Fashion Retailer H&M Debuts E-Commerce Site as well as Home Decor Products

by G.B. Oliver

If you are not familiar with them, H&M is a Swedish retailer whose trendy, low-priced fashion stores have been a huge success globally. Believe it or not, they did not have an online store (only retail outlets) until this month. And with the launch of their online store, they are also branching out into home decor products as well.


Like their fashion line, the prices for their home decor items are low. From $4 cushion covers to king duvets for $29.95, this online store is a decorating dream for any first time home owner or dorm resident. You’re getting Anthropologie style products at Target prices with a bit of IKEA mixed in. The home products line will not be sold in stores for the time being and instead be exclusive to the online store.

There are many things H&M is doing right with their debut E-commerce site, despite being late to the party. Here are a few of the things I really loved:

  • Great Product Photography – I have written many times about examples of great product photography, and H&M delivers. Showing several products in a vignette setting upsells their products and helps the customer visualize how to make the piece work. Having flyouts of the prices right on the photo reminds customers that you could probably get the whole room for under $100.
  • Wide Product Range – H&M is covering all the home decor accessories categories (no furniture yet) including Living, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining, Outdoor, Nursery and Kids. The only categories I saw missing were Art and Seasonal/Holiday.
  • Shop Sections – H&M is making it easy for customers to find products based on a particular decorating style, from Bohemian Vintage to Modern Minimalist to Playful Retro, which shows they seem to know what their young hip target market is looking for. I also like the Basic Collection, allowing them to also appeal to a broader market.
  • Green Options – H&M offers their Conscious – Sustainable Style line, which are typically home products made from organic cotton. This is important for their brand as they promote themselves as an economically, socially and environmentally responsible corporation.
  • Flat Fee Shipping – No matter what you order on H&M, the shipping charge is a flat fee of $5.95 (for US addresses). Most people would spend more than that on gas just to get to the store, so it definitely makes buying online very enticing.

FINAL WORD: If you are an online retailer of home goods, it would be beneficial to check out H&M’s new home store. Besides some of the smart online features they have implemented, it will give you good insight into what will be the top decor trends this fall.

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