, it can be a jacket with your logo (and url) on the back, a baseball cap, your baby’s onesie (why not?).

Your Vehicles – Most people are familiar with this one. You can put your logo on your vehicle, but you can also paint your entire vehicle as an ad for your business. The key is making sure the vehicle gets seen. Leaving it parked in your garage is not going to help you. You want to hit the highway in rush hour where people will likely be stopped behind you in traffic. You want to park in front of a busy mall or outdoor event. You also want to think about other vehicles. You can put your logo on your motorcycle, bicycle, trailer home, or boat.advertise-car

FINAL WORD: Look at what you take with you when you go out the door, from your phone to your purse to your clothing to your car, and think about whether it can be an advertising medium for you.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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