3 Social Shopping Sites Your Online Shop Should Be On

by G.B. Oliver

Social shopping sites are basically a curation of products that the members of the site promote (for free) and if you see something you like, clicking on the product takes you directly to the retailer. They are not independent selling marketplaces like Etsy, where you purchase the product directly on the sitebut rather FREE promotional sites, more in the vein of Pinterest.

Here are three social shopping sites you should consider if you are an independent shop selling online:

Wanelo Shop


Wanelo shows products in the categories of Women, Men and Home from various online stores. Any store can join and post its own products, but you need people to “save” your products in order to rank high in trending and appear on the first page. A nice feature is when your product does show up and visitors click on it, it will also show other products from your store that have made it onto Wanelo. If products from your shop have already been posted, you can simply join Wanelo and claim your page so you can start customizing it. The best way to help yourself on Wanelo is to add the Wanelo “Save” button to your products’ pages and/or promote the Wanelo url that links to your shop.

Svpply Shop


Svpply was acquired by eBay last year. Its interface is simple, showing trending products from 123,000+ stores all across the web, in categories such as Men’s, Women’s, Tech, Media, Art, Home and Other, and updated every 10 minutes based on users wants and likes. The key is to get your customers to add your products and when they do, a store is automatically set up for you. Like Wanelo, they also have an “Add” button that you can put on your product pages to encourage visitors to raise your ranking on Svpply.

Ownza Shop


Ownza is as simple as the name states – make a list of the things you own and the things you want. It encourages users to do so by offering a cash back percentage (from the store) for posting the new things you buy. Now keep in mind, because you are sharing the space with large retailers, smaller shops are not obligated to offer a cash back. Like the other sites above, you can add the Ownza button to your product pages, but they also offer sellers another interesting feature, by allowing you to add the sharing module directly to your order confirmation page and encourage shoppers to share the purchase on both Facebook and Ownza.

FINAL WORD: You can never have enough free promotion, so take advantage of the exposure these social shopping sites offer your small business.

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